Lavish Elegance 15 pcs Brush Set – BH Cosmetics

Lavish Elegance 15 pcs Brush Set – BH Cosmetics

Hello guys! welcome back 😊! It’s been a little while since I have posted online hehe. I know! I’m kinda MIA (Missing in Action) for almost 3 weeks now I guess, but as always it only means that I am busy around testing things out or just busy with some random house chores hashtag #Inday duties LOL.

So for today’s post is all about my new BH Cosmetics 15 piece brush set (picture above). Yas! gurl I have a new make-up brushes and it is 15 pieces! I’m just so excited to share it to you guys! I know I already have a set of BH cosmetics brushes before and I really like it a lot and as you can tell I bought the same brand again LOL! If you didn’t know I have a set of brushes that I bought like 129kr from and if you want to see what it was click here:👉BH Cosmetics Eye Essential Brush Set – Review.

Although I already got about 7 brushes, it feels like that I needed to have more (well! just deep inside Lol). Any makeup enthusiast will tell you that you can never have enough brushes and it’s true. That is what I learned in this industry “you can never have enough brushes”  because it’s always nice to have plenty of clean brushes with you to create different looks, aside of that it also prolong the times of you washings it. You don’t have to wait for your brushes to dry out if you already have more spare one right?

I had had my eye on this set for a while and I am so happy that I bought it. The brushes arrived in a nice box comes with 15 brushes inside (individually pack in a small plastic bag), along with it is a nice cosmetic bag. The entire set of this brushes including the bag, was larger than I expected that is why I am so satisfied with my purchased.

I noticed that these brushes are much longer and have much more length on the bristles (as you can see on the picture)  unlike the 7 piece brushes of BH cosmetics too that I own where the bristle is too shorter. I like that make-up bag too because it is big enough to fits the entire set of brushes (so handy if you like to bring your brushes on your trip). The bag appears to be a beautiful brownish shade of suede kinda texture on it, but is actually smooth and soft to touch. I’ll tell you this bag is nice that it has more room for your other items too if you like to put some of your other brushes too. I know how frustrating it was to have a makeup bag that doesn’t fit enough of your items! right? 😉

It’s so pretty and adorable and each brush has a lavender handle with a shiny violet metal on if I’m not mistaken. The gray bristle are extremely soft, and they work much better. The handles are so smooth,well designed and sturdy. I noticed that all small brushes are very lightweight, and easy to hold on to but the only 3 big brushes that are a little heavy for me, but that is okey! I expected it with more dense and larger brushes. I’ve been using it for quite some time now and I haven’t experience any shedding on any of this brushes.

Since I only really do my eyes and lips before, this set is really a good deal for me because in this set it has 4 big brushes that you can use on your face plus a spoolie to fix your brows too. Honestly! before I didn’t pay much more attention on other big brushes, because I only focused on learning how to put a good eye-shadow (that’s all) but then, I realized that in able to appreciate your eye look you must also invest on other brushes too 😉 so this set is really a big plus for me.

Here is the look I wore and I used using the BH cosmetic brushes. I guess I blend it pretty well! LOL

If you’re looking for affordable and good quality brushes, I definitely recommend you checking out BH Cosmetics; they have a lot of different options, if you like to buy single brushes or a set like this. The Lavish ones I bought cost me around 386 sek originally, but basically I know that BH cosmetics always has sales 😉, so you will probably be able to get them for a much more cheaper price. Overall, I’m extremely satisfied with this brush set. It’s great for beginners as well as more seasoned makeup enthusiasts like me.The best part is? Hmmm They are very affordable but definitely high quality products. I highly recommend!

Let me know if own one of this set from BH cosmetics or  you bought this one too, or if you have your eye on it. I’d love to know! I’ll have more to come very soon.

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