Hello Superfriends! In today’s video I created some dried citrus fruits ornaments! I also use our left over gingerbread cookie as an ornaments. This is a simple and very affordable idea this coming holiday season, so if you are looking for an alternative decors this one is for you.

Usually you can use the dried orange slices  all year around  not only during Christmas season as long as you stored it in a sealed food bag and they were fine. It is very easy and inexpensive item to add to a flower arrangement on parties, birthday and also in a wedding receptions. Dried orange slices make the arrangement easily fit into an informal decoration like a kitchen scene or a window garland. They also work well in a bowl, sitting on a table or counter, with other fruit and vegetable items.


Creative Mind : D.I.Y Wedding Cookie Favors / Giveaways

Omg! four days to go and it’s my BIG day!! 🙂 I’m a bit nervous and stress. Decorating and finding a nice idea that I can added up on my big day is really a mind-boggling!. I keep on searching and searching over the net on how can I make my own wedding giveaways and I just wanted to share to you guys what I did 😊.

I called it DIY (Do It Yourself) simple and not so expensive wedding favors, take note!! it’s personalized favors that I did all by myself hahaha…The cookie I use here is homemade. I baked it and yeah I’m proud of it and it turned out good and tasty 🙂

Cookie Favors Bag
yeah it’s me Baking! 🙂

Anyway, doing this kind of project allow us to create our own personalized favors and touches that can be applied in any way we can imagine specially for our special day, for shower, a party or whenever. All you need are some basic items and a LITTLE CREATIVITY.

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