Our Cottage Journey

Those of you who have been here in my blog for quite some time now know that we (my husband and I) are renovating our small cottage or as they called it “Stuga or Torp” in Swedish. I know it takes years and years of progress because we are doing it all by ourselves with a little resources and tight budget on hand, but it’s okey because we are enjoying each of every moment of it plus we’re not in a hurry to move in on it anyway! We just enjoying and learning the process of doing it.

The last owner has taken down all the roof tiles and replace it with this metal roof (which is look awful!)

Can you imagine! this is the cottage before (picture above) year 2018 when we started clearing out around the house. It surrounds with lots of bushes and apple trees, nestle in the middle of a jungle with overgrown grass. All windows are in bad shape and it has a one leaky roof.

Here at the back of the house that looks bad, the wall has so much green algae and trash everywhere.

And so autumn season comes! everything turns into yellow 🙂  it nice to see our cottage in full view and it seems like it is the first sunset that our cottage saw for a very long time.
our logs for winter season.
we stop working in the cottage for time being because of autumn and winter season. we decided to continue it early spring next year 2019.
our land include two small forest where we love exploring and foraging mushroom .

Here come spring 2019! everything grow so fast and we did the same thing again and again (meaning more cleaning outside) before I started to demolish all old cabinets inside the cottage. If you like to see more of it check it on my YouTube channel.

more weeds and grass!
Here I removed all the old smelly wall and floor (look how bad the floor is). All the cement covering the old fireplace is crumbling so I have to remove it.
Look how good all the woods inside (well not all LOL! because as you can see there are some part that is bad but can easily be fix. Surprisingly it was dry inside which amazed us considering no one lives there for years. It is always the most important thing in old houses (make sure it is dry inside).

Then pandemic hit year 2020 up and to now! We stop working again in the cottage and did more important stuff at home (where we currently live).  Two more winter season come that  makes us behind in our cottage. Just hang in there for a while!

Now 2022 as I sat down checking on my laptop and went through old pictures from the day we started cleaning until today. We sometimes forget how much we have actually done. The difference is huge at lease for us haha.

Here we started to renovate all the broken window.
Here we started to change some logs that is rotten.
We are so thankful for a friend who gave us some of his spare logs. I think we got more than enough to change all the rotten logs in the cottage.

Here I started repairing all the old windows, changing all broken glass and brittle window putty. For me, I save everything that is still good and can be repair. I told my husband that everything that is still works and good must stay, we don’t need to replace it until it’s really bad. I want so badly to take care of what already exists in the house.
Here outside is a working progress.
Notice how we change all the bad wood in the front of the house. I also paint it with the traditional paint called (faluröd).
Me trying to reach the top!
Look how good it is now at the back ( check how it looks like before)

Those of you who have managed to read this far have probably understood that it is one quite big project we took on, and that we have some more to do in the future. Roof need to be replace, (topargrund) foundation need a little tender loving care, both front window need to change and a lot more on the list. Not to mention electric, bathroom and water too! it will probably take another year or so to complete everything indoors (but who knows! I might won a lottery in future LOL!).

Anyway we have a lot left to renovate as you can see. But everything must take its time. I hope the day will come where I can just relax and having a warm cup of coffee inside our newly renovated cottage. ♥ Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Kram!


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