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I’m so grateful that I won this amazing foot set kit in one of Bioph+ giveaways through Lyko social!. Now that the colder season is over and warm weather is approaching, I think it is the right time for me to use this incredible foot care kit!. I always say that spring and summer are the slipper months so I always wear sandals, open toe slippers at home or whenever I go outside. One of the reasons why I’m so conscious about my feet is that I have cracked and dry heels that are oftentimes so noticeable and eye catching. I admit I’m shy to show it off and I’ve tried so many products just to keep my heels nice and moisturized and all of them are really expensive and not long lasting.

The kit I chose for the competition is the foot set that includes Inflatable foot bath, Foot care and Foot cream (see in the picture below).

So let’s tak about Bioph+ : BIOpH+ (BioCool) is an award-winning Swedish brand that works with innovation, developing environmentally friendly products. All products are biodegradable, Vegan and produced in Gävle, Sweden. It also awarded “Best Foot Product at Stockholm Beauty Week Award”. This is a clinically-proven effective treatment against heel cracks, calluses, and dry, tired feet. It deeply cleanses, exfoliates and removes dead skin cells. Results visible in one week!. Fragrance free. Suitable for all, especially sensitive skin.

Om du vill veta mer om dessa produkters djupgående, kolla webbplats från LYKO 👇:

Discover more about BIOpH+ (BioCool) and other BIOpH+  products:

Let’s talk about all the three products I got shall we?.
First here is the BIOph+ Inflatable Foot Bath.

I really like this Inflatable foot bath and it has a foot pad designed in the bottom to make it extra soft and comfortable to use. The air-filled walls of the foot bath insulate and store the heat of water, keeping it warm longer. Unlike other foot baths on the market that are made of hard plastic, Bioph+ foot baths are made from a recycled soft vinyl, so much kinder to our skin and feet.

BIOph+ Inflatable Foot Bath

It also takes up minimal space when it is not in use and it is very easy to clean, just simply rinse it off with water,  turn it inside out and hang it to dry out.

Here I didn’t inflate the footbath and just and hang it up to dry because I know for sure that I will going to use it again the next day 😉

At first I find it a bit hard to inflate especially if you try to blow it with your mouth hahaha 🙈 it was a little harder to blow up than I thought it would be but it’s not a big deal for me anyway. However, once it was blown up, it was great and cute!. It can hold up to five liters of water.

Plus, it has two built-in handles for you to carry it easily, even when it has full with water, you can carry it without any spill to wherever you choose to sit down and relax and spend your 20 minutes soaking time.

Travel friendly as well as you can easily fold it up and fit any small hand carry or luggage. Really recommend this inflatable foot bath that you can use again and again.

Next  is this BIOph+ Footcare 250 g

BIOpH Footcare deep cleans, exfoliates and removes dead skin cells and thus creates an unfavorable environment for bacteria, viruses and fungi on the skin. It is free of perfume and preservatives, something that is especially important for you with sensitive skin.  For effective treatment of:

●  athlete’s foot
●  heel cracks
●  calluses
●  dry feet
●  Proven effective in clinical studies
● Good results already after one week

This foot soak is amazing. You only need 1 tablespoon of powder per use and it should be dissolved in 3 liters of lukewarm water. It doesn’t have any scent and it is granules and dissolves easily in the water. It does make my feet soft and smooth after using it for 2 weeks now. I don’t feel any tingly sensation whenever I am using it and it doesn’t make your feet peel which is what I really really like.

Measure 3 liters of lukewarm and pour it into your inflatable foot bath.
Measure 1 tablespoon (15ml) of BIOpH Footcare and add it to the water.
Place your feet directly into the bath and soak your feet for 20 minutes. After 20 mins – dry your feet – you’re done!

The feet do not need to be rinsed clean when using it, but only dried with a towel and after that you can apply the foot cream of your choice or might as well try their Bioph+ foot cream. The jar is really sealed and weighs 250 grams: that approximately can be used in 15 treatments. It softens up the dry skin on my rough heels (as you can see in the before and after pictures below) and I’m super satisfied with this product. I will definitely use it until it runs out!. Nice and very affordable to have a little bit of a spa experience at home. Definitely worth trying and recommend it to everyone!.

Last  is this BIOph+ Foot Cream 250 g

BIOpH Foot cream is an intensively nourishing and softening foot cream that effectively moisturizes the skin and makes it soft and smooth. The cream is quickly absorbed without smudging and has a mild menthol scent. Use with advantage as a complement to our medical foot bath BIOpH+ Footcare, which treats the symptoms of athlete’s foot, heel cracks, calluses and bad odor. Lubricate the entire foot daily or as needed. The product is vegan and made in Sweden.

I love this Bioph+ Foot cream that is so smooth and nourishing, smells very mild but not too harsh on the nose, it is slightly fresh and disappears so quickly once you apply it on your feet. Not greasy at all which I really like and I used it every night before I go to bed and after the foot care treatment it works well in healing my cracked heels or maybe it helps together with the foot bath I do for 2 weeks. Nonetheless I love this cream and will definitely use it every single day.

20 mins – well always have some magazine, phone or your favorite comics near by 😂. Fix your nails, put on a mask or do something else fun in the meantime.

Overall I’m so impressed with this foot care set of Bioph+ and I highly recommend it for people who have calluses, athlete’s foot, cracked and dry heels. These products will surely be your favorite as well. The only thing to keep in mind for you to be able to get the best results is to follow what it said on the instruction that you’ll have to use it for 7 days. Then, every other day for an additional 2 weeks.  So better included  it now on your daily self care routine and have patience doing it for seven days LOL😅. I know the hardest part of this treatment is remembering to do the foot bath every day for 7 days and the funny thing is I’ll make sure that I set my alarm clock just for my footbath (for 7 days) so that I will not forget doing it and it works fine for me. Guys! think about it for just only seven days .. then you can do it twice a week after.. easy right?.

Anyway I love this Bioph+ and thank you @Lyko and @Bioph+ for the opportunity to win this amazing foot care set.  Best treatment for my dry and cracked heels eveer👍😍!!. What a really nice gift I got this year to treat my feet with a lovely foot bath/spa at home! again thank Bioph+😍.

@kyutipiemisay Are your feet ready for this summer season?. If not – better check this @BIOpH foot care set out and give your feet👣 a little bit of a TLC (tender loving care). So if you are like me who have dry and cracked heels you should definitely try this brand 👌. . . I won this product on a giveaway at lyko social and I finally got a time to test it and I like it. This is such an amazing foot care product that is made here in SE and I really love using the inflatable foot bath and cream!. Worth a try!. What a nice treat for me to have a lovely foot bath/spa at home! oh my happy feet are now pampered!. Show off your feet and wear your slippers with a boost of confidence! hahaha.  Again thanks biophplus.👏🏻😍 #BIOPH+, #BIOPH+ #FOOTCARE, #BIOPH+FOOTCARESET, #BIOPH+FOOTCREAM , #BIOPH+INFLATEDFOOTBATH, #LYKO, #LYKOSOCIAL ♬ original sound – Michelle

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