🏰 Vadstena Castle – Östergötland, Sweden [Short Trip Video]

If you love renaissance architecture you will definitely like this castle. It nice to know the history behind this majestic place 🙂 This castle has been very well preserved and you can see it on the wall, ceiling and painting inside. Interesting to know. Just make sure to get a guided tour to understand it well. You might find it boring if you are alone but the surroundings are really nice especially the lake Vättern on the Summer time. Don’t forget to visit this place and include on your castle bucket list 🙂


If you want to know more about this castle visit this site 🙂


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Base Camp White Water Rafting – DAVAO, Philippines

Base Camp is located at 88 Mandrazo Fruit Complex, C. Bangoy St. Davao City. (this is based on their business card)

For inquiries, call 09323500921, 09088941468, (082)3057624 .

If you are looking for a fun and memorable experience in Davao you must try whitewater rafting! 😉 and Base Camp Davao provides this unique service. The package cost 1,500 pesos per person which is inclusive of transportation, food,Basecamp T-Shirt, safety gears, guides and CD of all the pictures 🙂 supah sulit diba.  

To schedule a trip with them, you must book ahead of your schedule plus they require at least 5 persons per trip but you can join the schedule of others if your group is below the required minimum number of persons. Well, if you really want to go out on your own group with less participants and with no other groups going on same schedule, you still can although you have to pay for the cost of other 5 persons.

The rafting takes 2 to 3 hours to finish the 13-km long course.

They can schedule 2 rafting trips in the day and my friends and I decided to choose morning batch that starts at 7 am  in the morning. We were picked up by basecamp jeepney from our hotel to their office where we got first our gear and signed waiver forms. It takes about an hour jeepney ride towards the starting point (put-in area) at Tamugan bridge.

contract signing LOl 🙂
White water rafting is not new to me 🙂 because this is my second time to try this kind of activity, first is in CDO.

preparing for our raft 🙂 and were ready!!!

When we arrived at the rafting point we trained on how to put on our rafting gears para mas lalong safe hehe plus they teach us how to use the paddle para we know kung anung paddle stroke ang dapat gamitin. Meron ding safety drill test 🙂 kung saan tuturuan nila kayo kung paano ang tamang paraan ng pagsagip sa taong nahulog sa raft.

Our guide made sure that our life vests were securely fastened.

With safety as the number one priority of them, our guides never failed to gave us last minute instructions before we hit the waters 🙂 and at last were prepared and ready!!

of course hindi mawawala ang selfieselfie LOL!

Our guide asked my friend to jump into the water para i-test samin ang pagrescue sa kanila if sakaling mahulo sila sa raft hehe infairness ang bigat LOL!. 

Hey kuya! tama ba?!


welcome to the jungle hehe 

Smile 🙂

May bahagi dito na hindi kami makaalis dahil sa isang bato 🙂

This is it .. pansit!!

They are the one who leads our way 🙂


OppS!!! watch out!!!! Reuel hehehe

Sobrang saya 🙂


They captured it perfectly good 

Oh NO!!! tumaob sila!! here we are to the rescue!! 🙂

HI FIVE!! 🙂 sigaw pa more hehehe

Eto po ang epekto after ng activity hahaha parang kumain ng isang sakong asukal sa sobrang saya:)

At dahil paulit ulit ako sa kakapromote eto namn po ang kapalit ng aming sakit ng braso at lalamunan sa kakasigaw at kakatawa  ang Basecamp T-Shirt at ang CD na puro pictures at video 🙂 supah sulit diba. May remembrance pang kasama hehe

I enjoyed the experience so much that I encourage everyone who will visits Davao to experience this adventure promise sobrang enjoy at di kayo magsisisi 🙂


Camiguin, Philippines .. I 💜 lab it!!

Camiguin, Philippines

Anyway,try to visit Camiguin 🙂 A Hawaii version of the Philippines. Wherein there is lots of  mountain and active volcanoes that offer nice view on the Island. This place is really blessed on its cultural, and rich historical treasures that you will never forget. I should say Camiguin is indeed beautiful and I will call it paradise 🙂

Leny and I

I really like the uninhabited white island called white sand beach. It ‘s about 1-2 kilometer far from the shore. Good thing is that we rented a cottage that is nearly close to the beach 😊. During high tides, this sand bar submerges on the sea and in low tide, you can actually go there and enjoy the fine sand and crystal clear water plus the nice view of Mt. Hibok-hibok.

