Banol & Coron Youth Club Beach,Coron,Palawan

Nature is not a place to visit, it is home

🙂 It’s true that nature is not just a place to visit like any famous places in the world.. It just as simple as what we called HOME 🙂 where you find  your comfort zone , friends, love and serenity .

Another exciting day for me!! wondering what is waiting for me on the other side!

Next destination Banol Beach 🙂 It was soo beautiful, I saw limestone rock formation and different kinds of cottages (KUBO kung baga hehehe!) this is bulit for excursionist for them to have a place to stay. I noticed also a small store in the island where you can buy chips and drinks...It has small stretch white beach that is enough for us to stroll and hang around for the next few minutes of stay.. 🙂 Some of my friend decided to have a quick nap of one of the cottages, while me and Leny of course Lol 😛 we roamed around the beach looking for a great view that will fits on our picture perfect souvenir hahaha so  it’s time to click and flick!! 🙂  haha ito na ang tinatawag na paitiman 😛

Approaching Banol Beach  and all I can say is WoW! 🙂

We saw this monkey hahaha!!! Ang cute noh!! 🙂 melodramatic pa kung mag pose 🙂 hahaha

The monkey actor of Banol beach 🙂

Water in Banol Beach is crystal clear ,fine sand and a limestone rock formation is perfect for photo opportunity hehehe 🙂 Banol beach is really peaceful, water is calm and blue and not too crowded. You can only hear the splashing sounds of water hitting the limestone rock and the sound of wind whispering.

warm-up pose by leny and Mj… lol 🙂 what a crazy start of photo shoot

NEXT stop is CYC stand for Coron Youth Club Beach— Just a small island, white sand and clear water  too although the sand is not fair,like most of the beaches in Coron ok lang kasi maganda naman ang view 🙂 We didn’t stay here for long dahil narin sa lumalakas na yung hangin at tumataas narin yung tubig. They say this this one of good spot for snorkeling  too but we weren’t able to check it out.

What i didn’t like about this beach is that there is a part where there’s a lot of garbage left by some tourist.. (well, as if di na kami magdadagdag pa ng kalat 😛 hehe kasi kami yung mga kalat JOKE!!! hahaha) Sayang yung ganda nung lugar tsk! tsak!..HAy!! Local government wake up!! duh!!

Mangroves are  abound in the island .. this makes the view more captivating and remarkable! 🙂 hehehe Soo Smile guys!!

This is also a nice place for swimming,the mangroves along the shore gives more twist on capturing  great pictures! 🙂

Hi there Coron peeps!!!

Got one Crab!!  🙂

Lol what a tiring day for Edzra. He managed to take a nap

Just like a kid! playing in the sand

We had our lunch at Calumbuyan island

Me at calumbuyan  Island. A perfect place to end the trip

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