Sweden permits dual citizenship, dual citizenship means that you are a citizen in more than one country. If you become a Swedish citizen, you may retain your foreign citizenship if the other country permits it. But in our case, based on our Philippine Constitution, once a Filipino citizen acquired a new citizenship (Naturalization) from another country, you will automatically lose your Filipino citizenship. However if you wish to retain your Filipino citizenship after being naturalized in other country, you have to apply for the re-acquisition / retention and take an oat of allegiance. This all can be done by visiting the Philippine Embassy or consulate in your country.

DISCLAIMER GUYS: This is only based on my experiences and my little knowledge that I gained through out the years. Please also NOTE that requirements often change. The information I stated here is for guidance only and should NOT be regarded as legal advice. IT IS VERY important that you verify all information through the legitimate government website before making any decisions or plans. Remember that the results is always depend on your particular situation, the time prior on applying, time-frame and decisions are varies as long as you meet all the criteria they needed. All opinions are honest and my own! Feel free to ask question and NO complicated hard question please!. I try my very best to answer you back 😊 .

Want to know the benefits of having Dual Citizenship (Filipino and Swedish) you can check the website of Philippine Embassy:

Since the Philippine embassy in Stockholm is now closed, the closest Philippine embassy that serving consular services to all Filipinos in Sweden is in Oslo,Norway. So my advice to you is to do a lot of research first or plan ahead (maybe call them on the phone to inquire) before driving all the way to Oslo just to apply for your dual citizenship. By the way I decided to renew my passport and change my surname as well.

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