Siete Picados, Barracuda Lake & Twin Lagoon

This is the continuation of my Coron escapade, My second part of continuous journey!. I have my previous post before and if you haven’t yet  read the first one, click here. ☚

We started the day having a breakfast in Amphibiko lodge. Breakfast time to start the adventure! right? 😉 So I had a small serving of Cornsilog which is a short term for Corned beef, sinangag (fried rice) and pritong itlog (fried egg) plus a cup of kapeng barako that somehow helps complete my meal! then off to another expedition(but seriously I’m still GUTOM!! haha gutum much!)

Chitchat for a while  enjoying the cool breeze coming from the veranda

Off into the ocean and we went to our first stop SIETE PICADOS: We went snorkeling there and I was so delighted to see different kind of fish, especially the stripe one! I like it so much! Many of it like to swim with me too but I was just at the stairs holding my lifevest (takut eh!😂. The boatman told us not to step on the bottom because there are many sea urchins laying or hiding on to the corals so better be careful guys! (it is bit scary! right? but because I am not a good swimmer, it’s okey for me to staying afloat hehe. All in all we just spend 30 minutes in that place taking pictures and exploring the place.

Siete Picados: They said  it was one of the greatest snorkeling spot
Leny and I (another summer gateway with her)
My one and only picture with that fish!! hahaha 🙂 Come here little fishhy!! come to mama LoL!
OMG!! fish!! stop it.. feels like.. you guys imagining eating my butt!! amazing right?

In order to get to BARRACUDA LAKE: Our next stop! is to climb up again on tricky limestone rock with the help of this dos-por-dos wooden stairs hehehe 😊. The pathway to the lake was too small that allowing only a few people to hang around (bawal malikot or else hulog ka! hahaha)

The stairway to heaven (the dos-por-dos wooden stairs)
The Lake is very stunning! Beautiful and really reaally deeeeeeeepp!!! but don’t worry guys it is safe to swim 
A place name Barracuda Lake
Guess! who!! Lol the macho gwapito of barracuda lake that’s BB hahaha anyway see that limestone wall! pretty amazing right?   (well thanks for the underwater camera of MJ Lol! this trip would be a big waste if  we didn’t have that!)

FYI: I just searched it, just to share 🙂 they said that this lake was named Barracuda due to the discovery of a large barracuda skeleton within it’s waters. Interesting! so I guess there are still barracuda’s occupying in these water, I just hope not to encounter one!lol 🙂

ready to jump off  oh well barracuda here we come! lol


I can say that our country the Philippines is really blessed to have a beautiful place like Coron. A place that must be preserve for the next generation. Our government must be aware of that. Hmm anyway, just wondering why they called it Twin lagoon hahaha

The Twin Lagoon – Coron Palawan

What more exciting about this lagoon is that you need to pass through the hole that divides the two lagoons. That hole disappears when high tides and passable if low tides so its kinda risky (medyo risky nga lang hehehe kung matatakutin ka). Actually you have an options to get there if you are afraid to swim through that hole you can make shift to use stairs (as what I call it! Dos-por-dos wooden stairs see picture below) that connect to the other lagoon. 😊

The gang   ready for the adventure!!
My friend Adriane is trying hard his best to get out of the hole!!

Always remember to take extra care when swimming. One wrong move and you might get a bump in your head!(this is what you called FACE OFF!!—face to face with the Limestone wall LOL 😂). On the other side of lagoon was peaceful you can shout like nobody can hear you awesome and unbelievable!

On the other side  get a picture perfect souvenir in the twin lagoon.

I realized that I am not too old to explore, discover and experience the beauty of our country! Philippines is so beautiful that you will never stop exploring! Such a great opportunity!

I know I’m blessed enough to feel and see it on my own eyes so I am so thankful. Did you ever visit the Philippines or do you want to visit the Philippines? What would be your reason to visit this beautiful country? You can leave a comment down below!


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