BIOpH+ Foot Care Set – LYKO

I’m so grateful that I won this amazing foot set kit in one of Bioph+ giveaways through Lyko social!. Now that the colder season is over and warm weather is approaching, I think it is the right time for me to use this incredible foot care kit!. I always say that spring and summer are the slipper months so I always wear sandals, open toe slippers at home or whenever I go outside. One of the reasons why I’m so conscious about my feet is that I have cracked and dry heels that are oftentimes so noticeable and eye catching. I admit I’m shy to show it off and I’ve tried so many products just to keep my heels nice and moisturized and all of them are really expensive and not long lasting.

The kit I chose for the competition is the foot set that includes Inflatable foot bath, Foot care and Foot cream (see in the picture below).

So let’s tak about Bioph+ : BIOpH+ (BioCool) is an award-winning Swedish brand that works with innovation, developing environmentally friendly products. All products are biodegradable, Vegan and produced in Gävle, Sweden. It also awarded “Best Foot Product at Stockholm Beauty Week Award”. This is a clinically-proven effective treatment against heel cracks, calluses, and dry, tired feet. It deeply cleanses, exfoliates and removes dead skin cells. Results visible in one week!. Fragrance free. Suitable for all, especially sensitive skin.

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