How To Switch Back To Old Classic Editor in WordPress

I just recently noticed that WordPress was upgrade to a new version and it  brings a lot of changes including a new Gutenberg editor. The new version replaces the good old Classic Editor that we have been using for years.  Seriously, the new post editor is not a user-friendly and because of that I feel more discourage not to post anymore. I even tell myself to give the new version another try but the more I try to use it the more it irritates me 🥴. LOL!

What you need to know about the new Gutenberg:

Gutenberg is a sleek and modern block-based editor that completely alters the way posts and pages are created. But it’s still in its early days. Some bloggers and writers don’t like it because they are not familiar with it while others think the block-based editor is way more complex than the classic editor.

Well! I’m not sure what are the purpose of that block format or how it is an improvement. I prefer to have all of my options along the top menu like the old editor, rather than having to search the side menu or scroll, and then click through the dropdown menu.  It is taking me longer to do things that used to be instant before. I admit! I’m not an html or program-savy person that is the main reason why I find it hard to use. I like to be able to have a control over my entire post where I can see all the tabs and menu (let say it old school 😀 LOL!)  Time consuming I must say!

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Creative Mind: My D.I.Y Kiwi Lip Scrub 💋

August 📝 is our last month of SUMMER here in Sweden.  Yep it is real! Swedish fall start from September to October so  it only means that dark season rather COLD season will come pretty soon ❄ . In this time of the year also we are really prone to have a dry skin from head to toe especially on our lips 💋  which I really don’t like at all. Luckily, we can take care of our lips now with some homemade lip scrub 😉  so why buy expensive lip scrub if you can make it at home right?  just explore your kitchen.

While it is easy to notice dry skin on our body like our legs and arms and even our scalp, we often forget that our lips are skin too. Our lips need to exfoliate, treated and moisturize too because when cold and dry weather is ON, our lips are completely dry and easily become chapped  and rough.

Your homemade lip scrub can be flavored to your own specifications or whatever fruits you have at home. Since I have Kiwi at home I decided to use it as a flavor of my lip scrub 😉. Also, I search online that Kiwi is a great natural exfoliant.

Lets Start Making KIWI Lip Scrub:

You only need three ingredients to make your own homemade lip scrub 

🌻 Sugar (normal sugar)
🌻 Coconut oil (Kung Markatta Kokosolja Virgin)
🌻 Kiwi  (you can use half of it or it depends if you only want to make small amount of lip scrub)

Just mix them all together until well combined (mashed your kiwi, coconut oil and sugar)

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Creative Mind : D.I.Y Wedding Cookie Favors / Giveaways

Omg! four days to go and it’s my BIG day!! 🙂 I’m a bit nervous and stress. Decorating and finding a nice idea that I can added up on my big day is really a mind-boggling!. I keep on searching and searching over the net on how can I make my own wedding giveaways and I just wanted to share to you guys what I did 😊.

I called it DIY (Do It Yourself) simple and not so expensive wedding favors, take note!! it’s personalized favors that I did all by myself hahaha…The cookie I use here is homemade. I baked it and yeah I’m proud of it and it turned out good and tasty 🙂

Cookie Favors Bag
yeah it’s me Baking! 🙂

Anyway, doing this kind of project allow us to create our own personalized favors and touches that can be applied in any way we can imagine specially for our special day, for shower, a party or whenever. All you need are some basic items and a LITTLE CREATIVITY.

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Creative Mind : How to Hide your cords and electric plugs 😉

I was so busy for the past three weeks now because I am fixing my living room from the scratch (upgrading it on a budget range as you can call it) with the help of my own bare hands 😤 you know? like: removing all our old wallpaper, patching it!, refinishing it and painting it! Yup! call me a superwoman now hehehe and I’m happy about that!!. I know I can’t call myself as a PRO like the professional one, but I’m proud and satisfied of what I did.

Anyway, I already finished painting up my living room in all white (picture below) and decided to remove my husband’s old bookshelf and change it to a hanging shelf instead so we can have more space because as you can see we don’t have a huge living room 😤.

This is how my living room looks like now 🙂 neat and bright with my white wall

If your house is like ours (picture below), you have many cables,internet cord and power outlet all over the house then, you also feel the struggle that I feel everyday hehe. Seriously! I hate so much cables and wires! it makes me feel more stress out by just looking at them tangled 😤 irritating and annoying sometimes! (my Panget is a little nerdy at times and he loves computer and stuff like that so what can I do to look it nice and clean is to hide it hehehe)

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How to insert AdSense verification code to your own WordPress site?

