My Pandora Bracelet and Charm

This week I got my 2nd Pandora bracelet charm and so I’m excited. I’m started to filling up my Pandora bracelet with charms and I couldn’t be more happier if I got all the charm that I wanted to collect this year. I’m happy because this is the first charm that I bought with my own money *my precious charm hahaha. I choose the precious prince charm because I love anything that incorporate to the word Royals and it make me feel its magical (naks! well! if you know me, I love castle and old stuff) so I might buy the queen charm or the castle charm in future.

My husband gave me my first Pandora bracelet with rose clasp last January as a gift  for our 3 yrs wedding anniversary and it has a dog charm included on it. He give me a friendly dog charm because he said  it is our dog “bubba” (and he forget about our cat bruno grrrr! LOL) anyway the finish of this bracelet is so wonderfully shiny and beautiful so I’m scared of getting it scratch or lost it but I do love bracelet as a matter of fact I collect accessory like bracelet, necklace, rings and earrings etc. but this is the first time I own a sterling bracelet with rose clasp.

Now! I adore everything about charm bracelets and I’m really enjoying having one. I can’t stop  myself looking on Pandora’s website to check what charms do I love or planning to purchase next LOL! I even ask my husband to give me a charms for my birthday & Christmas hahaha I have lots of charm list to buy this year. (I think my wallet might not agree on that but let see!)


I got a new castle charm and I’m so happy about it. I got it as a Christmas present from my hubby 😊  this 2017. It is Castle &Crown Charm sterling silver charm with 14ct gold detail featuring a pink cubic zirconia crown jewel at the bottom so cute!

After a couple of months wearing my bracelet, the wear and tear is so visible. It has so many scratches  and not as shiny as before. Look! still good isn’t it?. I always clean it as much as possible but I cannot stop it from being scratched all over other than that it still look good and nice. 😉 

I love the idea of collecting a charms on a bracelet with meaningful story behind of each charms and I can’t wait to collect all my favorite pieces from this brand.  Now I know why lot of girls love to have a Pandora bracelet because its not only beautiful, cute and fun, but the memories and passions you’ll give to this piece of jewelry is really worth it and timeless!

Do you own a Pandora bracelet? do you collect charms too? let me know guys and I would love to hear all your comments 🙂

Items were purchase with my own money unless otherwise stated. All opinions are honest and my own!

Till next time guys! Hope to get lots of new charms this 2018! 😉  Always be Happy!


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