Wakeboarding Experience at CWC – Camarines Sur

I’m a type of girl who really loves fun and adventure, trying out wakeboarding is really new for me but hey! I did it and it was so fun 😊. It was not as scary as I thought but a little complicated for a beginner like me, but other than that it was a fun experience. Another check on my bucket list! Wake boarding makes my trip to Bicol Region so memorable and fun! 😊

You can visit their site here: Camsur Watersports Complex CWC

Nag-paangkas ang trip ko 😉

We were so lucky that time because the place is not crowded and we have so much time to enjoy the activity (as in want-to-sawa kami as in wakeboarding till you drop). When we visit the place is it currently under renovation due to the typhoon. I’ve noticed some broken cottages,the restaurant roof are unfortunately not well maintained and dilapidated,the glass door on the front desk won’t close properly and the wood is rotten. Sink is broken and wooden locker room is not available. I must say they need a major upgrade and repair of that place. Restaurant was very slow and most of the food in the menu wasn’t available (btw the Chinese Adobo is really yummy and affordable). Some of the rooms are close and some of the lake is not operational (under maintenance I guess) in addition for that, the Mayon Volcano is in alert level that time so the place in not jam-packed. (see picture below)

ang mga batang masasaya dahil sa konti ang tao 😉

We have no plans of spending the whole day in that place but we ended up taking the whole day package rate 😄 No regrets because opportunity only knocks once plus LESS people means MORE fun hahaha. The Initial deposit of Php500 peso is needed and it is refundable plus the rental of life vest and helmet cost Php140. If you want to avail the cable pass rate it also includes a FREE USE of swimming pool 😊. (See picture below for cable park rates)

Park Rates

We immediately got dress and took the first basic wake boarding lesson at winch park. If you are thinking it was an easy task lol! well, in my surprise it’s not!. I can’t remember how many times I fell with my face first on the water just as I got on the board. Its seems easy for my friends to do it but for me it’s not  😭

It’s not easy 😭

I always asked the instructor what to do when the cable is pulling me so fast. Its really hard to manage to stand on the board especially me who is chubbybunny LoL! and it’s really upset me. The instructor always remind me to just handle it tightly and don’t pull it. Just relaxed and don’t fight against the pull. Try as much as you can to balance your body on the board and put all the force on your feet so the board wont get out of control. I tried many times and whola! I made it! I know its not perfect but its okey LOL 😊 The experience was just amazing!. 

Try and try until you succeed ! splassh! LOL Basic wake boarding lessons at Winch Park

Our trainer had to remind me always to put my knees close to my chest like in a squatting position

yoohoo!! I think we’re ready now for knee boarding😉

We also tried the knee boarding which I think is much easier than the wakeboarding (medyo nag-upgrade kami sa advance level Lol! feeling magagaling na eh!). I really like it the most than the wake boarding, just imagine you riding in the big board on your knees while being pulled by the fast cable (ang saya lang!) The instruction is really easy! just scrunch down and keep the board as low and as close to you as possible. It’s only like driving your own surfing board.. so easy right!. They called it Cable park where people do knee boarding  and wake boarding  with obstacle (ramp). In able to avoid the ramp keep in mind that when you pull the wooden handle diagonally towards your lower right you will turn left and if you want to turn right, pull the handle to your lower left.

My friend Leny is trying out the knee boarding with epic fall 😂!!

I tried it once and luckily I manage to do it on my first attempt. I just released my hands off on the cable the moment I saw the ramp ahead me (well, I dig out my friends Bicol album and guess what I have picture doing it! 🙂 yup! knee boarding). I only did it once and never do it again because when you accidentally fall on the middle part or on the other side of the park, you’ll have no choice but to to walk back again in the starting point carrying the big knee board.

Smile muna haha bago ang paglilitis!!

What a  nice experience! Try it once you visit Camarines Sur. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do it, just go with the flow and have fun!

After wake boarding, we took a minutes dip in the swimming pool to enjoy and relax before the day end. For first timer like me, it was a great experience. My body is aching (as in super sakit sa braso), specially my arms and my palm it’ll make my whole body sore afterwards but the experience is really worth it. Each time was a great and thrilling experiences from basic to advance, the laughter we shared watching on how each of us splash into the water with poise and trademark is the best, we realized that it’s something we would want to come back for so go for another trip to CWC superfriends!! 🏄

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