Hello Superfriends! For today’s video is another review of this new NIVEA MicellAIR O2 SKIN BREATHE MAKE-UP REMOVER with 0% alcohol and Oxygen Boost effectively to removes makeup.


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Nivea MicellAIR 02 Skin Breath Features

🌼 New travel-sized MicellAIR Skin Breath Micellar Water
🌼 New MicellAIR Skin Breath Oil Free Gel Makeup Remover
🌼 0% Residue – lifts dirt like a magnet & leaves no oil or film behind
🌼 Leaves skin feeling soft and supple
🌼 Provides a refreshing feeling and lets the skin breathe.
🌼 Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin
🌼 Free from perfume, dyes and parabens.

The packaging is a transparent white bottle with a white flip top cap dispenser. The formulation is fragrance free.

When it comes in removing makeup, it works fairly well with non-waterproof makeup. This product is right in the middle for me I must say. It mostly does what it says, leaves my skin feeling moisturized and clean, but I have to work more at getting off of my mascaras. If you are using with matte, waterproof lipsticks and waterproof eyeliners, you will need a fair amount of rubbing to get rid of all the makeup into your face, which is not good for the skin (too much rubbing!).  It is definitely not comparable to Garnier Micellar Water that I have tried when it comes to removing waterproof makeup. However, this micellar water is a nice gentle option for those people who do not like to wear a lot of heavy and waterproof makeup.

The price of Nivea MicellAir Cleansing Water pretty reasonable and affordable for the amount of 400ml per bottle!

Pros of Nivea MicellAIR Skin Breathe Oxygen Boost Micellar Water:

🌼Refreshes the skin
🌼Soaks the makeup well and effectively removes it in few swipes
🌼Doesn’t cause any irritation or breakouts
🌼Removes dirt and grime from the face
🌼Creates a matte finish and No tingly sensation
🌼Can be used as a toner
🌼Very gentle on the skin and harsh smell
🌼Suitable for lips, eyes and face
🌼Makes skin soft and smooth

Cons of Nivea MicellAIR Skin Breathe Oxygen Boost Micellar Water:

🌼Doesn’t feel like the face is completely clean so I have to rinse my face with soap and water again.
🌼Doesn’t remove stains especially waterproof mascaras and eyeliner.
🌼Big bottle not a travel-friendly package you need to transfer to a new small container.

[So let see if its true about 0% residue ! Wanna see my review 👇]

DISCLAIMER: Items were purchase with my own money unless otherwise stated. All opinions are honest and my own!

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Beached Eyeshadow Palette – Urban Decay

Hi guys! I’m back and I’m happy to say that it is officially summer time now here in Sweden 😊 .  Oh I can’t wait, because this season is happen to be our Semester too!  (semester means VACATION! LOL).  Anywayhighway!  I went on online summer shopping last week and I bought myself a new bikinis, highlighter, beach bag and this New Urban Decay “Beached Eyeshadow Palette”.

I will not tackle about the highlighter or the beach bag or any other stuff that I bought 😉 hehe But! I am more excited to share to you guys my thoughts and review about the Beach Palette of Urban Decay.  This is my second palette from UD and I have been testing it out for several days now.  I’m loving it and I am so happy that I bought it.

This  eyeshadow palette is from their limited edition Beached Summer Collection  that is recently released this year. The Beached Summer collection include that eyeshadow palette, three (3) lipsticks, two (2) eye pencils and  two (2) Matte Bronzers. I didn’t  have plan to get the whole collection  (I know my wallet will not agree on that too! LOL) one palette is enough for me.

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Lavish Elegance 15 pcs Brush Set – BH Cosmetics

Lavish Elegance 15 pcs Brush Set – BH Cosmetics

Hello guys! welcome back 😊! It’s been a little while since I have posted online hehe. I know! I’m kinda MIA (Missing in Action) for almost 3 weeks now I guess, but as always it only means that I am busy around testing things out or just busy with some random house chores hashtag #Inday duties LOL.

