My instant Go-To Spring | Outfit of the Day | Spring 2018


If there’s one thing that get’s me more excited here in Sweden, is SPRING TIME! 🌸. I love every minute of this season not only because everything are starting to bloom again but because I can finally wear some of my lighter clothes like t-shirt, dresses and my favorite sandals/flip flop 😊 (yas! and I’m wearing it right now and its kinda weird looking! IKR?) Lol. Officially no more winter coat and thick shawl to carrying around with me 😉.

This bohemian floral prints dress I am wearing is from H&M | Divided and it’s really pretty. I love that it has a half sleeve on it that is really good for spring weather as well as through the whole summer too.  I adore any swing dresses coz its comfortable and airy. It doesn’t matter if it’s maxi  dress or knee high style as long as it is so cute and comfortable on my body! Got this dress a year ago and I saw the same dress online  at H&M site but in a Chiffon fabric now  CLICK HERE 👈 (mine is in cotton fabric)

Well, if you live here in Sweden you know what is spring weather feels like! not to warm yet not too cold and sometimes it has a mood swing too!. There are days when you can’t go out without wearing a jacket on and there are times where you can really feel how bitter heat the warm of the sun 😉! Luckily today is a perfect day to enjoy nature and wearing your favorite dress hihi . 


Flip flops or sandals (tsinelas word in Filipino) is very ordinary or I might say very common for people living in a tropical countries with a tropical weather 👌 because they’re so comfy and perfect for sweltering weather. If you are living in the Philippines you may already know about this brand CHARCOAL. This is the brand of sandals I am wearing righ now. As you all know I’m pure Pinay who loves tropical weather so why not bring my own tsinelas here in Sweden lol!.I love this sandals which I bought way back 2013 in the Philippines and five years now and it’s still in good condition and perfect although I know that I only wear it here during spring and summer season that maybe makes her lifespan much longer I guess lol.

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Morphe 35W Palette – Reviews and try on

Morphe 35W Palette – Reviews and try on

Hi girls! I’m back 😍 and for today’s post is all about my new Morphe 35W  eye shadow palette and I am so happy to show to you how gorgeous this palette is (picture above). The reason of me buying this palette is that I wanted to upgrade my eye shadow collection into the next level hehe. Honestly, I was browsing for MAC eye shadow palette at first but it is really expensive (super  pang-manyaman na presyo) and I am not yet ready to splurge for a thousand kronor amount of money for only in just one eyeshadow palette… hell no! LOL. Since everyone is been raving about this palette on YouTube and saw lots of post on Instagram so I decided to give it a try.

I’ll tell you guys it is really hard to find this brand of eye shadow palette in store here in Sweden, so I ended up ordering it online from . This palette is really affordable because it only cost me around 266 kronor and I’ll get 35 different shade of eye shadow. How cool is that 😊 .

This palette has wide selection of warm shades with plenty of neutrals.

For me, the quality of these shadows is really amazing and I really love all the shade in this palette. It is super creamy, buttery and blends beautifully into your eyes. If you’re a beginner with makeup just like me then you will gonna love it too because it has this cute shade of pink that is good for spring and summer. The darker shades is really nice to use as a transition shades along with some really beautiful sparkly shades. I also use the lighter shade as my highlight.

Here is the look I made using this Morphe 35W Palette. 

It may not turn out as FLAWLESSLY PERFECT for your taste but I know I give my very best in making this look and I am so very happy with the result. I really really like the simple eye look that I made using 4 shades of this palette. The white shade as a highlight of my brow bone, the pink shade is for my inner eye, light brown as my transition color and the dark brown is for my outer eye/to make it a lit smokey kinda *char! LOL. Hope you like it guys! Please don’t judge me as I am not a professional make-up artist 😉 so bare with me guys.

If you’re thinking of picking up this palette, have a look at my swatches below. 👇  Here are the swatches of five rows from left ➡ right.

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My MAC Lipstick Collection – Tagalog

Hello guys! here I am again for another Mac haul, but for now 😊 is all about my fave nude lipstick from Mac. 🙂 Yup! Lipstick again! why? because I LOVE LIPSTICK er! who doesn’t love lipstick right? LOL!

If you know me well, then you know already that I am a lipstick junkie and this small pieces of make up is my holly grail *charoot! hahahaha kaya don’t be surprise if you find one or more lipsticks inside my bag. Ang weird ko talaga noh haha pero ganun talaga na I rather buy a lipstick instead of make-up palette but who knows I might hoard some make-up palette too (but not for now maybe in future).

    • MAC  Ruby Woo (Retro Matte)
    • MAC Mehr (Matte)
    • MAC Whirl (Matte)
    • MAC Velvet Teddy (Matte)
    • MAC Brave (Matte)

Anyway highway, those lipsticks are my all time peborit (see picture below) and I really recommend it for all the pinay out there but if you didn’t like matte finish then just skip this post of mine 😶. It is really good for our pinay skintone and very wearable in any occasion too. If you are looking for a nice nude lipstick might as well try some of Mac nude lipstick and I’ll tell you the color payoff is really wort it.

If you’re thinking of picking up these lipstick, have a look at my swatches below or watch my youtube video.

