Eden Nature Park Davao, Philippines

~welcome to Davao~

My trip to Davao this year had been my second time around in Mindanao, first was in Camiguin and Cagayan de Oro. We manage to had quick side trip to Samal Island, which was five minutes boat ride from the city. We just want to see the the famous Bat cave and Hagimit falls 🙂

My friends and I at Davao International Airport
First Stop EDEN NATURE PARK: Eden Nature Park and resort is one of the most frequented destination in Davao. Same like Bee Farm in Bohol who offer day tour and Resort while in Eden Nature Park offer different hotel rooms, cottages, function rooms, camp sites and amenities for different occasions. It also known for offering different nature activities such as hiking, trekking, fishing and zipline.
Eden Nature Park is really peaceful and really perfect for relaxation 🙂

We dropped of by the van we rented for that day at The Day Tour Center of Eden park and we registered for a tour which took us to the different sites of Eden park. Btw, EDEN park is located at Toril District Davao City.

The Day Tour center is the information center of the day’s activity where all the vistors/guest can register what they want (day packages, guided tours or even for  the special event).The resort offers a 45-minutes guided shuttle tour for those who want to see the whole park (less walk, less pagod pa hehe). There is also quick orientation of the resorts about their amenities and history of the park.

Good place for people who want to hold their seminars, workshops. Best for team building activity too 🙂

The resort offers a 45-minutes guided shuttle tour for those who want to see the whole park (less walk, less pagod pa hehe). There is also quick orientation of the resorts about their amenities and history of the park. They took us to the Amphitheater of the park. The place is wide open space with lots of grass and  beautiful flower garden.. plus a  big rainbow design on the side of the theater that give a picture perfect view lol 😛 hahaha.

Madayaw na Pagkani

We visit Tinubdan Village and saw the display of cultural nativity of the place, you can also see in this place the Datu’s house (a small hut) they called it Balai -Kalimudan.

The park and resort offers best view of the beautiful Davao Gulp 🙂 best place to unwind and relax, famous for its cool climate and fresh food. what a green environment perfect for a vacation 🙂

The Lola’s greenly garden ,they say that Lola’s garden is well known for its big gumamela flower scattered everywhere 🙂
peacock 🙂 are everywhere, on the bush on the grass and even up on the roof 🙂 lol . We found this one on the roof of the restaurant  haha  feels like home 🙂

Day tour cost is 320 php per head with special meryienda after the that 😛
taadaahh!!!! the MERYIENDA lol 🙂

If you want to get to know more about their rates and special packages, visit their Facebook site: https://www.facebook.com/edennatureparkdavao/

It is good sometimes to relax our self and leave the stressful city 🙂 The 80 hectares of Man-made nature park like Eden can also provide a cool relief from the city’s busy urban life. A nice place to spend summer and to enjoy nature. If you want to see if for your self, go plan a trip to Davao and visit Eden Nature Park 🙂

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Visingsö Slott – Visingsö, Sweden

Semester time!Yippie 💃💃(so as you can see its me and Matthias, we’re dancing with so much joy! Lol!) Well, don’t be confused if I always say SEMESTER 😉 yeah! I know! it sounds weird that I’m happy about the word “Semester” right? Lol!  Because it only means schooling session in my home country but here in Sweden “SEMESTER” means VACATION!

picture from google maps

But let’s talk about our semester again where we spend one whole day tour in Visingsö Island. This Island is located in southern half of Sweden’s second largest lake called Lake Vättern. It is 30 kilometers north of city Jönköping and it take us 2hrs drive to get there. There you can see lots of  beautiful scenery, relaxing nature and amazing wildlife. A perfect summer destination too here in Sweden.

