Lusong Gunboat | Shipwreck Snorkeling – Coron, Palawan

The next stop was something that tickled my curiosity mind! THE TITANIC!!! 😂 hehe just kidding! Seriously speaking this post is all about shipwreck. According to our boatman (James) there were about 40 or more shipwrecks at the area but only a few of it were seen in Coron. Shipwreaks are scattered throughout the islands and some of it are still in one piece and completely intact.

Sunken Japanese Wrecks:  Lusong gunboat wreck

SKELETON WRECK and LUSONG GUNBOAT are the only one I remember 😂(ang dami kasi nila) and one of my favorite one is LUSONG GUNBOAT because you can almost see the whole boat lying on the seabed. How wonderful is it because you can actually go and stand on the tip of that boat when the tide is low. I wasn’t able to do that because I’m not a good swimmer 😉.

Ang gagaling mag sipag langoy ng mga kasama ko 😉

I am glad that I went there and look at it even if I didn’t dive to the actual shipwreck like what my other friends did, it was still visible enough in the clear water though!. Of course I saw it by the help of my useful goggles too!😂. Merely seeing it gave me this morbid feeling of how it must be when these ships gunned down during that time..horrible I guess. aawhhooo!!

Lusong Gunboat – can you see those marine life awesome! right?
My friend Adriane was braved enough to dive deeper without any gear! ang yabang! hehe 😂
Marine life peacefully living under the sea..

I know the quality of of my picture is not that great but all in all our adventure were truly worth it and amazing too! No matter what you choose to do while on the Island one thing is for sure, you will returned home relaxed, well rested and full of stories to tell about the beauty of Coron.


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