Have you ever wondering how you can make your Blogger Post Title and Date goes into the center of your post (see picture below). So Here is my simple and quick tutorial on how you can center your Blog Title Post and do it all through the basic template editor in your Blogger. Just paste some code 😉 to the CSS section in the Template design! and off to go! your post is in the center now!


🌻 Make sure you logged in to your Blogger account
🌻 Go to your Theme section that you can see on the left side
🌻 Then Click the Customize button
🌻 Then go to the Advance section on the left
🌻 Just Scroll down and look for Add CSS
🌻 Then paste the code ( see picture below)

Once you are in there, you’re going to add the following codes. Simply copy/paste them into the Add CSS fields and you’ll see that the format will immediately apply into your page. Just don’t forget to click the “Apply to Blog” to save it 😉.

Copy and paste the code on your CSS


.post-title {

.date-header {

Code to center your Gadget Headers in Blogger:
.widget {
  text-align: center;

 Code to center your Tabs in Blogger:
.PageList {text-align:center !important;}
.PageList li {display:inline !important; float:none !important;}

Don’t forget to Save!

You can also leave out any of these if you want and just pick and choose which things you want to centered and which you do not. Hope my simple tutorial helps you guys! for a beginner like me this simple tutorial is really a big help! Let me know if you guys like your new format. Tap my back and say thanks hihihi 💜💋


My Elizabeth Arden Haul – Review

Hi ladies! so today post would be my Elizabeth Arden Haul. Yup! I went out shopping the other day and ended up buying these products. I only went to the store only to buy the Classic Elizabeth Arden Green Tea EDP in my mind but decided to grab also the Tropical EDT perfume and Green Tea Bath & Shower Gel. I’m so curious about this EA Green Tea Shower Gel that’s why I bought it and the price is only 189kr Swedish krown which is not bad for a 500ml of product, right?

So let’s start with my first one! The Classic Elizabeth Arden Green Tea  CHECK it here at (LAZADA PH) 👉 ,the box is simple but quite nice and it has the same design in the front and in back the box. (picture below)

The bottle is so simple with green cap and it has a nice leaf engrave on the bottle. Nothing is fancy when it come to the perfume bottle 😃. I mean its not a type of bottle that you can display on your dresser right?  hehe but anyway highway it’s not about the bottle I’m going to talk about but the product itself.

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My Victoria’s Secret Fragrance Mist – Review

Hi Ladies can you guess if I own any Victoria Secret perfume or maybe a fragrance mist? 😉 Yup! Absolutely yes! I do own, not only one but three fragrance mist and they’re my favorite.

Back in the days when I was in College, one of my dear friend own VS pear glace and I remember how I loved that scent. Good thing is that my friend who is so generous enough to lend us her perfume whenever we are at school hahaha yah know what they say!”that’s what friends are for”.Imagine we have same scent through out that day haha!😉 #whatacollegelife. So because of that I always wanted to buy it too. But that time, I know I’m just a student and its so expensive for a student like me to buy a VS fragrance mist its not in the budget so I tell my self “wait till you get a permanent job and you can buy as many perfume as you want”

I am still in love with it after so many years now and because I loved Victoria Fragrance mist so much, I decided to buy some of their other scents to try them out 😉 Although my first love is Pear Glace, I must say I have a new favorite now. So without further ado, here’s my review on Endless Love, Vanilla Lace and Love Spell. My current favorite from Victoria Secret Fragrance Mist Collection.


Endless Love  Check here in (LAZADA PH) 👉 was the first bottle out of this 3 that I picked up! Among of these 3 bottles, this one is one of my favorite as you can tell on the amount of product left inside the bottle.I love it! because you can smell a very elegant blossom smell of ylang-ylang with the hint of apple scent, perfect for everyday wear or even in a formal event. The color is nice blue with labeled “apple blossom and ylang ylang”. It has a very fresh and floral smell. The scent lasts the whole day and if you want it to smell strong, you have to spray it lavishly or else just one spray is enough.


Love Spell Check here in (LAZADA PH) 👉 If you are a kind of person who love a sugar sweet smell then this Love Spell is good for you. It has a nice lavender color with labeled “Cherry Blossom and Peach”.I would say it has a very sweet fruity fragrance in it which can make other people feel nauseous. It smells so fruity and juicy as if you have had a bath with some fruit sweet juice hahaha. I really like it but sadly my husband doesn’t like the smell of it. The smells remind me of summer time 😉  picking up some sweet berries and peach. It fits well on Summer time.


Vanilla Lace Check here in (LAZADA PH) 👉 Another sweet vanilla scent but very neat and sexy. It does smell vanilla and in my opinion, this scent is slightly for a grown up fragrance 😉 because the sweetness scent is a little bit feminine to a sexier sweet type. (LOL) I mean not for a teenager girls out there. When you use it, it feels like you are sexy and seductive LOL. It has a nice orangish color with labeled “Vanilla and musk”. My husband loves it compare to the scent of the love spell. I definitely recommend this scent.

The packaging of Victoria Secret Mist is great and I know we are all familiar with these plastic bottle and the brand itself. When it comes to scent longevity, it last a good few hours and not bad at all. We all know that these are only mist an they aren’t like a expensive perfumes that settle down to slightly different scent after a long day on the body. The difference between mist and perfume is even if it only last an hours it is still smell the same all day as when you first spray it on.

So that’s is for my Victoria’s Secret Fragrance Mist haul. I highly recommend it to everyone and they have lot of different range in scent that you can choose from. Worth a penny too because that one bottle 250 ml/ 8.4 fl oz can last a year or so 😉.

Which body mist is your favorite? and what Victoria’s Secret products would you recommend to me? Do you own one too? let me know how you like it too? Till next time guys!!!

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