Step-by-Step [How to Marriage in Sweden if you are a Filipino]

Well, my husband lives in Sweden (Västra Götaland, Sweden) a country where my heart is. We didn’t meet through a chance meeting while Me or Him was traveling for work or doing stuff, we just met online (yeah online dating site!) and found out that have mutual interest, learned about each other, fell in love and the rest is history lol. After almost a 2 and a half years of planning and LDR, he finally invited me to visit him. I went to Sweden year 2013 (btw that is my second time I visited this beautiful Country the first one is year 2009-2010). We got married the next year 2014 and we plan everything like: Me studying, learning and moving to Sweden instead of him moving to Philippines which I know is the best for us. I am now a Swedish citizen (Hallelujah!) and I just want to share to you guys our experiences on how, where and what we did to be able to go this far. My journey is one of many.

UPDATE: I just got may Swedish Citizenship too! Hallelujah! )
If you want to check it out too here’s my link:

👉  Swedish Citizenship Result – Citizenship Journey
👉  Swedish Citizenship Application – Citizenship Journey
👉  Swedish Passport is finally here – Citizenship Journey

I hope to reach out and help out people who are confused and clueless about the process. I hope my step by step procedure will help you out 😊. JUST A DISCLAIMER GUYS!: This is only based on my experiences and my little knowledge that I gained through out the years. Please also NOTE that Marriage license requirements often change. The below information is for guidance only and should not be regarded as legal advice. It is very important that you verify all information with local marriage license office before making any wedding decisions or travel plans. Remember that the results is always depend on your particular situation, the time prior to applying/time-frame/ decisions are varies as long as you meet all the criteria they need. All opinions are honest and my own! Feel free to ask question and no complicated hard question please! I try my best to answer you back.

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Finally got my Swedish PERMANENT Residence Permit / PUT

I’m just so happy 🙂 I am now a permanent resident of Sweden! been waiting this for almost 2 years now and I didn’t expect that I will received the decision early this week since we only apply it last Friday. Any way high way, my panget is so happy and thankful about it. So it means celebration time!!!as what Swedish called it for cheers!! *SKÅL till Alla 🍸🍸

This is the best gift ever for me on my birthday this coming 18 and I’m still in a cloud-nine feeling right now.

So for now, I’m just waiting for my card to arrive at home ( Oh btw yesterday, we went to Migration Service Centre in Göteborg to have my finger prints and picture taken for my new residence card (BIOMETRIC AGAIN). They told me that they will send it via regular mail after 3 weeks. We also have little celebration at home with a cake and drinks 🍻

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How to apply for a Residence Rermit to live in Sweden

The simplest and fastest way to submit an application for a Schengen visa to visit or live in Sweden is to do it electronically. In order to apply electronically you must fulfil certain requirements and you’ll need to scanned it. Click the link below 🙂

DISCLAIMER GUYS: This is only based on my experiences and my little knowledge that I gained through out the years. Remember that the results is always depend on your particular situation, the time prior to applying, time-frame and decisions are varies as long as you meet all the criteria they need. All opinions are honest and my own! Feel free to ask any questions and no complicated questions please. I try my best to answer you back 😊.

After you gather all the documents needed scanned it and apply online. Just remember that you’ll need to present the same documents at the day of your interview. Please consider also that you have to travel to Bangkok Thailand to leave a Bio-metrics once you granted a permit and this is only applicable for the applicant who lives in the Philippines.

Check the important information in this link.

I also got some information in this forum that can help you too!

That forum 👆 helps me a lot in applying my residence permit in Sweden because it gives me an idea where to start with. I always make sure that I do research first.

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Ang Handa – Pinoy ka kung ang Handa nyo ay:

Likas talaga sa ating mga pinoy ang maghanda tuwing may okasyon 😊 mapa-birthday, reunion, anniversary, fiesta at isama na ang pasko at bagong taon. Sa dami-dami nga nating fiesta mapa-ibang lugar man sa pilipinas ay tiyak na mabubusog ka sa mga tradisyunal na mga pagkain na kalimitan nating inihahanda sa hapagkainan. Sadyang hindi talaga ako maka move-on sa mga pagkain noh 😂 makita ko lang ang mga larawan ay natatakam na ako.

Nakalakihan ko na rin kasi na naghahanda ang magulang ko tuwing may okasyon at gustong gusto ko tuwing sasapit ang buwan ng disyembre. Kahit hindi man magarbo ang mga handa at hindi ganon kamahal ang aming noche buena ay nagagawa parin namin maging masaya dahil narin sa salo-salo kaming buong pamilya na kumakain sa mahalagang araw na iyon. Hindi mawawala sa hapag kainan ang matatamis at ang masasarap ng ulam 😋

Pansit at keso de bola ngayong bagong taon!

Sabi nga na kung bagong taon kailangan ang madaming handang bilog! haha. Huwag na huwag raw mawawala ang mga prutas na bilog, matamis at malalagkit.

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My Christmas Wish List – 2010

Christmas and New Year is just a few weeks away. So I figured out that I could make a little list of what I would love to have for the holidays (not that someone could actually get me these things ha kung meron lang namn haha😂>). These aren’t exactly what I want others to give me kasi baka mabigat sa bulsa kaya kahit greetings nalang from them okey na 😉 and if I receive one eh di lalong mas maganda 😊

1. Netbook bag – Although ok pa naman yung gamit ko, naisipan ko na parang gusto ko nang palitan yung lalagyan ng aking pinakamamahal-mahal na netbook😊. Kung makakapagsalita lang siguro yung bag baka nagresign na sakin yun haha (picture below). Kung ako papipiliin mas type ko yung black with floral design or yung blue since fave color ko yung blue.Gusto ko sya kasi zipper pocket na siya unlike sa iba na hinde diba so feeling ko secured na secured yung notebook ko hehe guys I saw that online at Kaya kung sakaling makatanggap man ako nito sa pasko😊.


2. Satsuma Body polish by The body shop – I like body this scurb kaya kung magbibigay ka ng scrub sakin eto ang piliin nyo for me 😂. This gel-based, foaming polish loaded with exfoliating crushed walnut shells and loofah particles will give you a smooth skin ever kaya naman sobrang nagustuhan ko siya nung niregaluhan nung dati kong boss, since then eh bumibili na ko nito. I will recommend it to you guys because it leaves my skin soft, supple and scented [orange flavor pa]. It cost only 695 Php and uy big size na yun ha 😉(picture below).

Shop The Body Shop now at LAZADA 👉
Shop The Body Shop now at SHOPEE👉


3. Conti’s Mango Bravo – Oh so yummy cake! please regaluhan nyo ko nito Lol! namiss ko kasi bigla.Kahit yung maliit nalng hehe can you imagine sweet mangoes and soft sponge cake with layers of caramel and mango ice cream on it 😋yummy!. There are two size of this cake the small & big one pero okey na sakin yung maliit as what I’ve said earlier.


4. Tsinelas/Slippers– Ayan medjo pumunta nalng tayo sa mas mura hehe kahit walang tatak ok na sakin. Hindi naman ako brand conscious eh 😂. Hindi nalang ko magalagay ng pictures baka mahal na tsinelas lang mailagay ko haha. Anything as long na isang pares ng tsinelas baka kasi isa lang ang maibigay eh hehe.

5. Stylus O2 XDa mini– Acctually recently ko lang nawala yung stylus ko. Sinama ko na sa list ko kasi if makareceive ako ng stylus this x-mas sobrang saya ko na 😂 and for those who don’t know where to buy that eh sa SM City. Sad to say di ko na matandaan yung name nung store eh.

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