My Boracay Vacation, Philippines

My superfriends and I went to Boracay last weekend May 07,2011 for some stress break and leisure (actually sabit nga lang ako lol). I thought it wouldn’t be that fun kasi nga nagkataon pa na may bagyo, but it turned out so great and fun 🙂 Everybody had soo much fun (minus the windy and rainy days lol :D)

From plane up to Boracay and vice versa are worth remembering and I’m sure that fun would remain in our hearts and memories even as time passes by. Kaya nga masusundan ulit ng CDO (we will invade Mindanao naman 😂 pero ipon muna ulit). This vacation is really the best for me,  my first time in Boracay!

Our destination! Boracay
bye bye Manila for the meantime ✈

DAY 1 – It was the first time for one of my officemate to board an airplane and she was so excited and keep asking me how it feels like daw. (kasi nga I’ve been on a plane 6 times na daw)  kindda funny kasi yun lng yung pinag usapan namin buong magdamag 😂 hahaha (I stayed on her house kasi to make it up on time sa airport ). Well here it goes, the trip was fun with Lenski sounding as excited as ever and me too of course my first time in boracay. 

Setting my foot on the fine sands of Boracay was way better than eating the most expensive food in the world 😂

The sands were really fine and relaxing!

The moment we reached the shore after a long hours sitting on a van and a boat ride from Caticlan to Boracay, first thing I did was  I removed my slippers and felt the fine sands on my tired feet although medyo basa kasi maulan at may bagyo. 😂

Since we arrived almost midnight, we were unable to swim kagad dahil sa paparating na bagyo pa so, we just walk around, shopped some abubot pasalubong sa ka-office and kumain ng dinner (budget wise hahaha hanap ng mas murang kainan).

We ended up to a karinderya named Big mama’s and we spend not more than hundred pesos for a dinner meal. I just only spend 80 php for one dish with rice (no drinks) I have my own bottled water and during the night, we explored some tiyangge shops and ate some good food again kahit umuulan di nawawalan ng tao.

More people flocked during the night as they went dancing to great music, had fun with parties just like the same in Puerto Galera where in the beach is most likely alive at night.  So for our first night is like beach bumming!

DAY 2 –  The second day was activity day. Thanks God medjo tumila naman ang ulan that time. We started swimming early in the morning then picture picture, ATV and watched Manny Pacman boxing fight. Yup! dun kami nanuod sa terminal 😂 after magdrive ng ilang metro eh may libreng meryenda actually nakimeryenda lang kami sa mga emppleyado ng Go kart race 😂 (picture below: sandwich and sprite while watching boxing! )

At night we watched fire dancing people and bought the famous shake drinks in Boracay  sobrang saya 😂  Kahit bumabagyo at malakas ang hangin tuloy parin ang ligaya. Sa dami ng nagperform that night di namin alam kung saan kami manunuood sa dami ba namang mga bar.

DAY 3 –  Again, Activities and lots of swimming. We went island hopping and explored the sea.(take note: maulan pa yan ha)

Went snorkeling

Had great lunch at magic Island with lots of Seafood and seafood and seafood!! 🙂 no extra rice. Went snorkeling, banana boat and helmet diving. Everything listed was first time for me.

My excitement made the experience way more enjoyable! 😊 I really love the helmet diving part medjo scary nga lang pababa kasi mafefeel mo yung pressure sa ilalim at may free CD pang kasama and that was a great experience.

DAY 4 – The last day was mixed emotion 🙁 fun and a little bit of sadness. (were praying pa nga na sana macancelled ang flight hahaha 🙂 at ire-book ang ticket hahaha) Last day to enjoy the place and the time seemed so short to do other activities but despite of that, we made ourselves way too active to enjoy everything. Swimming, snorkeling, food and beach…etc! Everything fell into what we expected it to be! I must say that Boracay is truly a nice place to spend your vacation 😊 Our stay there gave us greatest summer break ever!

Bye for now Boracay! Till next time and see you soon!

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