What I got for Christmas 2018🎄

Hello Guys! So today I’m sharing with you all the lovely gifts I got for Christmas. I know that “What I got for Christmas” posts are always in demand in vlogging community and in blogging world as well so if you are a type of person who is allergic in watching and reading this kind of post then this is not for you 😉. However if you are just like me who happen to love watching an unboxing video and what I got *churvaness video on YouTube then we are on the same boat 😂 so all I can say is enjoy reading 👌. By the way I made the same post last year and if you like to know what I got last year click here 👉WHAT I GOT FOR CHRISTMAS 2017. 

This year has been an amazing year for us with panget and I’am very thankful of everything we’ve got this year! (not to mention that my in-laws are so generous enough to gave us a piece of lot nearby to build our future home which is hopefully we start it next year! plus we already finish paying the lot we bought in Tagaytay this month. What an amazing year I must say! and now receiving all this Christmas gifts from my husband and family  was a wonderful feeling. I got so many fantastic items that I really love and I can’t wait to share it with you guys!.

So lets start with this:

FLUFFY Cover/duvet and SET OF TOWEL – Got this pink towel set and fluffy blanket from my in laws and relatives.I love how so comfy the blanket is and this is really nice gifts because it’s winter time! just in time we need some comfy warm blanket.

CHOKLAD/ CHOCOLATES AS IN LOT OF CHOCOLATES! – Got these 4 boxes of chocolates. Your Christmas is incomplete here in Sweden without getting at least one box of chocolate-choklad! I know last year I got a box of chocolate cookies but this year only chocolates. It is part of our tradition to give your love ones some sweet chocolate and of course I wouldn’t say no with these boxes of sweetness 😍

COFFEE MUGS WITH INSTANT COFFEE – This one is from my mother inlaw and I really love the mug. It say Merry Christmas on it and the mug it self is little heavy but it doesn’t matter at all plus I like that it is a microwave and dishwasher safe! hehehe.

COTTON PAD AND COTTON SWABS ORGANIZER (GLAM MAKE-UP BRUSH)– This acrylic organizer is from my inlaws. I am so happy that I got one of this acrylic organizer especially  the cotton pad organizer because I only put my cotton pads in the old plastic bag which is not look great but now I have a nice and chic storage box.

HEART GOLD NECKLACE (18K)– This gold necklace is the one I asked for my “HUSBAND CAN’T say NO CHALLENGE” and I got it! at first I was eyeing the sparkling floating necklace in Pandora but then I change my mind when we are about to get it. I dunno! I just felt that it is too much for the money for a silver necklace (take note: charm is not included too). I love Pandora item as a matter of fact I own one Pandora bracelet so I decided to skip buying one this year hehe.

KICKS GIFT CARD – This gift card is from my mother in law and I am so happy because I can now buy things I like at Kicks.se. I love shopping! more make-up more fun! hahaha nah I might buy more skin care product 😉

ESTEE LAUDER HOLIDAY BLOCKBUSTER 2018- Last but not the least is this  holiday blockbuster collection of Estee Lauder. I am so happy with this gift and I can’t wait to try them all!. Im going to do a separate unboxing post of this amazing holiday collection.

I’m so lucky to be surrounded by my husband’s family who are very kind and generous (being far from my family back home for so many years now making this holidays a little bit sad for me) but even though I am miles away with them I’ll never forget all the good memories I had with them. Just thinking all the crazy and fun filled celebration every Christmas and New year with my craziest pinsan and siblings are energy booster for me hahaha 😁.  I miss them soo much!

Anyway highway I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Enjoy all the gifts you received this year… Let me know in the comments below what was your favourite part of Christmas this year?

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