By Lyko – Lykoinflutester

Fick precis mitt första uppdrag för i år 2024 som #lykoinflutester 😍. Jag är så glad att jag har blivit en del av Lyko community, mitt andra år som influencer 😊 woot woot🙌!. Hur som helst, vilken ödmjuk och fantastisk möjlighet att bli Lyko-influensatestare så att du kan prova dess godsaker. Det jag fick idag … Continue reading "By Lyko – Lykoinflutester"...

LEGO OneStep Polaroid SX-70 Camera – Influenster

   Check out more about LEGO ONESTEP POLAROID : Shop now via link: 👉 Jag fick möjligheten att bygga denna söta Lego Polaroid OneStep SX-70 från Lego via Influenster. Detta legokit är supersött och det ser nästan ut … Continue reading "LEGO OneStep Polaroid SX-70 Camera – Influenster"...

Flux Original – Coolmint & Aloe Vera (BUZZADOR)

I samarbete med @flux_se @buzzador har jag testat denna nya Flux Original Coolmint & Flux Aloe Vera en fluorsköljning som stärker tandytan och ger starka tänder. Jag fick Flux Original – Coolmint & Aloe Vera gratis i utbyte mot min ärliga åsikt och recension. #fluxfluor #Flux #Fluxbuzz #buzzador . Vi köper alltid den ursprungliga coolmint … Continue reading "Flux Original – Coolmint & Aloe Vera (BUZZADOR)"...

The Anastasia Rose Metals Deluxe Trio

Hello my lovely friends! Hope everything is well! Today is the last day of the year and tomorrow is a new beginning. I just felt I should thank everyone who made me smile this year. You are one of them, so here’s a big thank you! 😊 First! Let me tell you that I’m so … Continue reading "The Anastasia Rose Metals Deluxe Trio"...


Beautiful quotes to share : "A visit to a museum is a search for beauty, truth and meaning in our lives.
Nanood ng sine, naglakad lakad at ang ending umuwi.. 🙂 hehe Another kaboringan day for me.. hulaan nyo kung ano
KAWASAN FALLS - (Badian, Cebu Philippines) Kawasan Falls is located inside the mountain of Barangay Matutinao, Badian Cebu. From City
One hell of a ride !! nothing beats to go SUISLIDE (zipline) between two big cliffs 🙂 at Danao. SUISLIDE
Hi! guys! As you all know I also have a Youtube account [just to share it  ].  If you like to
Calaguas - Beautiful Island from its clear water, powdery white sand like Boracay and a peaceful surrounding is almost like a paradise
Try to visit Camiguin 🙂 A Hawaii version of the Philippines. Wherein there is lots of  mountain and active volcanoes
Base Camp is located at 88 Mandrazo Fruit Complex, C. Bangoy St. Davao City. (this is based on their business
If you love renaissance architecture you will definitely like this castle. It nice to know the history behind this majestic