Philips Satin Shave (Advance) – Review

Hello ladies! 😊 for today’s post is something different..Yep! Something that I haven’t done before on my REVIEW post, Lol! So as we all know shaving is something we didn’t like to talk about on public or as much as possible to keep it personal 😉. And for us ladies, removing our unwanted hair is a huge part of our lives as we always wanted to have a silky, smooth, hairless legs, underarms and skin right? haha (well if you’ll ask me – my underarm is my main problem LOL )

Philips Satin Shave Iin LAZADA PH 👉

So here is it! my new Philips Advance Satin Shave. Honestly, when I come here in Sweden I never even shave my arms nor my legs but I do plucked my underarm hairs because in Philippines, it is not a big deal if you didn’t shave your arms or legs but you MUST remove your armpit hairs LOL. I’m also thankful that my legs is not that hairy and I don’t need to shave it every now and then. My only problem is my armpit hair! sometimes I use disposable razors to shave my armpits and consistently using tweezers. One thing I don’t like about plucking is that it takes so much time and effort plus my neck become stiff and hurting after a long period of doing it.

So therefore, this year I was determined to try and find the easiest and quickest way possible to shave my armpit. Then I bought this Philips Advance Satin Shave (Not sponsored)It said it is for legs and body so it means I can also use it also in my underarms (btw! I was planning to buy an epilator too but sad to say it is so expensive than the shaver). Anyway highway, lets get to the information on the shaver first and what it’s actually like.

So what’s included in the product? Obviously you get that small pink box (picture above), which is extremely looks  feminine and pretty.

The actual shaver itself (which is shown below with trimming comb attached on it, does come out separately if you don’t like to use it). The size is so perfect and the handle actually fits effortlessly in your hand (see that sexy curve), making it easy to just glide it up and down over your legs and underarms for an easy shave.

The handle actually fits effortlessly in your hand, making it easy to just glide it up and down over your legs for an easy shave. There is also battery indicator light shows on it when it is charging or it has a full or low battery.

A trimming comb, manuals, cleaning brush and of course a charger. As you can see, everything is very nice, simple white and blue color on it, which is something I prefer actually. It is rechargeable which is also a big plus! You will never be bother worrying about running out of AAA/AA batteries and replacing it every time it goes out!

So what do I love about this shaver? well, to start off with is that it works both on wet and dry skin, so you can use it in the shower or wherever else you want to, making it extremely versatile. This means you don’t have to worry about it even if you use it in the shower or while showering.

Finally, the blades have protective bars meaning there’s no chance of me cutting myself. The floating foil glides naturally over your curves and contours, maintaining close contact with your skin for an even shave. You see those rounded pearl-tip trimmers, it helps to keep the shaver gliding smoothly over your skin and prevent scratches too. With this factor will help eliminate the shaving burn/rash that we can get from razors quite regularly.

When it comes on charging time, it took an hour or two to recharge. The price cost 379kr swedish krona and it will last you for years (well its depend on how you take good care of your things LOL). Well! This is my very first time actually using an electric shaver as I have always stuck to the razors and twizzer ever since, but I can safely say that I will not be going back to one of those anytime soon. I am literally obsessed with this shaver now and I can’t wait to use it all the time because it is funny when I hear the crackling noise it makes as it cuts over my hairs! haha 😂

Have any of you tried it before? let me know what you think about this products? I will definitely recommend this shaver guys! Best gift for your love ones this Christmas too! Till next Review guys!

Items were purchase with my own money unless otherwise stated. All opinions are honest and my own!



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