My Swedish Passport is finally here!

My Swedish passport is finally here! 😉

When I received my Swedish Citizenship December last year, I am so eager and excited to apply for my National ID and Swedish passport. So as soon as all the holidays is finally over and all the government offices here are fully back into business, my husband and I decided to apply for our Swedish passport. (At last! after 1 month LOL! I almost forget about it seriously!). After 3 years of living life here in Sweden with my swede husband, I can officially call myself a Swede!…and I’m loving it! even more better now that I have my Swedish Passport too!

Processing of getting a passport here in Sweden is quite different from what I’m used to in the Philippines (well! you know what I mean if you experienced the old way of getting a passport before sa Pinas 😉 I’ll tell you its like conquering the highest mountain of the PH just to get into the top! but I hear nowadays there’s a lot of  improvement going on with the new admin unlike before 🙂 that is good to hear). Anyway what I noticed  here is that, there’s no formal application process, no long queue or forms to fill-up for you to apply just bring your self and your valid ID’s then off to go. Although I bought all my important documents with me that time they didn’t even bother to check it up 😉 .  

⇨ Persons who recently received his/her Swedish citizenship:

When a person with foreign citizenship becomes a Swedish citizen, it takes few days before the information will be added to the National Accounts Register by the Swedish Tax Agency. So If you apply for a passport or national ID card BEFORE the information has been submitted, you MUST include the Swedish citizenship decision in original from the Swedish Migration Board

All passports and national ID cards are handled through the Police office. Yup! u hear me right? in the POLICE OFFICE so better behave your butt off and be nice hehe. If you live in Stockholm you can simply go to bokapassitstockholm to book for an appointment and if happen you are not living in Stockholm just like me. Find the nearest Police office near you and inquire about it because some police office allowed drop-in applicants and some don’t so better check it ahead of time before going there so you will not waste your time and effort.

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What I got for Christmas 2017🎄

Hello Guys! So today I’m sharing with you the lovely gifts I got for Christmas, Yup! I know I’m early today LOL! But I’m just so excited to share!! so bare with me guys! hehe😘 Anyway highway! I know I was a very lucky girl this year (not to mention that I recently got my Swedish Citizenship early this month plus I got my dream bag as my birthday gift last August) and now receiving all this Christmas gifts (picture above) was an amazing feeling. I got so many fantastic items that I really love and I can’t wait to share it with you guys!.

Fluffy Pink Slipper – I got these super fluffy baby pink slipper  from my mother in law. I really like this one. So comfy to wear especially now is winter.

Flicker Flameless Ivory Candle– I also got these battery operated candles from my mother in law. She knows that I really like to have one of this because I always say that I’m planning to buy some decorations a Candle holder in Ikea. (so now, I don’t have to buy real candles) LOL Crystal Edp – I got this Crystal Perfume from my father in law and I have never tried any perfume from this brand (this is the first time). I like the smell of it and the bottle looks neat and simple. The scent is somewhat flowery with the hint of citrus. 

Soda/Bubble Maker – This soda maker is a gift from my father in law and he also include two more extra bottles and Co2 for us. If you don’t know what is Soda/Bubble Maker is? It is a machine you can use at home to make your own carbonated water/soda. If you enjoying drinking cola, soda, or sparkling water this machine is good for you. You can also buy in store some flavorings for you drinks. I know Matthias will going to use this more often than me LOL.

Choklad Drömmar/ Chocolate Cookies – This yummy cookies is from my hubby LOL. I know it’s kinda weird that he gave me this sweetness food  instead of some fancy gifts but I really love it beside its good for fika (merienda)! 

Lot of Chocolates (Merci, Nestle, Paradis, Ferrerro, Cloetta Bridge) – Got a variety of chocolates from them. What a happy tooth for me 😊 hehe. It is tradition here in Sweden to give your love ones some sweet chocolates this Christmas that is why i got ton of it! hahaha. Who wouldn’t say no to this overload sweetness!!

Pandora Castle & Crown Charm – Last but not least, my hubby gave me this Pandora castle charm 😊. I told him that I wanted a new charm for my bracelet because it’s been a long time since I bought a new one on my collection. I’m happy because I never thought he would buy me this small charm. I only wanted the cheaper one but this is absolutely not in my list but anyway I’m so grateful and happy hihihi. Can you imagine that this small charm has a 14ct gold crown with pink zirconia jewel underneath. I will cry if I lost this one hahahaha. 

