How to apply for a Residence Rermit to live in Sweden

The simplest and fastest way to submit an application for a Schengen visa to visit or live in Sweden is to do it electronically. In order to apply electronically you must fulfil certain requirements and you’ll need to scanned it. Click the link below 🙂

DISCLAIMER GUYS: This is only based on my experiences and my little knowledge that I gained through out the years. Remember that the results is always depend on your particular situation, the time prior to applying, time-frame and decisions are varies as long as you meet all the criteria they need. All opinions are honest and my own! Feel free to ask any questions and no complicated questions please. I try my best to answer you back 😊.

After you gather all the documents needed scanned it and apply online. Just remember that you’ll need to present the same documents at the day of your interview. Please consider also that you have to travel to Bangkok Thailand to leave a Bio-metrics once you granted a permit and this is only applicable for the applicant who lives in the Philippines.

Check the important information in this link.

I also got some information in this forum that can help you too!

That forum 👆 helps me a lot in applying my residence permit in Sweden because it gives me an idea where to start with. I always make sure that I do research first.

This is how we do it:

1. Check if you have a valid passport and the validity period of it must be at least 2 years valid otherwise you’ll need to renew it or acquired a new passport from DFA. You need also to photocopy your old passport and all the pages with entry and exit stamps from your previous trip. (kahit na hindi pa expired yung passport nyo bsta dapat atleast 2 years pa na valid sya, yung passport ko 2 months nalng bago maexpired kaya NAGRENEW NA AKO)

2. Your partner must acquire a passport copy, valid Id’s and birth certificate (personbevis) from Swedish Tax Authority (skatteverket).

3. Applicant (YOU) must acquire documents from NSO (if you are already married CENOMAR is not needed).

●  Birth Certificate
●  Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR)
●  Birth certificate
●  Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR)
●  Marriage Certificate in NSO paper (if you already have it)
●  Report of Marriage that came from the Phil Embassy
●  Vigselbevis (Marriage Certificate in Sweden) translated in English version and must be legalized.

4. If you are married or if anyone of you are previously has been married there are more documents that have to be enclosed and needed to provide. Please check the above referred instruction on the site.

5. You need to register first  in their site see link below:

This is how its looks like when you register online. You’ll need to provide your PERSONAL E-MAIL so you know if you already have a response.
After making an account, you will need to complete the application they will send on your registered e-mail. So you have to provide your personal email.

You must fill in the questionnaire online. “Application  for Residence Permit” and “Family Details” is included. There is also an essay type of questions wherein you need to tell everything about your relationship, on how you two met, if you’ve been in his/her place and about your future plans. You also need to provide a details about your referent person(husband/wife/partner) because once you’ve finish the online application, your partner might going to receive an e-mail with the same questionnaire to fill in and he/she’ll need to answer it back.

You need to provide personal data of you boyfriend husband/fiancé

Your referent must print the PDF file and send it to you along with the original documents you need for your interview. After you fill it up, attach the scanned documents and pay the fees (through your credit card amounting 1,500 SEK/7,210 THB /10,370 PHP for adult)according to the instructions on the site you will going to received a PDF file of the online application and a receipt. Print it out and bring it along on the day of the interview.

Once you finish your online application they will sent you an e-mail confirming that they have received your application so all you have to do is check you mail regularly

After 3 months of waiting (we got a email response from immigration saying we can now contact the Consulate of Sweden in Manila to book for my interview 🙂 (We decide to have my interview – August 18 because I know by that time I already have all the original copy of the all the documents from him / all the scanned document we’ve sent online(HARD COPY) [see email response- picture below]

*NOTE: You can call or email the consulate in manila to book for a date, only if you know that you can acquire all the original documents in time before your planned date of interview.


They will e-mail you to book for your interview 🙂 that is why you have to provide your PERSONAL email to get on track. (check your mail regularly :))

6. The Interview will be held at the Swedish Consulate in Manila. Be on time po. If you know each other well you don’t have to be nervous. You will be asked these type of questions: About you and your partners families, where they live, name of her parents, if they have pets, characteristics of your partners home in Sweden, where he/she is working etc. A lot of time at the interview will be spent how and when you first met. It necessary also to show some pictures you are together as a proof. It’s like you just reminiscing your whole love story 😂.

If you have any typographical error on your application form (which is usually do happens sometimes) inform them immediately and tell them the reason why. Don’t lie. If you don’t know the answer of a question it is better to give a good explanation why this is unknown to you.

7. The consulate will write down a document describing your answer an they will let you check and read it before they will send it to the Swedish Embassy in Bangkok. They will process your application further and make your application available for the Migration Board in Sweden. This can take up to a month.

8. After a couple of days your partner can now try to contact the Migration Board to check the status of your application.

9. Sometimes your partner will be called to an interview. If this is the case, there is something in your or your partners background or in the answers that you gave at the interview or in the questionnaire that the Migration Board want to examine further.

10.If you have done a good job with all the documents you might get a fast decision. Just like me! 😉. But it is more common that you will have to wait a couple of months. (But in my case only takes weeks, Sept 1) I got a mail from the consulate saying they granted my residence permit! I’m just so so so Happy!

yehhey! I’m so happy!!

11. The decision of the residence permit is sent to the person in Sweden. The Migration Board in Sweden will also email the decision to the Swedish Embassy in Bangkok who in turn will email the decision to the Swedish Consulate in Manila and they will contact you by e-mail. The letter from the Migration Board with the decision of the residence permit should be saved. My husband got my beslut (decision) and he send it to me through DHL express 🙂

12. When you know that your residence permit has been granted (don’t wait for the e-mail from the consulate) You can go to Bangkok Thailand without any appointment needed. The embassy is open Mon-Tue-Friday 8:30 to 12:00 noon. No embassy on WEDNESDAY. I went to Swedish Embassy in Bangkok Sept 12 for my biometric and it takes only 5-10 minutes 🙂 so easy! just show them your passport and the decision letter and whoo-la, they take you a pictures, finger prints and signature.

13. It will take a couple of weeks before your Residence Permit Card has been produced in Sweden and sent through the Swedish Embassy in Bangkok to the Swedish Consulate in Manila. You can get the Residence Permit Card in two different ways:

● By using courier service as describe by the consulate. You have to pay the amount of 300 Php and deposit it to their BDO account. You need to email them the scanned copy of validated deposit slip as proof of your payment.
● By visiting the consulate in Manila to personally pick it up.

It is probably easiest to use courier service if you don’t live very close to Manila.

So be aware that it can take some time before you can travel to Sweden after the decision of residence permit has been made. Even if you already have your Residence Permit Card you must also get an exit permission from CFO before you departure to Sweden. The migration office at the airport will check why you are departing from the Philippines. You will need to have a CFO certificate and Emigrant sticker in your passport. In order to get the CFO certificate you will have to attend a seminar and register at CFO.

As of now, I’m just waiting for my Residence Permit Card  and I know its still a long way to go but am happy 🙂 soon, I will be with my hubbydubby na! I Hope I can help you guys!! If you like to ask question to me feel free. I will reply you back as long as I know the answer po and as I’ve said don’t ask me complicated Questions po… SALAMAT MUCHIE 😊

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