🌇 Sunset melts my heart ♥ !!

For me sunset is a natural beauty of nature. Hindi na kailangan pang i-Photoshop or i-ADOBe 😉 because it just turned out that way and it will always be that way. It always feels great watching it, parang lagi mong sasabihin na yes! tapos nanaman ang isang araw and may bukas ulit. Watching sunset gives romantic feelings pa diba? 😊 especially when two of you are watching it together pa at sa beach pa ayyie! (kilig mode) well, hopeless romatic kasi ako! pagbigyan! Lol 😂

We always see it everyday, but how often do we really take time to see it….
Me: always 😊

My favorite: Sunset at Alaminos Pangasinan. Beautiful isn’t ?
So tiny  and cute  😊

Going home from Robertforst, Umea Sweden
Sunset so lovely! There’s never one sunrise the same or one sunset the same

one cloudy sunset! 🙂
Sunset at Camiguin, Philippines
Sunset at Patar beach, Philippines 🙂

Sunset at Bagasbas Beach 🙂
Sunset at Calaguas Island 🙂 awesome!
Sunset at work.. awesome!
Sunset at MT. Tapyas Coron,Palawan 🙂

Sunset gives me a great appreciation of god’s blessing 😊 life, nature and me. It just made me realize how beautiful they are including my self haha (joke) well I know i’m beautiful naman 😂 LOL. Anyway, we must be thankful for everything (everyday!!)  enjoy the beauty of sunset!!

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