CFO Guidance and Counseling Program (GCP) | Fiancé(e)’s, Spouses, and Partners

Well, my last STEP before I say “bye Pinas!“. When I got  my residence card  the consulate reminds me to attend a seminar at CFO (Commission on Filipinos Overseas) to get the CFO CERTIFICATE and EMIGRANT STICKER on my passport (REQUIRED and its a must!!). They inform me that the immigration officer at the airport will check this document together with my visa before my departure so I need to secure and provide these documents.

I wanted to be ready with all the important documents so I apply for my schedule instantly hahaha because, I didn’t want to experience being held for questioning on the day of my departure which is too much hassle or might get worst to be offloaded on my plane!.. which I don’t want to happen on me lol 😃

For those who don’t know what is CFO means, it stands for Commission on Filipino Overseas.  As Filipinos going abroad as fiance/es, spouses or other partners of foreign national is required to attend Guidance and Counseling Program (GCP)  in order to get the CERTIFICATE and CFO STICKER. Ibig sabihin pag ikaw ay may fiance or nakapag-asawa ng foreigner under ka dito.

When I attend this seminar seriously, I’ve learned a lot. This seminar is really helpful, especially to the first time emigrants like me. They show and tackle every aspect of having a foreigner husband/partners. They explains a bit of immigration process and many related topics about inter marriage, violence, rights, life abroad and culture and stuff.

Based on my experience on CFO its really easy provided that you have all your documents ready!!. Because nowadays, CFO has an ONLINE APPOINTMENT SYSTEM  and they will not allowed walk-in applicants 😉 

TO GET THERE:  (feeling ko eto ang mas madaling way 😀 /PICTURE BELOW)

If lalakarin nyo sxa malapit lang from PNR Paco station 🙂

Wala po kasing jeep na nadaan mismo sa tapat ng building nila unless meron kayong sariling sasakyan or magtataxi kayo hehe.

If sasakay po kayo ng PNR tren (PACO STATION ang baba nyo) from there pwede nyo na lakarin (tatawid lang po kayo sa kabilang kalsada na pa Quirino 🙂 (sundan ang kulay dilaw na arrow)sobrang lapit lang nya. Yung kulay dilaw na star yun ang CFO Bldg. Kung titignan nyo malapit lang sxa kung lalakarin 🙂 plus 10pesos lang pamasahe sa PNR tren hehe

If galing kayo sa Pedro Gil Taft sakay kayo ng jeep na papuntang San Andres, Sta Ana or Guadalupe-Ayala Makati pero bababa po kayo sa may Quirino ave. (sa may kantong kanto po) at lakarin nyo nalng (sundan ang kulay yellow na arrow)

👉 How to make an appointment?

Reserve and Register online to attend the Guidance and Counseling Program (GCP) in person. Choose your preferred office:

NO more FIRST-COME-FIRST-SERVE-BASIS. BUT!! even if you have already your schedule, you must arrive 1 hour earlier for the registration and picture taking. Marami ring tao ang nakaschedule kaya mabuti nang maaga ka sa pila 😉

NOTE* This Online Appointment System is applicable for Manila Office and CEBU office also. As of Dec 1, 2014, those who wish to attend the Guidance and Counseling Program at the CFO-Cebu extension office must set an appointment online too :).

Also Slot is forfeited if you don’t show up on set date of appointment. Reservation must be done again online!.

If you have your visa already, you will get your SEMINAR CERTIFICATE and EMIGRANT STICKER in just ONE DAY so easy! right?.

But, if you are still waiting for your visa or if it’s still on process you will only get your seminar certificate and you’ll need to go back again at the CFO Office to get your Emigrant sticker, only if you can show them your valid visa and the receipt. If wala pa kayong Visa pwede nyo namang kuhanin ang Emigrant Sticker nyo sa Airport na lang kung paalis na kayo ng Pilipinas ( pero kung ako sa inyo balikan nyo nalng sa CFO office yung Emigrant Sticker nyo once nakuha nyo na ang visa nyo para hindi na maging hassle pa kung sa araw ng alis nyo ito kukunin, mabuti nang maging handa kesa magkaproblema pa).


