L’Oreal Truematch Translucent Powder

This is the first time I used L’oreal Paris true match mattifying powder by @lorealmakeup and I really like it a lot! I know that it’s has been out in the market for so long now and I’m kinda way too late to review this powder minerals, but as they say better late than never right? 😉 . So I’ve been using this product for a couple of weeks now and I’m glad that I bought it.  It cost me around 179 kr Swedish krown when I bought it from Lyko.se and guys sad to say that the applicator is not included (see that small green kabuki brush in the picture it is not included) because I bought it separately, if you wanted to get the kabuki brush too then it will cost you additional 149 Swedish krown (yeah right! it’s kinda steep when it comes to price).  I didn’t know if the price varies from different country so better check it on your local beauty store to see the difference .


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So lets check what L’Oreal Says  About the Powder Minerals 🌸

L’Oreal Paris True Match Minerals Mattifying Finishing Powder is a universal-matching finishing powder enriched with mineral silica for all day shine control, instant pore refining and a 100% non-drying effect.

✓ Mineral Free Powder Texture :  Formulated with 95% minerals, the silica-based powder is deposited lightly on the skin and lets it breathe for optimal comfort that lasts all day.

Touch Velvet : The mineral powder mattifies without drying out and leaves the skin soft, velvety, luminous and without shine. The skin is visibly improved and smoothed, pores and fine lines are blurred.

Result : A delicately mattified skin for a natural and luminous finish that lasts all day: on bare skin to sublimate or on makeup skin to fix.

The product is in the square pot with a large shiny metallic green lid, I must say that the whole packaging is really eye catching and pretty but the whole pot itself is really impractical.  The lid is quite large and bulk and not a travel size friendly product (unless you’ll like to transfer it on another small pot 😜). It is awkward that the pot is unnecessarily big, making it annoying to store or pack when travelling.

The lid makes up most out of it and actually extends down into the pot in the inside (see picture above how deep the opening is). If you look inside there  is a circular shape sticker to secure the powder and it has a pull out tab to open, there is a fabric gauze over the opening which mean very little product comes through. Some people don’t like the packaging because they find it hard to get the product out into the jar but for me it is okey 😊.

The powder is white in color (picture above) well it is translucent shade as what the package said, it is very fine (it kinda feels like a baking powder texture on it LOL).  It has a delicate texture that blends well into your skin once you apply it, whether you like it to worn it by itself to brighten up your skin or you can also use it on top of your makeup (baking type) so its up to you. It is very lightweight  which I really really like because unlike a lot of powders I’ve used before in the past that leaves powdery feeling in your face but this one does not, plus it leaves a velvety matte finishI noticed that it  helps my makeup to last throughout the day, and I find that my t-zone doesn’t get quite as oily when I use this powder.

So lets check what L’Oreal Says About the Kabuki Brush 🌸

L’Oreal Paris True Match Kabuki brush is ultra-dense buffing brush for build-able medium to full coverage and seamless application.  Best used with True Match Minerals Foundation or True Match Finishing Powder.Discover our first buffing brush perfect to use with True Match Minerals Foundation. The Buffing brush has tightly packed bristles for effortlessly build-able medium to full coverage, whilst the rounded brush tip ensures even foundation application.

I absolutely love the kabuki brush! It looks so cute and perfect for use with the L’Oréal true match mineral powder because it has a long handle that fits perfectly in the tube-like pot of the Mineral powder.  The bristles of this Kabuki brush are exactly the right size for the special mesh sieve  of that pot. The bristles are super soft and feel lovely on the face plus it is perfectly designed for this product and the colour of the handle matches the pot lid too (matchy type)! So happy that I bought it too!

(Here is the make-up look I did using the translucent powder of l’oreal)

You might not know that I have an oily type skin and this product helps me a lot to set  my foundation and mattify my skin really well. The only downside of this product is the amount of powder in that big jar doesn’t seems to be much at all plus that cute kabuki brush is not included 🙄 (but I like the brush tho!) I will definitely recommended it to everyone though I wish the tub was a bit travel friendly too hehe but anyway what matters the most is how the product works on you! right? 😉

Tell me guys if you also like this translucent powder of l’oreal? Or do you own one? Watcha think 🤔?

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