Homemade Itlog na Maalat (Salted Eggs/ Saltade Ägg)

Hello guys! It’s been 3 months now since my last post and now I’m back! 🙂 Can’t wait to share you guys my homemade itlog na maalat. Yes! I did try to make one lol just today! haha yeah!right! I know it takes time before I finally eat it so, I need a lot of patience waiting for it in 30 days to be exact. So let’s count the days and wait! 🙂

My Itlog na maalat soon!

Been wanting to make salted egg since I moved here in Sweden and I really really really miss our Pinoy comfort food like tuyo, isaw, betamax, kwek-kwek etc! etc! etc!…to many to mention and “Itlog na Maalat” is one of them.

I know its best to use fresh duck eggs because I’ve read online that duck egg has a larger yolk than the chicken egg plus their shell is much tougher that gives them a longer shelf life. Some say that duck egg is much better when its cooked because the yolk is more creamy, oily and yummy but sadly to say I just couldn’t  find duck egg here, so decided to use chicken eggs.

For those who don’t know what is Salted egg is: Its made by soaking the eggs (Duck or Chicken egg) in a brine solution for about 3 weeks or more. The curing period is depends on the climate’s temperature. In tropical country like Pinas, salted egg cure after three weeks because of the warm weather we have so I guess here in Sweden where the weather is so cold it will takes much longer than 3 weeks 🙁  [patience, patience patience misay soon you’ll have itlog na maalat for breakfast with sinangag, tuyo, kamatis hmmm yum yum!]

I keep searching and searching and searching online about the recipe and I found out that some used clay method and some do the brine one. (So I did the brine method because clay is it a bit tricky 🙂 ) in addition of that I also add some black pepper corn on my solution so dont be surprise if you see pepper corn floating on my solution LOL (I saw someone in Youtube used black pepper corn in their solution so I just give it a try too)

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