Creative Mind : How to make D.I.Y Scarf Holder (Shower Curtain Rings)

I love scarves so much and I have a bunch of those in my closet 🙂 some of it is comes as a gift from my friends back home with different colors, length and fabrics 🙂 they know I’m little obsessed of it haha. I just love wearing them so much, they can be the perfect accessory on our outfit right? at work, school or on cold winter season 🙂

They just keeps getting bigger and bigger and now they were taking up too much room in my closet haha I just feel tired and lazy folding it every now and then hahaha So I decided to search online for a simple DIY solution about my problem!! 🙂 and whola!!! all you need to have is just a shower curtain rings and a wooden hanger!! problem solved haha

it only cost 10 kr in loppis 🙂

Just attach the curtain rings onto the wooden hanger, and hang your scarves through the rings.


  • I choose wooden hanger instead of plastic one because if you have many scarves to hang on it has a tendency to bend/slanted the plastic hanger plus it will roll the rings and pile your scarves on top of the other)
  • You maybe want to glue the rings to the hanger so you know how many scarf you want in one hanger.
  • You can put glue or tape on the opening part of the ring so your scarf will not snug on it when you pull it.
  • If you are so patience to glue a yarn to cover the ring to decorate it (feel free to do it;-))

Here is what it looks like now :). I have 3 hanger on my closet and i can’t wait to buy more scarf  hihi! 

Wrinkle-free 🙂 so organize and clean

It nice to look how organize they are on my closet 🙂 Not only they will stay wrinkle-free, but now I can easily choose what I will gonna wear :). So simple and inexpensive too!! A must-have for any scarf enthusiast like me …. 🙂

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