Finally got my Swedish PERMANENT Residence Permit / PUT

I’m just so happy 🙂 I am now a permanent resident of Sweden! been waiting this for almost 2 years now and I didn’t expect that I will received the decision early this week since we only apply it last Friday. Any way high way, my panget is so happy and thankful about it. So it means celebration time!!!as what Swedish called it for cheers!! *SKÅL till Alla 🍸🍸

This is the best gift ever for me on my birthday this coming 18 and I’m still in a cloud-nine feeling right now.

So for now, I’m just waiting for my card to arrive at home ( Oh btw yesterday, we went to Migration Service Centre in Göteborg to have my finger prints and picture taken for my new residence card (BIOMETRIC AGAIN). They told me that they will send it via regular mail after 3 weeks. We also have little celebration at home with a cake and drinks 🍻

For those who don’t know, renewing your visa /applying for an extension was a fairly easy process as long as you have your documents ready.

You must apply before your permit expires and as what I’ve experience on it you can not apply online earlier than 6 months of the expiry date. I try to apply earlier than that and then the migrationsverket’s website said to me that I cannot apply more than 30 days before the expiration date 😉

So after living in here for another five years but some say I can apply for my Swedish Citizenship after 3 yrs having Residence permit. Hmm let see then! If I am able to apply for my citizenship after a year and have a Swedish passport 😚soon . I’ll just wait for that of course (better not think about it for now 😉).

So that’s for now guys! i’ll update you once I get my card soon 👍

UPDATE- Here is it now guys!! got it on mail . I’m just o so Happy! 😉

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