Kayangan Lake & Maquinit Hot Spring- Coron,Palawan

We had our trip last February 16-20 this year. My friends and I went to Coron,Palawan via Cebu Pacific. We availed one of DIY Coron’s service. Reuel my officemate is the one who made all the effort to make this trip worth a cent. DIY arranged everything for us (don’t know how much  we cost for that haha basta enjoy ok na Lol :P) services include airport transfer, lodging, boat trips, fees, breakfast an lunch during the tours, merienda ( which is maruya and softdrinks) 🙂  haha everything except for the airfare and DINNER!!!!!

We’re here!! Welcome to Busuanga Airport ✈

From the minute we landed into Busuanga Airport, they took care of everything. With banner pa nga hehe as a warm welcome haha. We were picked up by Kuya mabait (forgot his name) hahaha with his white van and drove us to Amphibi-ko lodge where we will stay.

Amphibi-ko lodge is just  a couple of steps away from the port area..:P  hmm really accessible hehehe.

The more the merrieR!! ⛵ Cost sharing Lol  🙂

we had our lunch at the boat mini dinning area haha medyo siksikan nga lang 🙂 but that was the best lunch ever!. It was a feast for us.. Mga hungry monster! Lol 🙂 we had ensaladang talong, seafood, banana and fried chicken para sa mga allergic sa seafood haha.

🍴Lunch was prepared by the crew

Then off we go to  our day tour :).. First stop : KAYANGAN LAKE   To get to the lake we need to climbed up in a rocky mountain that boasted our stamina hahaha kidding! well, this first stop was really awesome..After making us tired hiking up on rocky (limestone) mountain we didn’t expect it to be this beautiful. A nice view and a cave on top of the hill are really beautiful. You could actually go inside the cave 🙂 i really like it!! i never tried this before. 🙂

It took them a long time to climb those stairs hahaha yet picture picture parin 😀

At last!.. all I can say is WOW!!! BEAUTIFUL

This is the view (our reward) haha !! REaLLy WOW!

Inside the cave  🙂 or should i say the crowded cave hahaha 😛

The water is soooooo clean!! i can shout it in the world that this lake is super clean you can almost see ground and the fish!! perfect! the guide led us  to this small cave  but we never try it  hmm because were busy taking picture.. lol 😛 (oops visiting coron required underwater camera for you to explore more under the sea..lol dont miss the shipwreck and colorful fish..)

what a tiring day….beautiful!!!..I don’t think I can say any word to describe it!

We hung out for a while there, sinulit ang pagkakataon 🙂 because were the only people in the place.. hmmm mybe a few people came by after namin masulit yung lugar hehehe. 

The water is definitely clean, you can see some rock formations under that blue clear water and fishss!! Lots of them 🙂 its nice when they are following you while you are swimming 🏊

edzra whola!! His amazing underwater shot!! 🙂

Along the way we passed by Kalachuchi Beach for 30 minutes, maybe they called it kalachuchi beach because of course of Kalachuchi  tree hahaha 🙂

Stolen shot from a friend 🙂 

Kalachuchi Beach

Meet the gang: the kalachuchi girls hahahaha

Nice beach fine sand and clear water tooo!

After Kalachuchi Beach, The Mainit este MAQUINIT HOTSPRING shouldn’t be missed, a must see-experience place in Coron. By the time we went there the weather gone bad.. sobrang lakas ng ulan na feeling namin kaylangang mag life vest!! hahaha … so, the boat need to stay in Maquinit  for a meantime and yes! that is the time we explore place and dipped into a hotspring pool!! 

 It’s raining 🙂 and the water is sooo damn HOt!
(opps am I talking about the people on the other side) LoL! Hotta!

I searched about the place and i found out that: It is the only known saltwater hot spring in the Philippines and probably the only one in the Asia. The hot spring is just about 25 minutes from the town center and is perfectly located between a hill and the blue sea whose shores are lined with mangrove trees and floating bamboo cottages.

📷water proof camera … huwag ka sanang masira hehe 

Dipping into the hot water of Maquinit really relaxed our whole body, what a life!! much better than a hot oven sauna. It really felt good!! Come to think of if.. the temperature is about 40 degrees Celsius..and the weather is freaking COLD!! what else we can do is to stay up on that big nature hot tub and wait for the rain to stop..:) I guess its better to go there at night or in the morning  hehe 🙂 We left the springs feeling relaxed and ready to go for another day of discovery.

 Plumeria… pretty isn’t 🙂

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