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Hi! guys! As you all know I also have a Youtube account [just to share it 😃 ].  If you like to add me on my Youtube account feel free to do so 🙂 and I would be glad if you did 😉 . I make daily Vlogging and sharing my Swedish Lifestyle! (as if it will interest you) LOL anyway,  I live in a country side and it’s fun to show how i spend most of my time living in the farm, far away from the city that I used to. I miss traveling and I hope one day I can travel anywhere in EU 🙂 my dream place! This video is my channel Intro so you know what top expect 🙂 Im not good in vlogging so bear with me guys!
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Beautiful quotes to share 📖 :
“You never know what the future holds, so I am just enjoying being happy, healthy, and having my wonderful husband by my side.”😊 👫

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Suislide | Danao, Bohol-Philippines :)

One hell of a ride !! nothing beats to go SUISLIDE (zipline) between two big cliffs 🙂 at Danao. SUISLIDE it sounds like suicide 😛 haha maybe they called it suislide to attract more people who are more into an extreme adventure (yep…including me) lol.

This activity is part of my EAT DANAO Experience post before wherein I also tried their extreme PLUNGE ever!! hehe. If you’re planning to go there you can hire a van or simply got to the Bus terminal and ride a bus that going to Danao. The terminal is located in Tagbilaran City.   Joy ride for about 30-45 minutes away from the city.

Suislide cost only 350 pesos and you’ll get to enjoy it twice .. Yes! read my lips,TWICE hehehe (back and forth). In Dahilayan in CDO where I tried their longest zipline is only a one way ride 🙁 visit to see the longest dual zipline 🙂

Some says price is too high for plunge and suislide but for me .. its worth the price plus the experience you will get :). Suislide is fun! you can slide all by yourself or by two.

You can also take pictures while sliding and you can bring  your camera along to capture every single moment while sliding:) hehe. The operator will do the trick to tie it on the harness or on your arm so it wont fall. 

A perfect position to see the beautiful view below you *perfect! with your body facing down, you’ll see how high you are from the ground and viola!! your flying!!!!! *wink and then scream loud hahaha 😛 

At the end point of the slide always get ready to smile  🙂 don’ let them capture your scared face because someone will take a pictures as souvenir, each photo cost 50 pesos .. 🙂

Too bad we didn’t get the chance to try all the rides. We ran out of time and we still have to hurry up to view more of Bohol. Budget wise too lol we need to save more of our money for our next plans.

What a nice vacation.. 🙂 Bohol is really a nice place to visit! Go for extreme adventure and Danao offer it. Try something new for your vacation. Try something new for a change not the usual beach bumming lol 🙂 Go for something you’ll never forget or something you’ve been wanting to do that would be worth a keep 🙂 Go explore!!!!


KAWASAN FALLS | Cebu Philippines

KAWASAN FALLS – (Badian, Cebu Philippines)

Kawasan Falls is located inside the mountain of Barangay Matutinao, Badian Cebu. From City proper it will takes about three hours bus aching ride to get there but if you have your own car or rented van I guess your time travel will takes only an hour or two. I so love this place, the water is so clear and cold.

Kawai kawai sa Kawasan Falls 🙂

This peaceful place is really worth a visit where you can enjoy many waterfalls!! yeah right! Kawasan has many waterfalls. From the entrance you will have to walk uphill to get to the first waterfall (picture above) is the largest one and on peak season it usually crowded. You need to climb uphill to see the second falls and the other remaining falls. Take note for the environmental fee cost 10 php per person. Don’t take guide at the entrance they might charge you a hundred bucks!! believe me!! (everything has a fee!!..:P)

Cottages and tables are also available for rent (i don’t know the rate nowadays), there are some rooms available for overnight stay too! If you are on a strict budget, its much better to bring your own baon (food). Not worth buying and most of the things on the menu are out of stock or you will ended up ordering pancit canton lol 😛

You can rent a raft to take you around the falls. They call it shower massage!! really awesome!! life vest is also for rent.
It cost 300 php for 15- minutes ride under the gushing waterfalls excluding the fee to the two guides who would be controlling the raft plus the 50 php rent in the life vest.

Here are some of our kawasan pictures 🙂

We did not use the restrooms as we decided not change after playing in the water (as if another hidden charges hahaha!) anyway, they say expect the unexpected… nevertheless we enjoyed! the beauty of the place is really a nature’s blessing. The sound of the running water is so relaxing.. We may spend much… still, the experience is worth remembering.

Movie time at ang sementeryo BOW!! | 🇸🇪 [TAGALOG VLOG]

Nanood ng sine, naglakad lakad at ang ending umuwi.. 🙂 hehe Another kaboringan day for me.. hulaan nyo kung ano ang pinanood namin sa sine? hehe keep on watching guys!

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Hi Mama ko lagi mo panoorin ang video ko ha 🙂 miss ko na kayo dyan lagi 💜💜

Beautiful quotes to share 📖 :
“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. “😊 👫

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(tack /Salamat po sa panunuod 📻 )

What Equipment I used:
Camera : Canon G7x markII
Software Editor: Adobe Premiere ProCC-2015
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Gusto mo bang kumita? Mag Pay To Click ka na!! Part-time-job at home

Gusto mo bang kumita? Kung ikaw ay “MATIYAGA sigurado kang KIKITA ka” 🙂 Join ka na!

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Para kanino nga ba nababagay ang PTC site?

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Ang kailangan lang ay MATIYAGA dahil nakasalalay din sa inyong kamay ang inyong kita!! Tandaan “No pain!! No gain!!”

Ano nga ba ang PTC site?

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Paano nga ba kumita sa PTC site

🌸Ang gagawin mo lang ay bisitahin ang iyong account araw araw at i-click ang mga advertisement na makikita mo sa loob ng isang araw. (araw araw ay may advertise kaya hinding hindi ka matetenga). Kapag natapos mo i-click at maview yung isang advertisement may lalabas na check na ikaw ay may points na. ANG DALI LANG DIBA!!! Pwede ka ring kumita sa pamamagitan ng pagrefer sa iba para sumali sa ilalim ng iyong referal link at ikaw ay kikita sa pamamagitan ng komisyon dahil sa pagclick nila ng mga ads rin 🙂 (50-100% referral comission ang dali diba!!)

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Göteborg Natural History Museum in Sweden | 🇸🇪 |

😊  Beautiful quotes to share 📖 :

“A visit to a museum is a search for beauty, truth and meaning in our lives. Go to museums as often as you can” 🏢🏢 🎫🎫 😊

Watch me as I explore the beauty of this big place called Göteborg Naturhistorisk Museet. Be amazed how cool and interesting all the display there 🙂

Me standing in front of Göteborgs Naturhistoriska Museum

This place is so amazing! If you like a museum with stuffed animals and all about botany and biology kind of stuff! This museum is just exactly for you. This place is so big and many rooms to look for. There are lots of stuffed animals! elephant and the big whale called “Malm the Blue Whale” and its awesome! It said to be the only stuffed blue whale in the world. It is enormous and the history of it on how they make it possible is really interesting and unbelievable. Worth a visit!

Vädret är fint och min man har mycket energi att köra bil så vi bestämde att besöka Naturhistoriska Museet i Göteborg.

Vi har varit här flera gånger och det är alltid lika roligt att titta runt. Om du besöker Göteborg glöm inte att besöka detta ställe, det är väldigt bra! 🙂