Simple Party Look | The Blushed Nudes Palette | Maybelline

As a makeup starter like me it is very important to have some basic products to begin with especially the eye shadow palette. I’am always looking for very affordable make-up palette to play with (to practice more on applying my eye shadow). If you have a money to buy/splurge into a high end make-up palette *then its good for you but for me I would personally advice to invest  in a decent amount of good quality drugstore make-up to start with you make-up journey. I am not ready to waste high end/expensive palette to use as my trial and error product but who knows one day I could afford to waste one —- ehem! to use one I mean 😉 

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Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water – Review

If you always watch a lot of beauty gurus/vlogger on Youtube just like me, then perhaps you are familiar with Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. Yup! I know! I know.. I’m a bit late in terms of using Micellar waters just like I said all make-up artist and beauty vloggers have been raving about it for years now and yet I have never purchase it until last month. If you didn’t know I am addicted to applying make-up just recently and I find it so enjoyable putting it on my face. So now! one of my top priority is to find a nice and effective product that can help me remove my make-up fast. So here we go! It’s time for me to try this product.

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My Pandora Bracelet and Charm

This week I got my 2nd Pandora bracelet charm and so I’m excited. I’m started to filling up my Pandora bracelet with charms and I couldn’t be more happier if I got all the charm that I wanted to collect this year. I’m happy because this is the first charm that I bought with my own money *my precious charm hahaha. I choose the precious prince charm because I love anything that incorporate to the word Royals and it make me feel its magical (naks! well! if you know me, I love castle and old stuff) so I might buy the queen charm or the castle charm in future.

My husband gave me my first Pandora bracelet with rose clasp last January as a gift  for our 3 yrs wedding anniversary and it has a dog charm included on it. He give me a friendly dog charm because he said  it is our dog “bubba” (and he forget about our cat bruno grrrr! LOL) anyway the finish of this bracelet is so wonderfully shiny and beautiful so I’m scared of getting it scratch or lost it but I do love bracelet as a matter of fact I collect accessory like bracelet, necklace, rings and earrings etc. but this is the first time I own a sterling bracelet with rose clasp.

Now! I adore everything about charm bracelets and I’m really enjoying having one. I can’t stop  myself looking on Pandora’s website to check what charms do I love or planning to purchase next LOL! I even ask my husband to give me a charms for my birthday & Christmas hahaha I have lots of charm list to buy this year. (I think my wallet might not agree on that but let see!)

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My new Bosch Tassimo Suny (T32) – Review

I’m a coffee person and living here in Sweden/Sverige makes me feel more in love with the coffee ☕as a matter of fact we do have 3 coffee maker at home hahaha amazing right? (we have Philips Coffee Maker/HD7546 , Melitta Coffee Maker and the Technivorm Moccamaster that we are currently using as now) We always change our coffee maker yearly 😉 it is just because we over used it or simply because the machine didn’t make good coffee which is my husband is so meticulous on that.



Aside of the regular coffee I am also a big fan of a different variations of coffee  you can buy in the coffee shop like Starbucks, Costa, Seattle best and we all know that they quite expensive sometimes (cappuccino, espresso, latte and to name a few) .So I told my husband that we needed to buy a machine that make hot chocolates and any flavored coffee at home and he immediately agreed to it. We ended up buying this Bosch Tassimo Suny (T32). It is also a great way to treat ourselves sometimes with different kind of drinks rather than just a plain coffee.

Bosch Tassimo Suny kapselmaskin 000 svart

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Dior Lip Glow vs. YSL Tint-In-Balm | Review

Hello Superfriends! So for todays video is all about LIPBALM .. yep! u hear it right lipbalm! 🙂 I come to think of comparing this two highend lipbalm and see who in these two is really worth a penny!! Hope this video help you decide whether you’ll buy it or not. Better think twice LOL hahaha 😀 so if you are curious about it just keep on watching!


Shop in DIOR STORE now at LAZADA  –

Very happy with this Dior Lip glow purchase although I know it’s little bit pricey for the price of a lip balm, bit compulsive in buying it but I didn’t regret it. The lip gloss is nice to feel when you applying it into your lips (the balm itself is a little bit soft so be careful applying it or you will break it into two.).

The smell and taste mint which is good, It does change color on your lips as it say when you applying it. The color is right and the design of the packaging is glamorous and elegant but I hate the plastic cover of it. I can say it is just like the same as other lip balm that you can buy in the big department stores but if you want to treat your self for a designer brand! try it once in a while and decide for you self next time if you’d like to purchase again 🙂 .


Shop in YSL STORE now at LAZADA  –

The packaging is so fancy as you can tell 😊 The lipstick feel a little bit heavy in the hands with the silver bullet casing and a well known logo embellish around it. It also show what shade it is outside of the lipstick and it came in a gold packaging box too 😊.

The lipstick smell fruity and sweet which I like (smells mango although I pick the berry one), not to overpowering sweet but smells yummy. Don’t worry about the smell because it fades down a bit after you apply it on your lips.

It glides on effortlessly which I really really like! It feels incredibly nourishing and smell and taste delicious too. This lip balm retails for 360 sek Swedish crown, I won’t say that the price is fair enough because it is still pricey to the maximum highest level but it is worth having one on your make up collection. I will definitely not buying another one hehe because one is enough! haha but all I know this balm will become a stable lipstick in my bag for rest of the winter.

DISCLAIMER: Items were purchase with my own money unless otherwise stated. All opinions are honest and my own!

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Affordable Fragrances | Perfume Collection

Hello Superfriends! for today’s video is all about my favourite affordable fragrances and perfumes that I use on my day to day basis (It also last long for the whole day). It’s not too crazy but I felt it was worth sharing. I know some of you are all familiar with the product brand that I showed you or maybe wanted to have it in future (bili na!). 😉 Hope you guys find this video very helpful and let me know if you also own one of the products that I showed you and comment down below what you think about it?

đŸŒ» Products I mentioned in order:

💋 Victoria’s Secret – Body Sprays & Mists (ENDLESS LOVE)
💋 Victoria’s Secret – Body Sprays & Mists (LOVE SPELL)
💋 Victoria’s Secret – Body Sprays & Mists (VANILLA LACE)
💋 Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Perfume (TROPICAL)
💋 Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Perfume (GREEN TEA)
💋 Acquasuisse Parfums
💋 Lancîme Miniatures (MIRACLE Edp)
💋 Lancîme Miniatures (LA VIE EST BELLE Edp)
💋 LancĂŽme Miniatures (TRĂ©SOR Edp)
💋 LancĂŽme Miniatures (LA NUIT TrĂ©sor)
💋 Lancîme Miniatures ( Ô DE LANCîME)
💋 YSL Black Optium Miniature

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