Creative Mind : How to Hide your cords and electric plugs 😉

I was so busy for the past three weeks now because I am fixing my living room from the scratch (upgrading it on a budget range as you can call it) with the help of my own bare hands 😤 you know? like: removing all our old wallpaper, patching it!, refinishing it and painting it! Yup! call me a superwoman now hehehe and I’m happy about that!!. I know I can’t call myself as a PRO like the professional one, but I’m proud and satisfied of what I did.

Anyway, I already finished painting up my living room in all white (picture below) and decided to remove my husband’s old bookshelf and change it to a hanging shelf instead so we can have more space because as you can see we don’t have a huge living room 😤.

This is how my living room looks like now 🙂 neat and bright with my white wall

If your house is like ours (picture below), you have many cables,internet cord and power outlet all over the house then, you also feel the struggle that I feel everyday hehe. Seriously! I hate so much cables and wires! it makes me feel more stress out by just looking at them tangled 😤 irritating and annoying sometimes! (my Panget is a little nerdy at times and he loves computer and stuff like that so what can I do to look it nice and clean is to hide it hehehe)

tadaaah!! this is how it looks like before and after all the surgery i did LOL! holes and cables everywhere in the upper picture!

I search online how can I hide all of our messy cords/cables/power outlet at home and pinterest come to the rescue Lol!. One of many solution I found is the shoe box/cardboard box decoration but I find it not so sturdy and strong to hold bigger and longer power outlet.

The router, modem, TV cords is so easy to hide 🙂 all you’ll need to buy is the cord cover kit (Ikea have one in black and white color to match you wall)and whoala! neat and nice!What you need is  shoe box, cardboard box. It depends what is available on your house. 

Just a reminder 👎: Any transformers, routers, external hard drives or anything that gets warm to the touch or use a fan should not be covered up. 👎 Don’t burn your house down. All my power strip did not give any heat.

I bought these cute boxes 🙂

I bought a decorative box I found at my local Crafting store for a set of 2. The bigger the box, the better it would be because if you have more than one power strip it will fits perfectly plus big box give good air circulation for your outlet.Then just cut the back of the box 🙂 The project was so simple hehehe. If you want to cut the bottom of the box it is okey but I do prepare it at the back of the box (like so,on the picture) make sure the hole you make is bigger that you power strips can fits inside and you can adjust it whenever you want)

I try first to see if my cable and power cord fits all together in the box and then I made my hole much more bigger 🙂

Lastly set all your power strips and arrange the cords according to your preference.Maybe you all wondering what is inside the 2nd box haha I used it to store our old CD’s 🙂 then I put a bucket plant on top 🙂

Now I enjoy my less confusing, more restful space with my new hanging shelves where we put my router and modem and then the new fancy boxes where we hide the power strips. We use Ikea Cord Cover kit to hide all the cords hanging from the router (picture below)

See my post in

Hope I give you little idea on how you can hide your power plug at home 🙂 Let me know if you already try this trick and show us how you did :). 


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