Semester Break – Visingsö, Sweden

Semester time!Yippie 💃💃(so as you can see its me and Matthias, we’re dancing with so much joy! Lol!) Well, don’t be confused if I always say SEMESTER 😉 yeah! I know! it sounds weird that I’m happy about the word “Semester” right? Lol!  Because it only means schooling session in my home country but here in Sweden “SEMESTER” means VACATION!

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But let’s talk about our semester again where we spend one whole day tour in Visingsö Island. This Island is located in southern half of Sweden’s second largest lake called Lake Vättern. It is 30 kilometers north of city Jönköping and it take us 2hrs drive to get there. There you can see lots of  beautiful scenery, relaxing nature and amazing wildlife. A perfect summer destination too here in Sweden.

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CARLSTENS FORTRESS – Marstrand, Sweden

This spring season we had a chance to visit this beautiful Island of Marstrand. We did a day tour exploring the whole Island and visit the majestic Carlstens Fästning (Carlsten Fortress). It is located on the Island of Marstrand about 45 kilometer northwest of Gothenburg and it takes around 1hr and 35mins drive where we live (Grästorp). You need to ride a ferry that located in Koön, it goes every quarter in daytime and during the night it goes every half an hour. The ferry is really modern and nice plus you can also go out on the upper deck if you wanted to see the beautiful view of . It only takes a couple of minutes boat ride 😊. You can buy the ticket inside the store that is close to the port area and it goes two-way ticket already from(Kaoön to Marstand to Koön).

Off to visit Carlsten Fortress

Unfortunately, that time we didn’t get a chance to book for a tourist guide but you can check and roam around the fortress and walk on your own provided that you pay for your entrance ticket. You can also buy booklet, maps and guided books in the entrance and don’t worry if you can’t understand Swedish because they offer English guided tour and guided books that available in several languages.

For guided tour and entrance fee you can visit their site: Carlsten Fortress opening hours and fees

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My Favorite Place – Gekås ULLARED, Sweden

Whenever I hear the word GEKÅS ULLARED it always makes my heart skip happy and jump to the highest level LOL because it only means SHOPPING TIME!! Who doesn’t like shopping! right? 😉

If we have Divisoria in Philippines here in Sweden they have place called Gekås Ullared. Every Swede knows what Gekås Ullared is,it is the biggest and cheapest store to buy stuff in Sweden. Aside of that! When I first came here in Sweden, everyone I met used to ask me if I have ever been there before (guess what? one of that is my mother in law LOL!) She loved Ullared so much and so do I!.

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Things I learned in Sweden which I love :)

Switching cultures and country will definitely makes you become more observer ;). You will notice lot of things that really stands out from the rest.Its also help you to learn and absorb new knowledge from your own mistakes 😊 so I just want to share you guys why it’s so nice to live in Sweden 😊

So for now, I come up with this “Things you will surely love in Sweden” 😊. If you feel that I forgot something! feel free to add lol 🙂

Drinking water straight from the faucet is a big yes! Tap water is clean, fresh and safe so no worries guys!

You will definitely never get sick of Swedish meatballs, because meatballs is love💜💜 💜 (meatballs with macaroni and yogurt on the go Lol).

You also put tomato sauce(as in Heinz tomato sauce on your macaroni and meatballs) amazing hehehe but yummy

IKEA – Land of all fabulous furniture and home decorations 🙂 You think nothing of spending all day long at IKEA looking for a piece of furniture. Shop till you drop 😊

Princess cake is not only for royals but for everyone!! You will never say NO for this yummy cake..Delicious cream with marzipan is a delight!! 

Walking with your dogs is now your everyday routine 😊 in street, in park, in nature,at night, morning, everyday!! 😊

You pronounce ICA as eeka 😊 not I.C.A .Grocery stores charge you for plastic or paper bag in an effort to keep waste low and encourage people to recycling.So before you throw out that plastic bag, you may want to reconsider first 🙂

Dont be surprise if you see shrimp in a cake 🙂 they call it Smörgåstårta a SANDWICH CAKE. Dig in with this delicious swedish cake 🙂

Summer is never ending sun 🙂 midnight sun is still on :). Summer is maypole and wreath and dance.

There is a day for your candy. Saturday in Sweden are special day for kid like me LOL!. They call it Lördagsgodis as saturday candies.

Where there is a day for Cinnamon rolls/Kanebullens dag.

When you starting to sit in front of your TV and play BINGO

Snow during winter is wonderful and beautiful. It sensible to eat ice cream and have conversation outside when its -10C lol!

Right of public access, which gives everyone the freedom to roam and enjoy nature to camp, pick berries and mushrooms. Blueberries (Blåbär) and Raspberries (Hallon) are my favorite.

Your coffee consumption exceeds 6 cups a day (brewed or instant). You probably change coffeemaker each year 🙂 and when you hear coffee.. it’s FIKA time. Coffee is also too weak of taste if there is less than 10 scoops per pot!!

When Wind turbines is just everywhere. It’s fascinating to look it outside on your car window :). 

When you starting to enjoy walking out in the woods/forest and searching for a moose/elk 🙂 hide out!

where you can see fries over your pizza 🙂 and eat it with knife and fork 😛 lol

The wonderful man I married is SWEDISH 🙂

It’s fun to know everything 😍 Can’t wait to discover more and share to all of you. 😊 If you can add something let me know. I would glad to add them in 😊


🏰 Vadstena Castle – Östergötland, Sweden [Short Trip Video]

If you love renaissance architecture you will definitely like this castle. It nice to know the history behind this majestic place 🙂 This castle has been very well preserved and you can see it on the wall, ceiling and painting inside. Interesting to know. Just make sure to get a guided tour to understand it well. You might find it boring if you are alone but the surroundings are really nice especially the lake Vättern on the Summer time. Don’t forget to visit this place and include on your castle bucket list 🙂


If you want to know more about this castle visit this site 🙂

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Göteborg Natural History Museum in Sweden | 🇸🇪 |

😊  Beautiful quotes to share 📖 :

“A visit to a museum is a search for beauty, truth and meaning in our lives. Go to museums as often as you can” 🏢🏢 🎫🎫 😊

Watch me as I explore the beauty of this big place called Göteborg Naturhistorisk Museet. Be amazed how cool and interesting all the display there 🙂

Me standing in front of Göteborgs Naturhistoriska Museum

This place is so amazing! If you like a museum with stuffed animals and all about botany and biology kind of stuff! This museum is just exactly for you. This place is so big and many rooms to look for. There are lots of stuffed animals! elephant and the big whale called “Malm the Blue Whale” and its awesome! It said to be the only stuffed blue whale in the world. It is enormous and the history of it on how they make it possible is really interesting and unbelievable. Worth a visit!

Vädret är fint och min man har mycket energi att köra bil så vi bestämde att besöka Naturhistoriska Museet i Göteborg.

Vi har varit här flera gånger och det är alltid lika roligt att titta runt. Om du besöker Göteborg glöm inte att besöka detta ställe, det är väldigt bra! 🙂