My instant Go-To Spring | Outfit of the Day | Spring 2018


If there’s one thing that get’s me more excited here in Sweden, is SPRING TIME! 🌸. I love every minute of this season not only because everything are starting to bloom again but because I can finally wear some of my lighter clothes like t-shirt, dresses and my favorite sandals/flip flop 😊 (yas! and I’m wearing it right now and its kinda weird looking! IKR?) Lol. Officially no more winter coat and thick shawl to carrying around with me 😉.

This bohemian floral prints dress I am wearing is from H&M | Divided and it’s really pretty. I love that it has a half sleeve on it that is really good for spring weather as well as through the whole summer too.  I adore any swing dresses coz its comfortable and airy. It doesn’t matter if it’s maxi  dress or knee high style as long as it is so cute and comfortable on my body! Got this dress a year ago and I saw the same dress online  at H&M site but in a Chiffon fabric now  CLICK HERE 👈 (mine is in cotton fabric)

Well, if you live here in Sweden you know what is spring weather feels like! not to warm yet not too cold and sometimes it has a mood swing too!. There are days when you can’t go out without wearing a jacket on and there are times where you can really feel how bitter heat the warm of the sun 😉! Luckily today is a perfect day to enjoy nature and wearing your favorite dress hihi . 


Flip flops or sandals (tsinelas word in Filipino) is very ordinary or I might say very common for people living in a tropical countries with a tropical weather 👌 because they’re so comfy and perfect for sweltering weather. If you are living in the Philippines you may already know about this brand CHARCOAL. This is the brand of sandals I am wearing righ now. As you all know I’m pure Pinay who loves tropical weather so why not bring my own tsinelas here in Sweden lol!.I love this sandals which I bought way back 2013 in the Philippines and five years now and it’s still in good condition and perfect although I know that I only wear it here during spring and summer season that maybe makes her lifespan much longer I guess lol.

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