How to Clean Vintage Louis Vuitton Montsouris PM

I am so happy when I got my first Louis Vuitton Montsouris (PM), I bought it last month as a birthday gift for my self and I’m beyond so lucky to purchased it in a really good price. Since this version of the bag is already discontinued and no longer sold in stores, you will most likely be buying it in a pre-loved market or any consignment store online (where I got mine) like Thebrownpaperbag, Fashionphile, Vestiairecollective and the RealReal. But if you are looking for the very best bargain I’d actually recommend you checking out some Facebook resale groups like  LV Addicted–Buy Sell & Chat but you can always send photos to a third party authentication service to be sure if your bag is real. Aside of that you can also find tons of vintage bags selling on ebay, but like I said it’s up to you to take the risk buying pre-love bags online.

Louis Vuitton Montsouris PM

Scoring a deal on a pre-owned Louis Vuitton Bag is really a great feeling, but let admit it that sometimes the affordable price tag comes with a little wear and tear unless you get super lucky to find one that is in pristine condition and nowadays the price of this bag range around 500 up to a thousand USD ( and the price depends on the condition of the bag). As for me, my bag is made in the year 1999 and it is 20 yrs old now. When I received the bag it was not in great shape but not that bad at I cannot use it. The canvass on the top of this bag is a little bit scrubbed but all in all it only needs a little reconditioning and cleaning (the vachetta is little bit dry and it has this musty smell on it that I really don’t like). 

Personally, I really love the vintage look of this bag and I’m not too concern of having a dark patina on the straps and handle, what I am aiming for in this bag is to get rid the musty smell, conditioning it and make the hardware look shiny again. Please note that it is only my experience I am sharing and not a professional advice (do your research). Also I am not an expert on cleaning leather goods (this is just what I have done and also what I saw others doing; and it works!). If you choose to follow or use the products that I mentioned here : advice at your own discretion/risk.

Here are the products that I used for my Vintage Montsouris :

👛  Autosol Metal Polish Creme 👉
👛  Famaco Delicate Leather Conditioning Gel 👉
👛  Clean soft cloth 👉
👛  Cotton buds/ Qtips
👛  HG 4,1 Leather Cleaner ( I only use this in my Drawstring and not in the whole bag)

For canvass, I just only wipe it with wet wipes that is alcohol free and a damp towel. I am still looking for a great canvass cleaner online and for now I just stick with wet wipes. Louis Vuitton uses a combination of brass and gold-tone metal hardware. Padlocks and zipper teeth are typically made of brass, but zipper pulls and handle rings are made of plated metal. These are the things I used in cleaning the metal hardware of my bag (picture below):

As you can see the metal hardware have lost it luster. On the left: instead of shiny gold, it is a dull bronze accompanied with a little bit of green discoloration. While on the right is the one that I polished with Autosol.

I use this Autosol Metal Polish creme because of the texture, it is a creme like product that is so easy to apply unlike the Brasso, that is a little bit liquid-y but works great too, if you opt to use the Brasso product just be careful when polishing the hardware that is set next to or on Vachetta leather, as the Brasso is liquid metal polish that can leave stains in your bag if you overlook on it.

I only advice it to use for vintage piece with a darker patina and please DO NOT use it on a newer bag as it might stain your newly vachetta.

I know there are lots of leather conditioner you can buy online or even in the store but for me this Famaco products works well on my bag. I bought it online  for only 100 kr (shipping included) and it made from Paris. Like what I’ve said before that I don’t bother having darker patina in my bag as long as the leather is well conditioned and not dry. For the smell: I  didn’t  do anything, I just leave it aired out and I use the bag constantly as in constantly then I just notice that the smell is not that pungent as before. The smell is still there but I can only smell it when I literally stick my nose in the opening of the bag but I’m pretty sure as time passes, the rest of it will eventually dissipate.

UPDATE:  It’s year 2024 now and the smell of the bag is totally gone! so happy with it. Just use your bag constantly and I assure you that the smell of the bag will eventually dissipate. Another note to add is that whenever I’m not using the bag I always put a silica bag inside so that it will absorbed all the moist of my bag .

Here is my bag before and after pictures. This charming Mini Mountsouris PM is 20 years old and is considered a vintage piece. Very functional and has timeless beauty that I really love!

I love how it turned out shiny and nice.

the patina is much more better than before.
you can really see how super dry my drawstring before and it turned out much better now after I use the Famaco leather conditioner.

you can see the difference of it before and after I conditioned it.
I really love the color!

I’m so happy with the results in my bag! I hope you enjoyed this post and somewhat helps you in your vintage bag! Leave any questions or comments below. I would love to hear from you!.💜💋


DISCLAIMER: Items were purchase with my own money unless otherwise stated. All opinions are honest and my own! This post is just my personal opinion, please feel free to research other forums and blogs to form an accurate opinion you are most comfortable with. Check my disclaimer page.

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