Step-by-Step [How to Report your Marriage in Philippine Embassy-Sweden-Pinay]

What is Report of Marriage (ROM)? Report of Marriage is a requirement for Filipino overseas who have contracted a marriage abroad whether to a fellow Filipino or a foreign spouse. Some of us who have gotten married overseas are unaware of this step. Some couples forget to process it and some tend to skip on doing it because it takes too much time, money and stressful days (I must say LOL!). It was a bit hassle, though, but in reality, doing this will save you from any trouble later on.

Just a heads-up guys! You should report your marriage within a year or it will be considered as late registration. You have to do it as in NOW!! don’t waste time, because Report of Marriage (ROM) is one of the requirements needed for applying dual citizenship or if you want to change you Philippine passport to your married name.

I could only imagine the hassle my husband and I went through just to Report our Marriage in Phil. Embassy in Norway, whereas me was in the Philippines while him is in Sweden (we’re back in LRD that time since my visa is already expired and we’re in the process of applying my RP visa and my passport is about to expire! ugh! so much stress that time!). I hope to reach out and help out people who are confused and clueless about the process. I hope my step by step procedure will help you out 😊.

Since the Embassy of Philippines in Stockholm is now closed, we just; follow the instructions we found in the site of Philippine Embassy in Norway (Oslo). According to the instruction of the Philippine Embassy in Norway:

  • Check site for further information/REQUIREMENST and FEES of application.

TAKE NOTE: All documents NOT in English must be accompanied by an English translation. So kung hindi english ang Marriage Certificate mo, kailangan mo muna itong ipa-translate sa legal translator at ipa-notaryo at ipa-authenticate sa Ministry of Foreign Affairs kung saang bansa kayo kinasal. If everything is set at completo na lahat pwede na kayo magpasa ng documents nyo.

  • Check my post (below) for further information how we translate our Swedish MC


After we gathered all the important documents needed, we sent our marriage certificate (English version and Swedish version along with other required documents) in Embassy of Philippine in Oslo Norway. This is how the Report of Marriage looks like (picture below). Pwede nyo po i-download yung form sa site ng Philippine Embassy at kayo na ang magfill-up sa bahay nyo. Pindala namin lahat ng requirements sa Philippine Embassy sa Oslo via regular mail / payment included in the envelope (Norwegian Money) po.

The Embassy will forward one copy of the Report of Marriage to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) in the Philippines. Another copy will be kept as part of the Embassy’s records and a third copy will be given to the applicant.

They will return back one copy of your ROM na may signature and seal na natatak na siya (that is your own personal copy)

Report of Marriage from the Embassy (personal Copy)

Within three to four months after filing the Report of Marriage sa Philippine Embassy. You can now order your Marriage Certificate at (NSO/PSA) Philippine Statistic Authority. (I order it online via e-census but it is now psaserbilis).

Below are the accredited partner of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)for the online ordering and nationwide delivery of PSA civil registry documents such as birth, marriage, death certificates, and Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR). Please  keep in mind to order your documents in a legitimate website stated only in PSA website 😊.

  • You can order a Marriage Certificate online at the following link below:

Telephone: (02) 8461-0500 local 605
Email address:

Hotline number: +632-8737-1111
(available-Monday to Saturday, 8am to 5pm, except holidays  Philippine time).
Email address:

It takes months before we received it at kung first timer kayo kukuha ng NSO/PSA marriage certificate, after nyo itong i-report medyo matagal ang process nya at kelangan nyong tawagan ang DFA dahil hahanapan kayo ng info kapag nagrequest kayo sa NSO (kelangan nila ito para madali nilag ma-track kung nasaan na yung marriage contract nyo.) 

TAKE NOTE: The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) may be able to issue a copy of her birth record as long as the birth was reported at the Philippine Consulate in the country where the child was born, AND the record had already been transmitted to the Consular Records Division of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) – Manila. The following information should be forwarded immediately via email to facilitate the search and retrieval efforts:

  1. Reference Number
  2. Dispatch Number
  3. Dispatch Date
  4. Transmittal Date

The above-mentioned information can be obtain from the Consular Record Division of DFA Manila. You can call them at ibibigay nila sayo yung information na yan. Need nyo talga sila kulitin at tawagan para lang makuha yung details na yan dahil mas madali nilang mahanap yung marriage contract nyo. Malalaman nyo rin kung kelan nila naipadala ito sa NSO or kung natanggap na ng DFA yung marriage contract nyo from Phil. Embassy ng Oslo. (advise ko eh konting haba ng pasensya at konting tiis lang dahil ang embassy hindi sila nagpapadala ng report of marriage ng paisa-isa sa pilipinas so meaning bultuhan (maramihan) kaya even if nai-report nyo na ito kailangan nyo parin maghintay.

Here is authentic Marriage Certificate from NSO/PSA looks like 😊

Hurrah!! Once you got your Authenticated PSA/NSO Report of Marriage, you can now apply for you Residence Permit, apply for your CFO certificate or change you Philippine passport to your married name.

If you are going to apply for a Residence Permit in Sweden, it is recommended that either the document “Report of Marriage” or “Marriage Certificate” from (PSA/NSO) are enclosed to show that your marriage has been registered in the Philippines. It is easiest to use your copy of the document “Report of Marriage”.

If the female partner wants to change her surname, this can be done at the same time by the Philippine Embassy in Oslo but please note that if female Philippine partner will return to the Philippines and apply for her residence permit later on. It is not recommended to change her surname at this stage since the return flight probably is booked in her existing name and you will lose time in renewing your passport. This steps can be done later after the return from the Philippines when residence permit has been approved.


  • Amendment of last name in the passport can be done at Philippine Embassy in Oslo.
  • A name change of female Philippine partner must also be reported to the Swedish Tax Authorities. Bring your new passport and visit your local Tax Office.

Next time! I’m gonna help you how to apply for a permanent stay. I do hope this procedure helps! and you if have questions you can leave a comment and I am much willing to answer you back 😉. I know its quite long procedure but in the end I know that I try my best to recall and share it to everyone, its worth a wait good luck to us!!!

DISCLAIMER: This is only based on my experiences and my little knowledge that I gained through out the years. Please also NOTE that Marriage license requirements often change. The above information is for guidance only and should not be regarded as legal advice. It is very important that you verify all information with local marriage license office before making any wedding decisions or travel plans. Remember that the results is always depend on your particular situation, the time prior to applying/time-frame/ decisions are varies as long as you meet all the criteria they need. All opinions are honest and my own! Feel free to ask question and no complicated hard question please!I try my best to answer you back.

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