SCHENGEN VISA APPLICATION: Interview Experience+Tips

[WATCHinHD] Hello Superfriends! I’m back sa balakubak! I have finally made a video to provide some more help and info if you guys are planning to apply for your Schengen visa. A lot of you are asking me kung ano nga ba yung common na itinatanong tuwing visa interview so I decided to recall and share my experiences as well. I hope this video will give you an idea and background about the process ng application. So if you are curious about it is just keep on watching.


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01:58 Schengen Visa type C (Interview experience)
04:12 Schengen Visa (Denied – what we did after/interview experience)
08:10 Residence Permit (Interview experience)
13:08 Tips & advises on the day of your Interview

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This is only based on my experiences and my little knowledge that I gained through out the years. Remember that the results is always depend on your particular situation, the time prior to applying, time-frame and decisions are varies as long as you meet all the criteria they need. All opinions are honest and my own! Feel free to ask any questions and no complicated questions please. I try my best to answer you back 😊

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