Suislide | Danao Adventure Park – Bohol,Philippines

One hell of a ride !! nothing beats to go SUISLIDE (zipline) between two big cliffs 🙂 at Danao. SUISLIDE it sounds like suicide 😛 haha maybe they called it suislide to attract more people who are more into an extreme adventure (yep…including me) lol.

Oh may gahdz!

This activity is part of my EAT DANAO Experience post before wherein I also tried their extreme PLUNGE ever!! hehe. If you’re planning to go there you can hire a van or simply got to the Bus terminal and ride a bus that going to Danao. The terminal is located in Tagbilaran City.   Joy ride for about 30-45 minutes away from the city.

Ready to take off!

Suislide cost only 350 pesos and you’ll get to enjoy it twice .. Yes! read my lips,TWICE hehehe (back and forth). In Dahilayan in CDO, where I tried their longest zipline is only a one way ride 🙁 visit to see the longest dual zipline 🙂

Some says price is too high for plunge and suislide but for me .. its worth the price plus the experience you will get :). Suislide is fun! you can slide all by yourself or by two.

You can also take pictures while sliding and you can bring  your camera along to capture every single moment while sliding:) hehe. The operator will do the trick to tie it on the harness or on your arm so it wont fall.

A perfect position to see the beautiful view below you *perfect! with your body facing down, you’ll see how high you are from the ground and viola!! your flying!!!!! *wink and then scream loud hahaha 😛

At the end point of the slide always get ready to smile  🙂 don’ let them capture your scared face because someone will take a pictures as souvenir, each photo cost 50 pesos .. 🙂

Too bad we didn’t get the chance to try all the rides. We ran out of time and we still have to hurry up to view more of Bohol. Budget wise too lol we need to save more of our money for our next plans.

What a nice vacation.. 🙂 Bohol is really a nice place to visit! Go for extreme adventure and Danao offer it. Try something new for your vacation. Try something new for a change not the usual beach bumming lol 🙂 Go for something you’ll never forget or something you’ve been wanting to do that would be worth a keep 🙂 Go explore!!!!


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