Sweden permits dual citizenship, dual citizenship means that you are a citizen in more than one country. If you become a Swedish citizen, you may retain your foreign citizenship if the other country permits it. But in our case, based on our Philippine Constitution, once a Filipino citizen acquired a new citizenship (Naturalization) from another country, you will automatically lose your Filipino citizenship. However if you wish to retain your Filipino citizenship after being naturalized in other country, you have to apply for the re-acquisition / retention and take an oat of allegiance. This all can be done by visiting the Philippine Embassy or consulate in your country.

DISCLAIMER GUYS: This is only based on my experiences and my little knowledge that I gained through out the years. Please also NOTE that requirements often change. The information I stated here is for guidance only and should NOT be regarded as legal advice. IT IS VERY important that you verify all information through the legitimate government website before making any decisions or plans. Remember that the results is always depend on your particular situation, the time prior on applying, time-frame and decisions are varies as long as you meet all the criteria they needed. All opinions are honest and my own! Feel free to ask question and NO complicated hard question please!. I try my very best to answer you back 😊 .

Want to know the benefits of having Dual Citizenship (Filipino and Swedish) you can check the website of Philippine Embassy:

Since the Philippine embassy in Stockholm is now closed, the closest Philippine embassy that serving consular services to all Filipinos in Sweden is in Oslo,Norway. So my advice to you is to do a lot of research first or plan ahead (maybe call them on the phone to inquire) before driving all the way to Oslo just to apply for your dual citizenship. By the way I decided to renew my passport and change my surname as well.

Here are the REQUIREMENTS for a principal applicant that need to be prepared prior to submitting your application.

1. Petition Form (2 original copies). The embassy has a form available in their website. When filling in the form, please write in CAPITAL LETTERS. Also, please put “N/A” for items that are not applicable.

2. Colored, passport-size photographs with white background taken within the last three months from the date of application (4 pieces).

3. Birth Certificate issued by the (PSA) Philippine Statistic Authority (original and 5 photocopies) Original copies will not be returned.

4. If MARRIED: Marriage Certificate (MC) or Report of Marriage in Security Paper (SECPA) issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA). If marriage abroad has not been registered, please see Report of Marriage. (original and 5 photocopies)

5. Latest Philippine Passport (original and 6 photocopies).

6. Foreign Passport – Swedish Passport (original and 6 photocopies).

7. Certificate of Swedish Citizenship in English issued by Swedish Migrations Board (Migrationsverket) and authenticated by the Foreign Ministry of the issuing country. If English version cannot be obtained, have the certificate translated in English and notarized, then authenticated by the Foreign Ministry of the issuing country (original and 6 photocopies).

8. In case the name of the applicant in his/her birth certificate is different from that in his/her foreign passport and other documents, the applicant shall execute an affidavit explaining such difference and present as supporting documents, two (2) public or private documents showing the correct name of the applicant. The Consular Officer reserves the right to request additional documents from the applicant.


In order for you to save their time, effort and money, I will enumerate the steps that I did (how I got my PSA Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate and Certificate of Swedish Citizenship in english) for you to have an idea on how to get it and what you’ll do next. Always remember that the processes and requirements sometimes may change over time, and in that case it’s always better to check from the official websites to get more valid information.


Before anything else you need to complete first all the requirements and if happens you don’t have your Authenticated PSA Birth Certificate (BC) and Marriage Certificate (MC) on hand, you can order it online through PSAserbilis (formerly e-Census) even if you are living abroad they can deliver it to you for only 20.30$ per copy of requests. You will receive your documents through PhilPost registered mail 6-8 weeks after payment. (I suggest that you to do this first because ordering it takes days or weeks. They also require it to be PSA. See picture below how it looks like when I received it from my mail).


