Creative Mind : How to make D.I.Y Scarf Holder (Shower Curtain Rings)

I love scarves so much and I have a bunch of those in my closet 🙂 some of it is comes as a gift from my friends back home with different colors, length and fabrics 🙂 they know I’m little obsessed of it haha. I just love wearing them so much, they can be the perfect accessory on our outfit right? at work, school or on cold winter season 🙂

They just keeps getting bigger and bigger and now they were taking up too much room in my closet haha I just feel tired and lazy folding it every now and then hahaha So I decided to search online for a simple DIY solution about my problem!! 🙂 and whola!!! all you need to have is just a shower curtain rings and a wooden hanger!! problem solved haha

it only cost 10 kr in loppis 🙂

Just attach the curtain rings onto the wooden hanger, and hang your scarves through the rings.


  • I choose wooden hanger instead of plastic one because if you have many scarves to hang on it has a tendency to bend/slanted the plastic hanger plus it will roll the rings and pile your scarves on top of the other)
  • You maybe want to glue the rings to the hanger so you know how many scarf you want in one hanger.
  • You can put glue or tape on the opening part of the ring so your scarf will not snug on it when you pull it.
  • If you are so patience to glue a yarn to cover the ring to decorate it (feel free to do it;-))

Here is what it looks like now :). I have 3 hanger on my closet and i can’t wait to buy more scarf  hihi! 

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What I got for Christmas 2017🎄

Hello Guys! So today I’m sharing with you the lovely gifts I got for Christmas, Yup! I know I’m early today LOL! But I’m just so excited to share!! so bare with me guys! hehe😘 Anyway highway! I know I was a very lucky girl this year (not to mention that I recently got my Swedish Citizenship early this month plus I got my dream bag as my birthday gift last August) and now receiving all this Christmas gifts (picture above) was an amazing feeling. I got so many fantastic items that I really love and I can’t wait to share it with you guys!.

Fluffy Pink Slipper – I got these super fluffy baby pink slipper  from my mother in law. I really like this one. So comfy to wear especially now is winter.

Flicker Flameless Ivory Candle– I also got these battery operated candles from my mother in law. She knows that I really like to have one of this because I always say that I’m planning to buy some decorations a Candle holder in Ikea. (so now, I don’t have to buy real candles) LOL Crystal Edp – I got this Crystal Perfume from my father in law and I have never tried any perfume from this brand (this is the first time). I like the smell of it and the bottle looks neat and simple. The scent is somewhat flowery with the hint of citrus. 

Soda/Bubble Maker – This soda maker is a gift from my father in law and he also include two more extra bottles and Co2 for us. If you don’t know what is Soda/Bubble Maker is? It is a machine you can use at home to make your own carbonated water/soda. If you enjoying drinking cola, soda, or sparkling water this machine is good for you. You can also buy in store some flavorings for you drinks. I know Matthias will going to use this more often than me LOL.

Choklad Drömmar/ Chocolate Cookies – This yummy cookies is from my hubby LOL. I know it’s kinda weird that he gave me this sweetness food  instead of some fancy gifts but I really love it beside its good for fika (merienda)! 

Lot of Chocolates (Merci, Nestle, Paradis, Ferrerro, Cloetta Bridge) – Got a variety of chocolates from them. What a happy tooth for me 😊 hehe. It is tradition here in Sweden to give your love ones some sweet chocolates this Christmas that is why i got ton of it! hahaha. Who wouldn’t say no to this overload sweetness!!

Pandora Castle & Crown Charm – Last but not least, my hubby gave me this Pandora castle charm 😊. I told him that I wanted a new charm for my bracelet because it’s been a long time since I bought a new one on my collection. I’m happy because I never thought he would buy me this small charm. I only wanted the cheaper one but this is absolutely not in my list but anyway I’m so grateful and happy hihihi. Can you imagine that this small charm has a 14ct gold crown with pink zirconia jewel underneath. I will cry if I lost this one hahahaha. 

That’s all guys!!😊  I hope you all had an amazing Christmas guys! – I can’t believe it’s already over, it seemed to come and go in the blink of an eye. I always get really sad when it’s all over as its my favourite time of the year. So for now I will eat all my goodies and enjoy my gifts hehehe. I hope you all received some lovely gifts this Christmas too! what were your favourite presents? tell me? hehehe

Till next time guys!!!



Philips Satin Shave (Advance) – REVIEW

Hello ladies! 😊 for today’s post is something different..Yep! Something that I haven’t done before on my REVIEW post, Lol! So as we all know shaving is something we didn’t like to talk about on public or as much as possible to keep it personal 😉. And for us ladies, removing our unwanted hair is a huge part of our lives as we always wanted to have a silky, smooth, hairless legs, underarms and skin right? haha (well if you’ll ask me – my underarm is my main problem LOL )

So here is it! my new Philips Advance Satin Shave. Honestly, when I come here in Sweden I never even shave my arms nor my legs but I do plucked my underarm hairs because in Philippines, it is not a big deal if you didn’t shave your arms or legs but you MUST remove your armpit hairs LOL. I’m also thankful that my legs is not that hairy and I don’t need to shave it every now and then. My only problem is my armpit hair! sometimes I use disposable razors to shave my armpits and consistently using tweezers. One thing I don’t like about plucking is that it takes so much time and effort plus my neck become stiff and hurting after a long period of doing it.

So therefore, this year I was determined to try and find the easiest and quickest way possible to shave my armpit. Then I bought this Philips Advance Satin Shave (Not sponsored)It said it is for legs and body so it means I can also use it also in my underarms (btw! I was planning to buy an epilator too but sad to say it is so expensive than the shaver). Anyway highway, lets get to the information on the shaver first and what it’s actually like.

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How I cook Japchae 🍜

I missed eating Asian food and since I found a glass noodles in my local supermarket I immediately bought it and cook my favorite Japchae (who knows the famous Japchae of Bonchon? raise your right hands! hehehe Yummy!). I’m so happy that I can easily find all the ingredients needed in making this recipe plus the result is really good and yummy! (Not bad for the first timer like me) So lets cook my own version of japchae! 🍜

BTW What is Japchae: It is one of Korea’s best-loved dishes,  with glass noodles, stir fried with vegetables and meat.Yummy! It easy to make!!

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Semester Break – Visingsö, Sweden

Semester time!Yippie 💃💃(so as you can see its me and Matthias, we’re dancing with so much joy! Lol!) Well, don’t be confused if I always say SEMESTER 😉 yeah! I know! it sounds weird that I’m happy about the word “Semester” right? Lol!  Because it only means schooling session in my home country but here in Sweden “SEMESTER” means VACATION!

picture from google maps

But let’s talk about our semester again where we spend one whole day tour in Visingsö Island. This Island is located in southern half of Sweden’s second largest lake called Lake Vättern. It is 30 kilometers north of city Jönköping and it take us 2hrs drive to get there. There you can see lots of  beautiful scenery, relaxing nature and amazing wildlife. A perfect summer destination too here in Sweden.

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My Swedish Citizenship – Result / Part 2

What a really nice feeling when you get a good news, right? 😊 I am just so happy to share you guys what I got today! Yup! I received a very important mail📩 from the Migrationsverket and you are right 😉 the decision is now here! this is it pansit! tadaaah!!! It is my certificate/proof of Swedish Citizenship (Bevis Om Svenskt Medborgarskap).I know there is nothing wrong to show that you’re happy, right?  LOL so here I am dancing💃 Lol!

What a sweet surprise! 🍭

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