Dream Big Deluxe Advent Calendar of The Body Shop

Before this year 2019 end,I thought I would share with you guys what I got from my Advent Calendar. Well I know its kinda late now and you can find tons of blog post online about this advent calendar which is (The Body Shop Advent Calendar), if you been watching my Vlogmas on my youtube channel this year Lol! you know already that I have never finish the whole 25 days of Christmas  because of the flu and fever that I got. I’m a bit sad because I thought I would be able to make another Vlogmas season this year just to show my advent calendar and Christmas gifts that I will get sana! but I ended up unmotivated and less energetic to film. Anyhow back to the blog!

As we all know that Advent Calendar sold pretty fast, so you have to start making your choices really quick or else some have already gone out of stock and the rest will be on sale shortly. As early of November I already bought this advent Calendar from The body shop. I immediately ordered it online and wholaa I got it on time! So if happen that you are planning to get a well-know brand Advent Calendar, which I can assure you that they’re all so incredible, amazing and PRICEY as well, pre-order it or buy it directly in the store because I  can pretty much guarantee that they’ll all be a sell out before November start!

Here is my 2019 Advent Calendar: Dream Big Deluxe Advent Calendar of The Body Shop!. The packaging is really cute and huge! it is a small festively decorated house complete with its own female Santa riding in a space rocket (LOL so cute!) you’ll find an incredible collection of 25 treats inside and its not the same with other advent calendar you usually buy, because here the item is packed beautifully into individual boxes which slot together perfectly inside that small house. What I noticed in this Calendar is that, once you’ve opened each of your boxes, you need to replace them the other way round in your calendar to reveal a secret, inspirational message! (see picture above). How cool is that right?.

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