So while you are waiting for your Birth certificate and Marriage certificate you ordered from the Philippines, you can now process your other requirements like ordering your Certificate of Swedish Citizenship in English. You can actually order English version of your Certificate from Migrationsverket Website, just include a note that you would like the certificate to be in English instead of Swedish. They will charge you a fee if the copies amount to 10 pages or more. The first nine pages are free, the tenth page costs SEK 50 and each additional page after that is SEK 2. The cost of postal delivery and postage will also be added but you can pay it when you received you certificate.


After you received your Swedish Certificate (english), it has to be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sweden so you’ll have to send your document by post, addresses to:

UD Legaliseringar
103 39 Stockholm

Remember to include your name, address, a mobile number, if you have one, and indicate the language you want the legalisation in.

Legalized documents sent by mail take approximately one week and it cost 180 SEK per document. Please do not enclose any cash when sending you documents by post. Your document will be returned cash-on-delivery, which is payment is made when you collect the letter at your postal service point. A fee of SEK 60 is added for cash-on-delivery. (See picture below for your reference).


According to the embassy’s instructions, applicants are requested to scan the application form together with all the requirements and email it to them. I scanned my documents and email it to for evaluation. (see picture below).

The purpose of the email submission is to check and verify if the requirements are correct. After they have been verified, you will still need to submit all the requirements on the day of your oath taking appointment because the embassy needs the original and 4 photocopies of the required documents.They will call and email you to inform your oath taking schedule


An appointment is required for oath taking. You must also note that oath takings are done only during Wednesdays and Fridays – please allot the whole day for the application and oath-taking process. Please wait for the Embassy to confirm you for oath-taking before confirming your travel plans.

And me, luckily! the Philippine Embassy in Oslo conduct a consular outreach program here in Göteborg and I am so fortunate to attend and had my schedule here in Sweden! (The embassy called me and informed me about the consular services they will going to have in Göteborg, Scandic Crown. Then they send me an email confirmation of my schedule and all the list of requirements that I need to bring on the day of my schedule.)


To avoid inconveniences bring all the required documents, including the original and photocopies. They advice us to be early on the venue prior to our designated time-slot and then I submit my print out confirmed schedule and documents (original and photocopies) to the processor and pay the fee to the cashier, in Norwegian Kroner, cash only.  Btw I also renew my passport that day so I did the biometric and photo capturing procedure too. The oath taking ceremony happens in the afternoon.

Make sure also, you should have enough Norwegian Krone (NOK) to pay for the fees because embassy only accepts cash. Only in Norwegian kroner (NOK) to be paid on the appointment date and there is No refunds. 

  • Dual Principal – NOK 450

  • Dependent – NOK 225

  • Affidavit/ROB/ROM – NOK 225

  • Passport – NOK 540 (if applying for a Philippine passport)

  • Postage – NOK 300

Applicants who wish to get their dual citizenship papers and will be applying for a Philippine passport on the same day as their oath-taking will pay an additional expedite fee of NOK 90.   After we give them all the documents.

Here is my Oath of Allegiance Certificate 🙂

If you are planning to renew your passport at the same time, you just need to fill in this application form that is available in the embassy’s website, and submit that along with a photocopy of your most recent Philippine passport data page. Everything you want to know about applying/renewing your passport, Report of Birth/ Marriage/ Death and Dual Citizenship/retention and re-acquisition etc. you will find it in Philippine embassy website.

If you choose to have your new passport mailed to you, you must send their old passport for cancellation first to the Philippine Embassy in Oslo once the new passport is ready for release. New passports will not be mailed to applicants unless the Embassy receives and cancels the corresponding old passports. Your cancelled old passport will be returned to you along with your new passport.

Finally! I will wait for my new passport to come.. and I cannot wait to use it soon for my next Philippines vacation. I re-acquired my Filipino Citizenship today and I’m proud of it 🇵🇭!! I’m not only celebrating my birthday today but also I am celebrating my Dual Citizenship as well! Cheers!!

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Hope it helps! if you have any questions I’ll do my best to answer it po. I just want to share, help and give ideas lang because someone out there might just looking or searching about it!. Just don’t ask me complicated questions po hahaha Goodluck!!!!

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