Gräfsnäs Castle Ruins – Sollebrunn,Sweden

The second castle we visit is Gräfsnäs Castle. This castle is very old. Originally built in the 16th century and according to an old tale/legend, this castle is cursed by a woman that was badly treated by the landowner. She cursed the castle that no family would own it for more than three generations, and cursed was laid upon it that it would burn three times with 100 years between each fire and so it did happened 1634, 1734 and 1834. They say after the fire in 1834 no-one bothered to rebuild it again and it has been a ruin ever since.

Me standing in front of Gräfsnäs Castle
There are few vaulted halls are still intact and you can walk around and see the other part of its castle. Some part is still close for renovations.

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