So for today’s post is all about my new BH Cosmetics 15 piece brush set (picture above). Yas! gurl I have a new make-up brushes and it is 15 pieces! I’m just so excited to share it to you guys! I know I already have a set of BH cosmetics brushes before and I really like it a lot and as you can tell I bought the same brand again LOL! If you didn’t know I have a set of brushes that I bought like 129kr from and if you want to see what it was click here:👉BH Cosmetics Eye Essential Brush Set – Review.

Although I already got about 7 brushes, it feels like that I needed to have more (well! just deep inside Lol). Any makeup enthusiast will tell you that you can never have enough brushes and it’s true. That is what I learned in this industry “you can never have enough brushes”  because it’s always nice to have plenty of clean brushes with you to create different looks, aside of that it also prolong the times of you washings it. You don’t have to wait for your brushes to dry out if you already have more spare one right?

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Morphe 35W Palette – Reviews and try on

Hi girls! I’m back and for today’s post is all about my new Morphe 35W  eye shadow palette and I am so happy to show to you how gorgeous this palette is (picture above). The reason of me buying this palette is that I wanted to upgrade my eye shadow collection into the next level hehe. Honestly, I was browsing for MAC eye shadow palette at first but it is really expensive (super  pang-manyaman na presyo) and I am not yet ready to splurge for a thousand kronor amount of money for only in just one eyeshadow palette… hell no! LOL. Since everyone is been raving about this palette on YouTube and saw lots of post on Instagram so I decided to give it a try.

Morphe 35W Palette – Reviews and try on

I’ll tell you guys it is really hard to find this brand of eye shadow palette in store here in Sweden, so I ended up ordering it online from . This palette is really affordable because it only cost me around 266 kronor and I’ll get 35 different shade of eye shadow. How cool is that 😊 .

This palette has wide selection of warm shades with plenty of neutrals.

For me, the quality of these shadows is really amazing and I really love all the shade in this palette. It is super creamy, buttery and blends beautifully into your eyes. If you’re a beginner with makeup just like me then you will gonna love it too because it has this cute shade of pink that is good for spring and summer. The darker shades is really nice to use as a transition shades along with some really beautiful sparkly shades. I also use the lighter shade as my highlight.

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My MAC Lipstick Collection & Swatches

Dagens läppstift!.

Jag tycker det är kul att få dela med mig av min lilla läppstiftskollektion från MAC Hehe. Ar du en läppstiftsjunkie? hudvårdsfanatiker eller mer till sminksamlare? LOL .


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when you see it getting smaller and smaller 💄💋 #lipstickcollection #diorlipglow #yslbeauty #ysllipstick #esteelauderlipstick #maclipstick #lipsticks

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If you know me well, then you know already that I am a lipstick junkie and this small pieces of make up is my holly grail *charoot! hahahaha kaya don’t be surprise if you find one or more lipsticks inside my bag. Ang weird ko talaga noh haha pero ganun talaga na I rather buy a lipstick instead of make-up palette but who knows I might hoard some make-up palette too (but not for now maybe in future).

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Neewer 14″ LED Ringlight | Review and Demo

Ikaw ba ay nagyou-youtube?  Ikaw ba ay naghahanap o nagbabalak na mag-upgrade ng iyong video at nais na bumili ng ringlight?  Ito ang kalimitang sumasagi sa ating isipan ang magkaroon ng magandang lighting set up sa ating  filming room. Naisipan kong bumili ng ringlight dahil narin sa sobrang dilim ng aking mga video na nagagawa. Minsan rin ay hindi ako makapag film sa gabi dahil narin sa ang ilaw namin dito sa bahay ay mga warm lights.

Sa dami kong mga napanood na reviews online at nagreasearch talga ako ng bonggang bongga kung ano nga ba ang magandang ringlight sa mga nagsisimulang mag youtube at ang neewer na brand ang laging isina-suggest ng iba.

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