Sweet Sixteen Makeup Look |The Blushed Nudes Palette

Hello Superfriends! For today’s video is all about my sweet sixteen make-up tutorial using Maybelline “The Blushed Nudes Palette” that I bought last week and I really really like the make-up look that I made with this palette. This palette is really good for a beginner like me to start with. It is really affordable and you can easily find it in your local grocery store or drugstore. If you have any suggestion, recommendation or questions feel free to leave a comment down below 🙂 Haymiss you all guys!!

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I Tried Following a Jaclyn Hill | Smokey Cat Eye Tutorial

Hello Superfriends! For today’s video is all about the new trend that has been circulating recently here in Youtube world and that is called “I TRIED FOLLOWING TUTORIAL” wherein people try and follow beauty guru’s tutorials in order to get ready.  Hmmm sound interesting! right? So why not try it for myself!

I try my very best to follow Jacklyn Hill smokey cat eye tutorial because I really like her so dearly and I really adore her!  I had so much fun filming it and I learn a lot too! It may not turn out as FLAWLESSLY PERFECT for your taste but I know I give my very best in making this video. Sorry if my lighting is kinda off warm because all the lights here at home is just like that plus I filmed it late at night. [I don’t have any lighting equipment po syensxa but I’m planning to have one …anytime soon]

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My First Make-up Haul

Hello Superfriends! I would like to show you guys! My new make-up Haul for this year 2018… I know its’ not massive and some of them are not new for your taste…. but hey! they’re new to me and I’m so excited to try and play with it! So here are the things that I got:

First is this Urban Decay Basic2  it is a perfect palette of colors for everyday life and parties. Easy to apply even for beginners and the result lasts well. Great for traveling very compact and easy to work with just be careful not to drop it as it breaks easily and messy especially the black shade. It also can give you and endless amount of possibilities of looks simple daytime looks or even a superb dramatic smokey eye at night.

If you’re thinking of picking up this palette, have a look at my swatches below.

It is also neutral and matte which works well on anyone’s skin. Velvet matt formula without shimmer.

Next is this MAC Studio Face And Body Foundation. This foundation is awesome! this my favorite foundation and my very first ever Mac Liquid Foundation that I ever bought. I will gonna buy it again if ever I ran out of it. I love that it goes well with my skin tone and it looks beautiful on me btw I got the 50ml in C1 shade.

MAC Studio Face And Body Foundation in C1 shade

I know the price range is a little bit expensive but the quality and effect it gives is really worth it. It is sheer to light coverage but you can build it with multiple applications. I like it because it gives me a dewy beautiful finish that I like.

The consistency is a bit runny, not too sticky kind so you’ll need to shake it off before using it. I either use my fingers or my sponge to apply it and for me only few drops can cover my entire face. The packaging is okay, I don’t have any problem with it. Overall I love this foundation and I will always use and buy it. I recommend it for everyone to try.

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Simpleng GRWM Valentines Look | Naked Basics2

Hello Superfriends!  This is the first time I will share my first simple get ready with me ala Misay  (Valentines portion edition redention bonggasion whatever version you may call it LOL). It may not turn out as FLAWLESSLY PERFECT for your taste but I know I give my very best in making this video. Please don’t judge me as I am not a professional make-up artist 😉 so bare with me guys if I use some of the products and brushes on a wrong way.. I’m just only  a beginner in this field but I do enjoy making this video and applying make-ups  on my self.

Oh btw I forgot to put some the important products  i.e Concealer, highlighter and Contour in this tutorial that is because I don’t have any of them. I just only use the one I have on my make-up bag, so I let you know  😉

I hope you all enjoyed watching my video if you did please like 👍subscribe and leave comment down below. I would be happy to read it all ..💜💜💋💋

DISCLAIMER: Items were purchase with my own money unless otherwise stated. All opinions are honest and my own!

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