Swedish Passport is finally here – Citizenship Journey

When I received my Swedish Citizenship December last year, I am so eager and excited to apply for my National ID and Swedish passport. So as soon as all the holidays is finally over and all the government offices here are fully back into business, my husband and I decided to apply for our Swedish passport. (At last! after 1 month LOL! I almost forget about it seriously!). After 3 years of living life here in Sweden with my swede husband, I can officially call myself a Swede!…and I’m loving it! even more better now that I have my Swedish Passport too!

Processing of getting a passport here in Sweden is quite different from what I’m used to in the Philippines (well! you know what I mean if you experienced the old way of getting a passport before sa Pinas I’ll tell you its like conquering the highest mountain of the PH just to get into the top! but I hear nowadays there’s a lot of  improvement going on with the new admin unlike before 🙂 that is good to hear). Anyway what I noticed  here is that, there’s no formal application process, no long queue or forms to fill-up for you to apply just bring your self and your valid ID’s then off to go. Although I bought all my important documents with me that time they didn’t even bother to check it up.

My Swedish passport is finally here! 😉

⇨ Persons who recently received his/her Swedish citizenship:

When a person with foreign citizenship becomes a Swedish citizen, it takes few days before the information will be added to the National Accounts Register by the Swedish Tax Agency. So If you apply for a passport or national ID card BEFORE the information has been submitted, you MUST include the Swedish citizenship decision in original from the Swedish Migration Board

All passports and national ID cards are handled through the Police office. Yup! u hear me right? in the POLICE OFFICE so better behave your butt off and be nice hehe. If you live in Stockholm you can simply go to bokapassitstockholm to book for an appointment and if happen you are not living in Stockholm just like me. Find the nearest Police office near you and inquire about it because some police office allowed drop-in applicants and some don’t so better check it ahead of time before going there so you will not waste your time and effort.

I can say that the whole process of  applying, taking finger prints, photo, signature and payment took only about 20 minutes but it depends if there is a lot of people applying that day. It cost me 350 SEK and I got my passport within 5 working days oh by the way you will also received a text messages informing you if your passport is ready for pick up.

Once you become a Swedish citizen you are allowed to: vote in/be elected for Swedish elections, work as police or military, it is easier to live, to work, to travel anywhere in Europe without thinking about applying a certain visas. Sweden allows dual citizenship too so if you become a Swedish citizen, you may retain your foreign citizenship if the other country permits it.

Yehhey! I am officially Swedish! My husband is really happy and I am beyond so thankful in everything he has done for me! I love him so much! We can now plan to travel outside Sweden without even thinking about me LOL but we need to save first 💸💰LOL!

Overall the process of receiving a Swedish passport was extremely efficient and straightforward as long as you meets all the requirement needed. Feel free to get in touch with any questions please no complicated questions LOL. If I missed anything important or you have any other suggestions let me know in the comments below! I’ll try my best to answer you back!! Ciao!!!

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