That’s all guys!!😊  I hope you all had an amazing Christmas guys! – I can’t believe it’s already over, it seemed to come and go in the blink of an eye. I always get really sad when it’s all over as its my favourite time of the year. So for now I will eat all my goodies and enjoy my gifts hehehe. I hope you all received some lovely gifts this Christmas too! what were your favourite presents? tell me? hehehe

Till next time guys!!!



My Swedish Citizenship – Result / Part 2

What a really nice feeling when you get a good news, right? 😊 I am just so happy to share you guys what I got today! Yup! I received a very important mail📩 from the Migrationsverket and you are right 😉 the decision is now here! this is it pansit! tadaaah!!! It is my certificate/proof of Swedish Citizenship (Bevis Om Svenskt Medborgarskap).I know there is nothing wrong to show that you’re happy, right?  LOL so here I am dancing💃 Lol!

What a sweet surprise! 🍭

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My Swedish Citizenship Application – Part 1


This is it pansit! Goodluck to me 😊

Today is the day that I will send my Swedish Citizenship application through post, although I already apply it online (it is a requirement and it a must!). I’am  a bit nervous about it but at the same time my heart is full with excitement!  I can’t help thinking about what will gonna happen next (think positive Michelle!).

Anyway highway! before I decided to apply for my citizenship this year, I did a couple of research on my own because I wanted to make sure if I am really eligible to apply for it.  Someone told me I needed to reside here in Sweden for 5 years, some of my friends say 3 years with permanent permit and other say to try my luck and send LOL! I have lot of Filipina friends who had recently applied for their Swedish citizenship and surprisingly their stories where extremely different to one other. Some was approve in only a weeks, some takes months and some still had not yet hear any response to their application. So confused  about it so I headed to the Migrationsverket site to gather more information 😉 a 100% detailed I must say LOL. If you like to know more you can check the SITE  👈

Basically what it said in the site is that you have to fullfill a certain requirements for becoming a Swedish citizen:

  • You must be able to prove your identity
  • You have reached the age of 18
  • Have a permanent residence permit, a right of residence or residence card in Sweden.
  • You have fulfilled the required period of residence here
  • Have you conducted yourself well here in sweden

* If you are married to, living in a registered partnership with or cohabiting with a Swedish citizen, you can apply for Swedish citizenship after three years. In these cases, you must have been living together for the past two years. It is not enough to be married to one another, you must also live together.

So as you can see its depend on your particular situation, the time prior to applying varies as long as you meet all the criteria. In my case, I have lived with a Swedish citizen for almost three years now, so three years after receiving my Residence Permit I told myself its about time to apply.

As I logged in to Migrationsverket site and see the actual Swedish citizenship application, oh by the way guys! the entire application is in Swedish language 😉  so better get someone to help you up if don’t know the word hahaha.  Then  the questions is more or less, confirming your basic details like country of residence, address, existing citizenship, etc. They also ask about your current situation if you work/or studying history in Sweden and how much money you’ve made at each particular job something like that. The final question is simply an open text field where you need to write something  or if you want to add more information about yourself. then you need to attached you scanned documents.

Along with the online application is that you need to submit to Migrationsverket all the hard copies of documents you sent online such as my original Philippine passport, receipt of the application etc via posten/registry mail which what I am doing right now LOL!.

Applying for citizenship cost us 1,500 sek around 8,872 thousand in peso (as of today’s conversion). so we head up to our nearest ICA store to send it off to Migrationsverket in  Norrköping and then all I need to do now is wait for the decision ( Hopping to get a positive one 🙏)

Skål för Sverige!


CFO Guidance and Counseling Program (GCP)/Fiancé(e)’s, Spouses, and Partners

Well, my last STEP before I say “bye Pinas!“. When I got  my residence card  the consulate reminds me to attend a seminar at CFO (Commission on Filipinos Overseas) to get the CFO CERTIFICATE and EMIGRANT STICKER on my passport (REQUIRED and its a must!!). They inform me that the immigration officer at the airport will check this document together with my visa before my departure so I need to secure and provide these documents.

I wanted to be ready with all the important documents so I apply for my schedule instantly hahaha because, I didn’t want to experience being held for questioning on the day of my departure which is too much hassle or might get worst to be offloaded on my plane!.. which I don’t want to happen on me lol 😃

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Step-by-Step [How to Marriage in Sweden/How to Report your Marriage] Philippines-Sweden

Well, my husband lives in Sweden (Grästorp, Sweden) a country where my heart is. We didn’t meet through a chance meeting while Me or Him was traveling for work or doing stuff, we just met online (yeah online dating site!) and we found out that we have mutual interest, learned about each other, fell in love and the rest is history lol.

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