Mt. Tapyas Coron, Palawan

Wahh! super na-extend pa kami ng isang araw sa Coron!(Me, Leny, and JJ)  How sad 😢! our supposed 9 AM flight was delayed and later on na-cancel na due to some technical problem (DAW) ng plane and to makeup for the airline’s inconveniences, we were given a free food and hotel accommodation plus a free ride pa from airport to the centro town which is Okey na sana kaso sobrang badtrip!! as in 😭 at my pasok pa kami kinabukasan WHY kaya? hmmm siguro may mga hindi pa kami nagagawa sa Coron na kailangan naming gawin 😜.

*think Misay, think!!! ouch.. OO nga! as per bestluck JJ nakalimutan nya raw bumili ng pasalubong at as per Leny gusto nya raw mapuntahan yung kubo sa  MT. TAPYAS and ME well, hindi ko pa naakyat ang MT. TAPYAS at isama pang may kaylangan kaming resbakan sa AMPHIBi-ko ang isang staff nila roon hahaha *just kidding! (well brutal term nga eh noh as in RESBAKAN hahahaa LOL pagbayarin ba naman kami almost 1K as in lahat kami take note!! pagbayarin ng mga utensils na hindi daw namin naibalik at matress na binutas daw namin duh!! as if naman na kinuha namin yun diba!! dadayo ba namn kami ng pagkalayo layo para lang mangulimbat ng mga kutsara at tinidor 😂

Naku ha!! need talaga irefund ng Amphibihiko yung mga binayad namin ko or else (mawawalan sila ng mga costumer in the near future kung ganyan sila). Kaya if I were you guys! if you’re planning to go to Coron I wont suggest Amphibiko lodge. Period!

Mount Tapyas – Coron, Palawan (view from top)

Maiba naman tayo sa aming lahat ako lang naman ang di umakyat sa MT. TAPYAS. (I made up my mind not to climb in Mt. Tapyas dahil nga ang taas-taas at di ko yata kakayanin 😂 and yet isa pa ako sa na kasama sa macancelled ang flight argh!! parusa ba talaga 😂

Mga sad face  except si Joel mukhang siya lang ang masaya

Maybe it is true that you won’t leave Coron without visiting the famous Mt. Tapyas (one reason I guess why I needed to stay 1 day more in Coron haha just to conquer it). As soon as the van left us in the hotel we immediately went to Tapyas and my nightmare start! To those who don’t know Mt. Tapyas is one of the popular destinations in centro town Coron and the main attraction is the big white cross plus you can see the view of the whole island. This viewpoint is really high that you have to walk up a lot of steps so don´t forget to take some bottled water with you. Wear comfortable shoes and breathable clothing because the mountain has 700 plus steps to reach the summit but once you’re on the top, embrace yourself for another breathtaking view of the coron bay. I recommend you to go there before the sunrise and sunset to catch the amazing view.

Me : MISSION ACCOMPLISHED at the foot of the cross Main Highlights!!

On my way up, I could already feel my legs shaking but the view was super great and the sunset is beautiful.You’re legs will surely hurt the next day so take as much time in going up (and down) if you may.

On your way to the top, you may even stop to take a selfie since the view will be nice. When you reach the top, the view will be breathtaking. You get to see the whole Coron island
BESTLUCK JJ moment! hehe
Catching my breath — smile  hehehe

Applause!  I MADE IT TO THE TOP!!!
My obligatory selfie
There is also a wonderful view when you go further to the back of the cross
LENY: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! pwede na siguro ako makauwi bukas

It was bit late when we decided to go back in the hotel and had our scrumptious dinner at Centro Coron all paid by Airphil 😂

We went to the newly constructed plaza/Park to end our tiring day
BestLuck JJ’s: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! (pasalubong galore)
Yes, Pasalubong time
The next day: At LAST! MANILA here we come!

Coron is definitely worth the visit 😊 and I didn’t regret staying here for one extra day or more. Our 5 days stay rather 6 days for us is not enough to explore the whole Island and there’s so much to see and experience in just one place. It’s not just one island, there’s beaches, lakes, mountains and hot springs they’re all worth visiting. I know there is always next time! Bye for now Coron, Till next time 😉


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