How to Insert Adsense verification code Manually to your own site: 

I didn’t use plugin I only search it online and saw that I can do it manually using theme editor. So just follow these steps!

  1. Go to appearance
  2. scroll down to editor
  3. in the right side search for header.php
  4. You found it? great! Click on it
  5. Scroll down and search for this: <head>.
  6. Past the code right after it. ( look at the screenshot)
  7. and finally, Click Update file. that’s it.

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Gusto mo bang kumita? Mag Pay To Click ka na!! Part-time-job at home

Gusto mo bang kumita? Kung ikaw ay “MATIYAGA sigurado kang KIKITA ka” 🙂 Join ka na!

PICTURE BELOW (IN JUST 3 days mayroon kaagad akong $5.06)

PICTURE BELOW  ( IN JUST 8 days meron kaagad akong $16.51)

PICTURE BELOW (In JUST 11 days meron kaagad akong $20.11)

PICTURE BELOW (In just 14 days days meron kaagad akong $23.09)

PICTURE BELOW (In just 25 days days meron kaagad akong $45.07)

TAMA KA!! gamit lamang ang iyong computer at internet siguradong ikaw ay kikita!! 🙂

1st CASHOUT KO 100$ in just 1 1/2 month!!! Ang galing hindi ba!! Join ka na!

Kaya kung ako sa inyo !Na mahilig rin naman mag online araw-araw.. bakit hindi kayo magClixsense 100% legitimate PTC at hindi nyo namamalayan na nakakaipon na pala kayo ng malaking pera 🙂

Para kanino nga ba nababagay ang PTC site?

  1. Studyante
  2. Housewife
  3. Tambay (basta may pang-internet
  4. full time walang trabaho
  5. teenager
  6. kahit may Full-time trabaho
  7. Sa mg walang job experience
  8. at kahit kanino pwede PART TIME JOB!

Ang kailangan lang ay MATIYAGA dahil nakasalalay din sa inyong kamay ang inyong kita!! Tandaan “No pain!! No gain!!”

Ano nga ba ang PTC site?

Ito yung website na babayaran ka sa pamamagitan ng pag click mo sa mga advertisement site nila. Madali lang po kumita dito at USD ang bayaran. Walang hassle dahil pwede mo itong gawin kahit saan, sa bahay o sa internet cafe man basta meron kang internet connection at pwede ka nang kumita $100-1o00$ per month o higit pa.

Paano nga ba kumita sa PTC site

🌸Ang gagawin mo lang ay bisitahin ang iyong account araw araw at i-click ang mga advertisement na makikita mo sa loob ng isang araw. (araw araw ay may advertise kaya hinding hindi ka matetenga). Kapag natapos mo i-click at maview yung isang advertisement may lalabas na check na ikaw ay may points na. ANG DALI LANG DIBA!!! Pwede ka ring kumita sa pamamagitan ng pagrefer sa iba para sumali sa ilalim ng iyong referal link at ikaw ay kikita sa pamamagitan ng komisyon dahil sa pagclick nila ng mga ads rin 🙂 (50-100% referral comission ang dali diba!!)

🌸Hindi lang yan aside sa pagview ng mga ADS meron rin ang clixsense ng ibang paraan para madagdagan ang iyong earnings like (TASKS per day, CLICKGRID, SURVEYS, OFFERS and ADVERTISE)

🌸Ang SURVEY ang pinaka gusto ko dahil walang kahirap hirap na sasagot ka lang ng survey 🙂 ang survey depende kung agkano ang bayad minsan 1$ up to more kaya maswerte ka kungikaw ay pasok sa qualification nila

🌸May mga OFFER na pwede gawin para madagdagan ang kita mo like downloadable apps, mga games na may points at sign-ups 🙂

🌸HALIMBAWA NG CLICKGRID (pwede ka manalo sa pamamagitan ng pagpili ng isang box at pag natyambahan mo ang winning box pwede ka manalo ng .10$,.25$ or up to 10$ (picture below nakatsamba rin sa wakas ng .10$ 🙂 two times ako nanalo hehe)


  • Ikaw ay nag Click 5ads x $.01 = $0.05/day
  • referral click earning: 50 x 5ads x $.005 = $1.25/day
  • total earning per day per site = $1.30
  • monthly earnings per site = 30 x $1.30039$

So ano pa ang hinihintay mo mag register ka na!!!