15 Youtuber tag Question | Pinay in Sweden|

Hello Superfriends! At last nagawa ko rin ang tag sakin ni ate Yen na 15 Youtuber Tag Question.  Mabilisang tanong at sagot hehehe Kung gusto nyo gawin ang tag na ito eh ilalagay ko nlng ang tanong dito sa description box: Let me know if ginawa nyo rin ito 🙂

1)What camera do you use?
2)What editing system do you use?
3)Do you use artificial or natural lighting ?
4)What is the top item on your filming wishlist? in term of equipment and plans?
5)What is your favorite day in the week to film?
6)Do you plan your videos if so, how?
7)How long does it take you to film an average video?
8)How many hours do you spend editing an average video?
9)Favorite types of video to film?
10)Do you people,at your school or work know about your channel ?
11)What is your process of thinking of a video idea?
12)Do you feel awkward filming in front of other people or in public?
13)Do you and your YouTube friends plan out videos together?
14)What is your subscriber goal by end of the year?
15)Who do you TAG to do this TAG next?I hope you all enjoyed watching my video and if you did please don’t forget to tap my back with BIG like 👍 and subscribe if you haven’t yet 😉 PLease leave comment down below. I would be happy to read it all ..💜💜💋💋********************************************************************
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