All Filipinos going abroad as spouses, fiancé(e)s and other partners of foreign nationals, former Filipino citizens or dual citizens are required to undergo the mandatory Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO) Guidance and Counseling Program (GCP) in order to secure the CFO Digital Certificate. It specifically provides a venue where they can express and discuss their particular concerns about migration and various areas in their relationships such as communication barrier, financial management, personality and cultural differences, sexual relationship, among others.

Clients are expected to make a reservation and registration online to receive a barcoded form which will indicate the appointment time, date, location of the office and other necessary information about their visit to CFO.

👉 What are the requirements? (update 2023)

The following are the GCP primary requirements:

1. Barcoded Confirmation form of GCP Appointment
2. Original valid passport and additional two (2) valid IDs;
3. Original valid visa and Confirmation of Permanent Residence (for Canada-bound only);
4. Petitioner’s passport copy or one (1) valid ID; and
5. Philippine Statistics Authority(PSA) Marriage certificate in security paper (if married in the Philippines);
6. Report of Marriage in Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) security paper (if married overseas)

Since there is a one on one interview with the counselor just make sure that you bring all your documents and be armed with it hehe 😉. Make sure also to completely filled out the forms and be confident with your answers. (Make sure you know your HUSBAND MOTHER’S MAIDEN NAME, HIS WORK, HIS EDUCATIONAL ATTAINMENT and so on so fort!). Don’t leave any blank on the form and complete all the documents. They may ask you for a lot of things and they only wanted to make sure that you are physically and emotionally prepared on moving-on on your new life. Don’t be nervous as its not complicated interview just like the one we did when we are applying for our visa 🙊 its so easy.

Additional documents may be required in the event that the counselor / facilitator determines it to be essential to complete the guidance and counseling process. It is advised for all the GCP applicants to prepare the following documents in advance (if applicable to them):

● Divorce decree/certificate of Filipino spouse or foreign spouse (if previously married)
● Annulment papers of Filipino spouse or foreign spouse (if previously married)
● Proof of residency/Alien Registration Card-ARC of foreign spouse
● Proof of relationship (pictures together, e-mails, among others)
● Death certificate of Filipino spouse or foreign spouse (if widowed)
● Certificate of family relations / registration of foreign spouse
● Proof of Civil status or Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR)
● Valid no criminal records certification/clearance or any equivalent document to indicate lack of criminal/derogatory record
●Documents in foreign language must be officially translated to English

The  CFO Seminar comes first and after completing it, you will get your CERTIFICATE AND RECEIPT. You will to pay Php 400 at the GF area sticker and Certificate. If you don’t have your visa just save your receipt and show them when you get back for your EMIGRANT STICKER.

This is how Emigrant Sticker looks like

This is how Emigrant Sticker looks like and they will put it on to your passport and please before you leave the CFO office make sure na tama yung details na nakalagay sa sticker at sa certificate nyo baka sa sobrang excited nyo eh hindi nyo na tinignan at nagmadali na kayo umuwi. If ever na may mali sa spelling ng pangalan nyo just inform them agad agad.)

This is how CFO Certificate looks like 🙂

REMINDER: Ang Guidance and Counseling Certificate po natin ay for life na siya/ walang expiration date kaya huwag nyo po siyang IWAWALA at HUWAG na HUWAG ninyo po itong ila-laminate or plastic covered when presenting to CFO,DFA, BI sa airport or other relevant agencies (May selyo/SEAL po kasi ito kaya yun po ang i-chcheck nila).


Hope it helps! 🤗 if you have  questions I’ll do my best to answer you back or just email me. I just want to share, help and give ideas because, someone might just out there looking/searching about it!. PLEASE! Just don’t ask me complicated questions po hahaha.


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