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CARLSTENS FORTRESS – Marstrand, Sweden

This spring season we had a chance to visit this beautiful Island of Marstrand. We did a day tour exploring the whole Island and visit the majestic Carlstens Fästning (Carlsten Fortress). It is located on the Island of Marstrand about 45 kilometer northwest of Gothenburg and it takes around 1hr and 35mins drive where we live (Grästorp). You need to ride a ferry that located in Koön, it goes every quarter in daytime and during the night it goes every half an hour. The ferry is really modern and nice plus you can also go out on the upper deck if you wanted to see the beautiful view of . It only takes a couple of minutes boat ride 😊. You can buy the ticket inside the store that is close to the port area and it goes two-way ticket already from(Kaoön to Marstand to Koön).

Off to visit Carlsten Fortress

Unfortunately, that time we didn’t get a chance to book for a tourist guide but you can check and roam around the fortress and walk on your own provided that you pay for your entrance ticket. You can also buy booklet, maps and guided books in the entrance and don’t worry if you can’t understand Swedish because they offer English guided tour and guided books that available in several languages.

For guided tour and entrance fee you can visit their site: Carlsten Fortress opening hours and fees

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My Favorite Place – Gekås ULLARED, Sweden

Whenever I hear the word GEKÅS ULLARED it always makes my heart skip happy and jump to the highest level LOL because it only means SHOPPING TIME!! Who doesn’t like shopping! right? 😉

If we have Divisoria in Philippines here in Sweden they have place called Gekås Ullared. Every Swede knows what Gekås Ullared is, it is the biggest and cheapest store to buy stuff in Sweden. Aside of that! When I first came here in Sweden, everyone I met used to ask me if I have ever been there before (guess what? one of that is my mother in law LOL!) She loved Ullared so much and so do I!.

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EAT Danao Experience! – THE PLUNGE

No no to chicken dance!! I conquer my fear in height. I did the Plunge and Suislide at Danao. SUPER MEGA to the maximum highest level of experience! But I 💛 it!! I can do it again and again and again!! 🙂 I hope my pocket will agree to that LOL. Sound scary pero kinaya ko!!

You can experience the plunge for only Php 700 pesos, with certificate of it once you’ll try it. Suislide on the other hand cost Php 350 pesos naman. It takes 2 hours joy ride from Tagbilaran to Danao Adventure park. Yeah time consuming right? so better be there early if you want to enjoy the place hehe anyway sulit naman 😜

I’m here now!! emotionally ready!! (kunyari lang 😜)

A canyon swing adventure THE PLUNGE attraction mounted over a 200 meter high and 300 meter wide gorge. A person would have to do a 45 meters free fall before being launched on a pendulum swing measuring to a hundred meter diameter. Actually there are lots of activities you can do there like rappelling, root climbing, kayaking and lots of lots of lots of adventure….hehe try to visit  E.A.T DANAO for more info  🙂

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Wakeboarding Experience at CWC – Camarines Sur

I’m a type of girl who really loves fun and adventure, trying out wakeboarding is really new for me but hey! I did it and it was so fun 😊. It was not as scary as I thought but a little complicated for a beginner like me, but other than that it was a fun experience. Another check on my bucket list! Wake boarding makes my trip to Bicol Region so memorable and fun! 😊

You can visit their site here: Camsur Watersports Complex CWC

Nag-paangkas ang trip ko 😉

We were so lucky that time because the place is not crowded and we have so much time to enjoy the activity (as in want-to-sawa kami as in wakeboarding till you drop). When we visit the place is it currently under renovation due to the typhoon. I’ve noticed some broken cottages,the restaurant roof are unfortunately not well maintained and dilapidated,the glass door on the front desk won’t close properly and the wood is rotten. Sink is broken and wooden locker room is not available. I must say they need a major upgrade and repair of that place. Restaurant was very slow and most of the food in the menu wasn’t available (btw the Chinese Adobo is really yummy and affordable). Some of the rooms are close and some of the lake is not operational (under maintenance I guess) in addition for that, the Mayon Volcano is in alert level that time so the place in not jam-packed. (see picture below)

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