I love reading and watching MAC lipstick collection posts because it helps me get an idea of which shades I’d like to collect or try next so I decided maybe it was time for me to shared my collection (err.. even if I know limang piraso palng sxa LOL ) Hope it helps you guys out there to choose what lipstick from Mac you will purchase next hihi What’s your favourite MAC lipstick? let me know 💋

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Neewer 14″ inches LED Ringlight | Review and Demo | TAGALOG |

Ikaw ba ay nagyou-youtube?  Ikaw ba ay naghahanap o nagbabalak na mag-upgrade ng iyong video at nais na bumili ng ringlight?  Ito ang kalimitang sumasagi sa ating isipan ang magkaroon ng magandang lighting set up sa ating  filming room. Naisipan kong bumili ng ringlight dahil narin sa sobrang dilim ng aking mga video na nagagawa. Minsan rin ay hindi ako makapag film sa gabi dahil narin sa ang ilaw namin dito sa bahay ay mga warm lights. 

Sa dami kong mga napanood na reviews online at nagreasearch talga ako ng bonggang bongga kung ano nga ba ang magandang ringlight sa mga nagsisimulang mag youtube at ang neewer na brand ang laging isina-suggest ng iba. 

Neewer 14″ inches LED Ringlight

Napili ko ang 14″ inches dahil narin sa maliit lang ang space ko kung saan ako nagfifilm para ma-maximize ko ang aking lugar at makakilos parin ako kung aking nanaisin. Ang 14″ inches ay maganda para sa mga taong ang gusto lamang eh madagdagan ng kaunting liwanag ang kanilang mga video na ginagawa or para sa mga talking videos reviews na ginagawa nyo. Ang size na ito ay hindi para sa pang malalakihang kwarto. 

With and without Neewer 14″ inches LED Ringlight

Makikita ninyo ang pinaka-iba ng meronng ilaw sa wala at napakalaking pag kakaiba ang naidudulot nito sa mga video ninyo. Lalong lumiwanag at lalong nakita ang kabuuan ng inyong mukha. Madali lang rin i-adjust ang intensity ng ilaw sa nais  ninyo. Maganda itong gamitin lalo na kung kayo ay mahilig sa photography o flat lay photography. Magndang investment ang ringlight kaya mabuting bilihin nyo talaga kung ano ang inyong gusto at naayon sa inyong pangangailangan.

Maganda sa ringlight na ito ay isang set na sxa kaya wala na kayong aalahanin pang bilihing mga accessory para sa inyong ringlight.

🌻 Package Contents: 

  1. LED Ring Light Dimmable Ring Light 
  2. Light Stand(Folded:29.53″/75cm Maximum height: 61.02″/155cm)
  3. Soft tube
  4. white and orange Color filter (diffuser)
  5. Smart phone holder if you are using phone
  6. Charger
  7. Bluetooth Receiver good for IOS and Android
  8. Tripod head /to hold your camera
  9. Safety bag

My youtube ringlight video:

DISCLAIMER: Items were purchase with my own money unless otherwise stated. All opinions are honest and my own! I hope you all enjoyed watching my video if you did please like 👍subscribe and leave comment down below . I would be happy to read it all ..💜💜💋💋  

I’m open for product reviews/ sponsorship/ ads and collaborations etc. please email me at: 

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BH Cosmetics Eye Essential Brush Set – Review

Hello everyone! back again with another review 😊 I bought this BH Cosmetics, 7 Piece Eye Essential Brush Set last month to complete my eye make-up essentials tools. Who doesn’t want to have a new set of make-up brushes..right? To tell you honestly I only have 2 pieces of make-up brushes and as far as I wanted to get a new one I am kinda hesitate to buy. Not only because some of the brushes is quite expensive but also I didn’t know how to properly use each brushes. (yeah I know! I’m only a newbie in the world of make-up and I know there’s lot of things to learn hehe)

I originally heard of it through beauty gurus on YouTube so I decided to give it a try and ordered it online.  Got mine from for only 129kr swedish krona. I’m beyond so happy that the brushes is so affordable because as I looked on the website some of the brushes are really expensive good thing this brand is cheap. By the way, for those who don’t know Lyko is a well known swedish online shop for skin care, perfume and make-ups here in Sweden. I’ve been using it for almost a week now and I can say that I really like it so much.

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Simple Party Look ♡ ft. The Blushed Nudes Palette | Maybelline

Here is one of the look I wore using the blushed nudes palette.

As a makeup starter like me it is very important to have some basic products to begin with especially the eye shadow palette. I’am always looking for very affordable make-up palette to play with (to practice more on applying my eye shadow). If you have a money to buy/splurge into a high end make-up palette *then its good for you but for me I would personally advice to invest  in a decent amount of good quality drugstore make-up to start with you make-up journey. I am not ready to waste high end/expensive palette to use as my trial and error product but who knows one day I could afford to waste one —- ehem! to use one I mean 😉 

Anyway! I have used this Maybelline “The Blushed Nudes” for over a months now and I have loved each and every eye-look that I made with this palette. I know its just a practice make-up look for you but for me, I’am so much proud of whatever eye look I created with this palette! This palette teach me to creates the perfect subtle look exactly the way I like it to be to smokey eyes up to the simplest everyday eye look that I wanted.  I must say it is the best starter make-up palette for a beginner like me because the color is not too heavy to play with plus it has a tutorial at the back on how to create a different eye look with this palette.

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