With all the activities … Supah Sulit 😊 and supah enjoy! We visited the Old Ruins of San Roque Church, Convent and Belfry in Gui-ob at Bonbon, Catarman oh yeah I forgot the oldest tree located on that place too. Don’t missed the Sunken Cemetery and from there on that big cross that  lay on the seabed  is really  a perfect place to watch the wonderful sunset over the ocean. It is also an ideal place for snorkeling and diving but we haven’t try that kasi late na kami dumating on that place… so we just watched the beautiful sunset 😊

I will never forget this place… worth remembering!! . I will add this on my list as one of my favorite place on the Philippines 😊 I will surely be back .. So, I need to save more again for my next Camiguin escapade, hehe!


Calaguas Island 🌴 | Camarines Norte, Philippines

Beautiful Calaguas 🙂

Calaguas – Beautiful Island from its clear water, powdery white sand like Boracay and a peaceful surrounding is almost like a paradise 🙂 definitely one of the best island to visit nowadays! specially if you’re tired visiting crowded beaches. A very laid-back island, simple and stress-free, far from the hectic city life!

Superfriends class picture

Calaguas is an island located in the province of Camarines Norte, Philippines. As part of our DIY Bicol Region tour this year, my friends and I decided to include this lovely place in our trip. Guys! for almost 2 hours of rough boat ride was totally worth it.

Gonna share some photos why I love Calaguas 🙂

Pitched our tents by the beach and party party at night! 🙂 Tents are the main accommodation in the Island so make sure you know how to assemble it :). You can also rent a cottage nearby but if you are off the budget..  well, better sleep under the stars 😊 hehehe. The island’s source of water comes from a deep well you need to pay 10 pesos per bucket of water. Don’t expect too much from the toilet either as it very basic but really clean.


grrr! nakapikit ako hehe 😊 another great activity in Calaguas (katig ride)

Water here is excellent for snorkeling just remember to bring your own equipment or you’ll have to rent for it 😊 Even if you are just at the boat you can almost see it, truly amazing!!!

jump shot!!!😊 to complete the fun with barkada!

Spent the whole day swimming and sunbathing/ beach bumming like you own the shore 😊LoL! don’t forget to bring you monopod

Mahabang buhangin is one of the best beaches I’ve seen so far. The white sand, pristine water and the clear blue sky will surely melt all your stress and sadness. So peaceful and calm this is the best time for a great vacation.

What a nice view when you wake up in the morning! Fist thing you can do is to walk along this stretch pristine white sands with crystal clear blue water so relaxing and energizing 😊

Sobrang linaw😊 Water is so clean/ my picture says it all! 🔍

The view from the hills is spectacular and breathtaking. Sunset is love love love! 😊 Ask the local to find the pathways to climb the hills. No cellphone signal so don’t even bother, no calls and text for the meantime 😊

Overall, our stay was worth it and memorable. The place is just so amazing!! I can assure of that! The beach boasts of clear blue water, white fine sand, peaceful, serene and beautiful. Calaguas is definitely a piece of heaven 😊  the beauty of God’s creation at its best. I’ll be back again for sure!!


How to insert AdSense verification code to your own WordPress site?

How to Insert Adsense verification code Manually to your own site: 

I didn’t use plugin I only search it online and saw that I can do it manually using theme editor. So just follow these steps!

  1. Go to appearance
  2. scroll down to editor
  3. in the right side search for header.php
  4. You found it? great! Click on it
  5. Scroll down and search for this: <head>.
  6. Past the code right after it. ( look at the screenshot)
  7. and finally, Click Update file. that’s it.

Congratulation!! You have just inserted AdSense verification code to the head of your website properly. All you have to do is to keep working on your site and continue to do your thing 😉 posts as many as you want and just wait for AdSense approval or disapproval email. They said the verification process takes 2-3 working days.  Lets hope for the best! 🙂

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