Simpleng GRWM Valentines Look | Naked Basics2

Hello Superfriends!  This is the first time I will share my first simple get ready with me ala Misay  (Valentines portion edition redention bonggasion whatever version you may call it LOL). It may not turn out as FLAWLESSLY PERFECT for your taste but I know I give my very best in making this video. Please don’t judge me as I am not a professional make-up artist 😉 so bare with me guys if I use some of the products and brushes on a wrong way.. I’m just only  a beginner in this field but I do enjoy making this video and applying make-ups  on my self.

Oh btw I forgot to put some the important products  i.e Concealer, highlighter and Contour in this tutorial that is because I don’t have any of them. I just only use the one I have on my make-up bag, so I let you know  😉

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DISCLAIMER: Items were purchase with my own money unless otherwise stated. All opinions are honest and my own!

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