Activity you can DO | Camiguin, Philippines

I was there last July 14-17 this year and I was truly amazed by its own beauty.

To Start with:

view from white sand Island

If you like to go there with your friends or family it’s nice to booked package trip. Cebu pacific and Airphil offer this package just check their site 😊

(picture: me with my travel buddies)

And from Cagayan de Oro Airport (picture above), take a cab going to  the bus station near Ororama in Lapasan, siguro mga 4 thousand and bayad namin 😊. After that, board a bus going to Balingoan port which takes 1 1/2 hours ride(aircon) and 2 to 3 hours if (ordinary bus). You can also hired a van na makikita on the bus stations if you like a hassle free na biyahe. I suggest it to get a van 😊 para mas enjoy pa kasi kayo-kayo lang with your friends at walang stop over in short makakapagpahinga pa kayo ng maayos at di masyadong pagod 😊

(picture: see that Mt. hibok-hibok at my background)

From the port (Balingoan), take any of the ferries that follow an hourly schedule going to either ports of Guinsiliban or Benoni in Camiguin. Ferry fee are affordable abot kaya ng bulsa mga 250 pesos per head but don’t expect modern types of boat eto yung tipo nang ferry na kelangan dun ka malapit sa life vest hahaha!

Once you docked at the port area you will see vans and other modes of transportation that will be more than willing to take you wherever you want to go (paghatid sa best resort and a package of touring around the island they offer it too).I  guess, the regular rates are around Php 2-3,000 thousand pesos for an entire day’s worth of going around the different tourist spots of the island.

I can assure you that all of them are so approachable 😉 they’re nice and well accommodating. Sobrang you feel na ikaw eh safe and hindi mawawala! lol 😃. Just remember, good haggling skills can lower the price even further pero since your trip is really sulit bigyan nalng ng tip si manong driver diba hehe 😉

we hired jeep or should I say pick up jeep hahaha 

First Activity: find your resort or cottage 😊. Well, with the help of manong driver you can also check-in at any of the numerous resorts available in the island but since we just went there without any plan haha ayon wala kaming resort. But good thing is, our hired driver helped us to find much affordable cottage so we ended up PAGUIA’S COTTAGE.

I highly recommend this place and really affordable. You guys can check them up and I link it up from google maps!. They have air-conditioned room, cable TV and a WIFI cottages. Yup, even a provincial area like this has a WIFI 😊 that’s why I really like this resort lol (big advantage to those who can’t live without internet LOL).

The next morning, we woke up early and had our usual pandesal and kape (coffee) as breakfast.What is nice about in our rented cottage, is that you can easily find small store or sari-sari store nearby.

Our driver remind us that we need to wake up early to catch up our boat to see the White Island so its very important to leave the main island early in the morning, like before sunrise if possible haha pero natural, we’re pinoy hahaha Filipino time asual! 😃 buti nalang mabait si manong driver. We rented the boat from a fisherman for a hundred pesos per head which is not bad 12O php affordable since we are six 😊

The sandbar island submerged underwater during high tide so its really necessary to go there early in the morning nga. So we departed by 8 a.m. LOL Then after having fun, taking lot of pictures we decided to go back to the main island by 12 noon, Btw you can still be there as long as the island is still above the surface of the water hehehe 😃 no one can stop you if you like to stay there 👌

No cottages or any tables and chairs on that island, you can only see small picnic umbrella that lay on the  fine sand. You can bring your own food & water, you can also find some vendors that offer live sea urchin on the basket eat it fresh! hehehe. 

We enjoyed our trip!! we are shouting like there is no tommorow!! sa sobrang konting tao at walang masyadong mga sasakyan naisipan naming umangkas, sumabit at pumunta sa bubong  ng jeep

it takes 20 to 30 minutes boat ride from the main island 
My friends and I are enjoying the fine sand and the beautiful view of MT. Hibok-hibok
the sandbar that offer nice and relaxing vacation 🙂
I love the fine sand and the crystal clear water 🙂

After we had lunch, our hired driver told us that we need to visit the famous store of PASTEL a famous pastel and pasalubong in Camiguin. They say  do not leave Camiguin without buying this. It is a small bun with a filling of yema!. Actually, you can choose from different flavors like cheese, langka, macapuno, mango, pineapple, ube and my oh so love YEMA. I never tried other flavors because I am satisfied with my ohhh soo fave yema flavor hehe 😊. It only cost 7 pesos each on that bakery.

gimmE that !! my  PASTEL  🙂

After eating pastel, we’re ready for our next Stop the Katibawasan Falls. The entrance is 20 php pesos per head and you can enjoy the beautiful katibawasan falls. You can also swim on the cold water of falls but be careful! don’t go near on end of the falls, its measure 250 feet high and pressure might pull you down by the force of water falling! other than that is just enjoy the view and the nature or maybe rent a salbabida lol 😊.

awesome! 🙂
water is freaking COLD!!

Oh!! Don’t forget the pasalubong 😊 Katibawasan souvinir shop are all out mamimili ka lang ng shops LOL! of course hindi mawawala ang walang kamatayang keychains hehe 😂

walang kasawaang Keychains!!  for PASALUBONG !!

We also try the two famous pool at the Island the SODA Water Swimming Pool and the STO NiNO COLD SPRING. All day wet 😂 hahaha but superb enjoy. At SoDA pool the water taste good for only 20 php pesos entrance you can now enjoy drinking free soda water hahaha!! Don’t forget to try LAGPANG a kind of dish offered at Sto nino Cold spring 🙂 supah yummy native chicken 😊

SODA water … sounds interesting right?… hehehe
Cold Spring So awesome! 🙂

Wet all day 🌊 different kinds of water. From hot spring, cold spring, cold water falls, warm beach up to SODA water name it and its all here!! lol 🙂 Everything is worth it! Have time to visit Camiguin a really stress free vacation!! sana maexperience nyo din!!


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