My first KATE SPADE MINI BAG – Review

Hello ladies! my today’s post would be my new Kate Spade MINI bag 😉. Yup! I’d been eyeing to get a new bag for quite some time now and I feel that this is the best month to purchase a new one. Lately, I’ve have been always carrying around me my big bag (cross body) which I know is very helpful for me this whole summer and yeah! I carry a lot as in a lot!! hehehe😜. I have summer essentials, water, laptop and school stuffs that I carry everyday on my bag which was giving me a backache and a little hurt on my shoulders so I preferably wanted something smaller, definitely lighter and possibly something hands free this semester break! (I hope *crossedfinger! it will help me minimized to carrying bunch of stuffs! I mean the whole house hehe *just kidding!).

To cut the story short! I purchased it online! There were 3 different color to choose from and I decided to get the Nouveau Neutral that I can say it is Lila in shade because I felt it was so different and clean. So the box came! Grr! As you can tell! I’m not satisfied when I received my parcel/box because as you can see (picture below) damage box!😠. I always buy in Zalando but this is the first time ever I have received a box like this LOL!

Fortunately, my bag is in great condition Hallelujah! but, come on! this is just awful! to see your parcel looks like this! heartbreaking! right? its been  in a long battle I guess LOL! My bag could have gotten everywhere! argh!

At first! I had considered a bag from Michael Kors then in Coach too… but then again, a week later I saw this Kate Spade mini bag from and I knew it was the one. I knew there and then that I would be going to purchase it in an instant. Btw for those who don’t know what is Zalando? it is a web shop wherein you can purchase bags, shoes, accessories and different fashion stuff, they have a large amount of brands and choices too and I must say they are affordable too and if you’re looking for a premium brands to high-end brands they have too! You should check their site and I’m sure you’d gonna like them.

Enough with the complaint! here it is my new Kate Spade Mini bag (Bell Lane Kyleigh Mini)  Isn’t she preeeeetty? It didn’t comes with paper bag and dust bag which you can avail if you buy it on store.  (Sadly 😩 but it’s okey! I don’t need dust bag anyway!)

The leather was so nice (cowhide) and a beautiful lila color with gold clasps and details is so cute 😍. The bag comes with a removable and adjustable shoulder strap (about 101-119 cm in length). I love that Kate Spade allows you to choose how you wanted to wear your bag like from a cross body to shoulder or satchel. Sometimes the shoulder strap can get annoying and in the way so I like having the option to remove it. Simple and chic!

What I fell in love with it was the structure and size of the bag. Who wouldn’t love this small girly bag LOL. I also LOVE the back pocket which I find it so handy and my phone can fits in there too! It also keeps my cell phone safe because it is tight and for easy access too. The stitching is really neat and the glazing is really great (see picture below). I can say that the quality of Kate spade bag is really worth it. It is so sturdy that even if you throw it on the ground it’ll still hold its shape.

Nothing special inside, just has two smaller pockets on one side and a larger zip pocket on the other; very standard for any handbag.

You might think it is too small 😉 yup! you’re right! because the size is only 19.0 x 14.0 x 8.5 cm and it only weight 0.45kg. I can’t blame you if you think this bag is worthless LOL. I know because there are no room for books, lunch, laptop, a bottle of water, umbrella and all other beauty essentials that we usually bring (you can call it cutie patootie bag). But I can manage to use it somehow 😉. If you are a big bag person I wouldn’t recommend this bag. Its true! because shifting from bigger bag to smaller one is kinda hard and I feel that at first but it goes along the way and I started to loving it!. If you want to try it then best of luck!

You may think it doesn’t match everything  just check out my OOTD hehehe I find that it goes with most if not all of my outfits  LOL. Isn’t she preeeeetty? of course the bag😉!

So what can you say about the mini bag? it is yay or nay? hahaha. Do own any Kate spade bag too? Do you like mini bag too? Just comment down below girls if you own one and I would love to read it too! Till next time!

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